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Ideas for rewarding remote employees for better retention

Remote Work

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Updated on:
March 15, 2024
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Updated on :

March 15, 2024
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Ideas for rewarding remote employees for better retention

Importance of rewarding remote employees

Just recall those moments when your remote employee simply got immersed in a task and worked hard to deliver great quality you were proud of. It's a blessing to have such team members, and calls for rewarding remote employees for their immense contribution. 

Employee morale and performance go up a lot just by letting them know they did a good job. And that's why it's so important to thank employees.

When employees are rewarded for their work, they feel like they own it and are proud of it. This makes them just as willing to work hard on the next project. They feel more connected to the organization, do better work, and make them more likely to stay if they are rewarded on time.

Benefits of rewarding remote employees

Rewarding is simple and effective. It plays a huge role in their levels of engagement.. When employees feel like they are valued and appreciated for what they do, they will feel more connected to their work, their team, and the organization as a whole.

Here are a few benefits of rewarding remote employees:

  • More productivity and involvement
  • Better retention and alignment to organizational culture
  • Better customer orientation
  • Increased levels of accountability
  • Less stress and less time away from work

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 Working from home avoids commuting, and fewer commuters result in 

 lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

5 tips for rewarding remote employees

Sponsoring Professional Development

One way to reward remote employees that you appreciate them is to look for ways to help them grow professionally. Many workers appreciate it when their bosses go the extra mile and offer professional classes for free or at a discounted cost. 

Thanking their family

Your employees care what their families think of them, and making their family feel special is beyond any monetary reward in the many of cultures. Send a handwritten note to their partner or family member telling them how important your remote employee’s contribution is. Employees will be happy that their friends and family know how great they are at work.

Sponsoring work-from-home equipment

A great way to reward remote employees on distributed teams is to give them the tools they need to do their jobs quickly and easily. If you've been paying attention, you may have heard your employees talk about ergonomics issues like back pain, neck pain, bad posture, and other similar issues, because people who work from home don't have the equipment or furniture for work.

Gifting workstation plants

A research report published by the American Psychological Association suggests that having plants in the office makes the place of work better. This will be a great way to reward remote employees given that they work from a place that may lack a few external aspects for intrinsic motivation. You can give your employees some much-needed greenery in their Zoom backgrounds by using local online channels.

Book club or library membership

Access to a book club or library membership is a thoughtful reward idea for remote employees, because it boosts their morale.. Also, book reading is a great habit to encourage as it helps them unwind productively.

Final Word 

While employer of record platforms like Skuad help global employers hire and manage employees anywhere in the world, it is also important to have the right engagement activities in place to ensure their retention and improve productivity. Rewarding remote employees thoughtfully and at the right time is a great way to keep them engaged and productive.

About the author

Kate Jonson is a Software Engineer and Tech Writer. During the day, she writes codes and develops tech products. At night, she moonlights as a tech writer sharing her thoughts on work productivity and efficient HR management practices. 

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