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How to fight isolation while working remotely

Remote Work

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Updated on:
March 15, 2024
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Updated on :

March 15, 2024
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How to fight isolation while working remotely


The benefits of remote work are innumerable. Flexibility with work, an efficient work-life balance, less commute time and even making the environment cleaner are benefits attributed to remote work. 

By Owl Labs, 59% of the research respondents said they would opt for remote jobs rather than the conventional office setup. The internet is littered with tips and surveys suggesting employees work more hours and are more productive working remotely. However, remote work comes with some downsides. The absence of regular office chatter, face-to-face interactions, coffee breaks, and humorous quips with colleagues can be problematic.

Remote work isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. In fact, a 2019 Buffer report suggests that many remote workers find it challenging to disconnect from work and struggle with loneliness. Isolation while working remotely is arguably a bane to efficiency and employees’ mental health. 

Remote workers and employers need to know how to overcome isolation while working remotely. This article provides tips that will not only help you fight isolation but thrive while working remotely.

Five ways to fight remote work isolation

Switch locations regularly

Working in the same space, with the same routine, influences the feeling of isolation. Frequent changes can help improve your daily experience and prevent isolation while working remotely. Therefore, being deliberate about working in different places is the first step to managing isolation. Many cities have co-working spaces for remote workers who seek to work outside their primary workstations. Coffee shops and local libraries are also great spots to work remotely.

Be intentional about creating a solid work-life balance

A healthy work-life balance is essential to having a happy and productive life. One of the downsides of working from home is that workers are bound to work beyond their regular hours. However, it is crucial for employees struggling with isolation working from home to have efficient time management practices to ensure they do not make working overtime a routine.

Go outside

It is essential to go outside and get your body active occasionally. Going outside can involve eating lunch out, taking a walk to clear your head and giving your body the natural refreshing it needs.

Get busy with activities after work

Exchanging words with people and other forms of social interaction after work helps maintain a healthy work-life balance. Also, physical activities can help boost endorphins, which is necessary for better physical health. 

Loneliness thrives when physical interaction is limited. Getting busy with activities and socializing will help fight isolation and its consequences.

Have support groups

Support groups and social communities for networking are highly recommended for remote workers. These groups create an avenue for social interaction and face-to-face interaction instead of virtual communication. 

Being part of a support group for social interactions and networking is vital to strong psychological health. Also, support groups help workers cope with stress and positively influence behaviors and thought patterns.

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 Working from home avoids commuting, and fewer commuters result in 

 lower greenhouse gas emissions. 


Undeniably, remote work has numerous benefits. But it can also lead to loneliness due to isolation while working remotely. 

Employers can deploy several management practices to help employees fight isolation while working remotely. Examples of such practices include offering employees co-working allowances just the same way organizations offer free lunches as perks. Other practices organizations can deploy for their remote teams include scheduling regular team meetings, virtual coffee dates and creating regular events for team bonding.

Partnering with a global employment and payroll platform can enable seamless HR administration for organizations planning to manage their remote team efficiently. 

Skuad handles the entire employment lifecycle for organizations to scale business operations and implement practices that bring out the best in their employees. 

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Employ contractors and employees in 160+ countries

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Table of Content

About the author

Kate Jonson is a Software Engineer and Tech Writer. During the day, she writes codes and develops tech products. At night, she moonlights as a tech writer sharing her thoughts on work productivity and efficient HR management practices. 

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