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Tech Talks & More With Our Full Stack Developer Rohit Markam


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Updated on:
April 11, 2024
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Updated on :

April 11, 2024
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Tech Talks & More With Our Full Stack Developer Rohit Markam

Born and brought up in Bhopal, India, our next talent likes his independence more than anything else. This super-efficient Full Stack Developer is a workaholic who doesn’t mind impromptu solo travel plans and long drives. A man who cherishes struggles, silence and relentlessly tries to be the 'ideal son.' Our new remote worker, Rohit Markam, shares his experience at Skuad and his take on life.

So Rohit, it has been a month since you’ve been a part of the Skuad family. How has it been? Can you share your first impression with us?

It's been great! I was looking for a job for three months when the recruiter contacted me at Skuad. The whole process, from interview to onboarding, was smooth. I started as a remote worker a year back, but I like how things are handled at Skuad. For instance, we have daily scrum meetings that help the team bond and stay on the same page. The Team Lead here, Pranav, is very hardworking and enabling! I look forward to learning a lot from him in particular. The overall environment, I would say, is well-balanced. Here people work efficiently when deadlines are to be met and celebrate successful deliveries in a jolly way. And yes, I even got the new MacBook Pro yesterday; what an amazing welcome surprise by the team.

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Why Full Stack Development of all verticals? If given a chance to switch your career to something else instead of Engineering, which field would you pick and why?

Okay, so I did my undergrad in electrical engineering from IIT Madras. While I was channeling those learnings in an internship program, I realized, Oops! not my thing. Then I decided to take a detour and explore web development. And while I was engaged in it, I realized how much I enjoyed building things that are tangible & would make people's lives better. I like being in control, and it reflects in my work too. I like to exercise "full" control over the development part hence Full Stack Development. It's like my innate nature had chosen this vertical for me.

Umm… if not engineering, I would like to get first-hand experience in Sales. My previous organization was a startup that runs strong with just a handful of people. And there, I was fortunate enough to get a peep into how sales work. That's when I realized that building a product is just a tiny part of the product life cycle. But pitching the product and making people recognize the need for the same is something only a few minds can pull off. I have always aspired to be an entrepreneur; hence, I need to learn this subtle art of selling my product, craftily handling negotiations, and sprucely answering the trickiest business questions.

Can you tell us about a few things that give you happiness, something you do for yourself?

The other day my sister and I recalled how I used to pray before going to bed every night. And that's when I realized how important my family is to me. Doing things for them gives me happiness. I always seek to be a good brother, a good son, and a good friend. Another thing, slightly opposite, is traveling! I love to travel solo. It gives me a chance to move away from the crowd (something which makes me anxious), explore places, and interact with people from different walks of life. On a day-to-day basis, I love going on long drives. I find peace in my company, and I enjoy the whole process of autonomy and discovering things on my own.

Who do you idolize in your personal life? What traits do you want to inculcate for a better self?

I truly admire my father! He is a self-made man. From the conditions he has come from, his struggles, and the position he is in today, all of it is very inspiring! Probably my zeal to work and to always stay motivated comes from his genes. I am grateful for the kind of upbringing he has provided to my sister and I. 'Lucky' is what I’ll use to describe myself for having him in my life.

For a better future self, I would want to stop being reckless, as I was in the past. Over time I have learned that good things take time. One should be very careful with their words. What you say and how you say things make a big difference, and sometimes silence pays off. Patience and perseverance are virtues not everyone can understand. So, yes, that's my aim!

Do you have any tips on remote working?

Like I mentioned, I have always been working remotely, so I understand the unfamiliarity it brings along. My Team Lead taught me that it’s important to have each team member on the same page. The set of ideas, steps, and progress made needs to be communicated timely and repeatedly. I have exercised a lot of autonomy over my work, so I am used to working independently. However, teamwork is what drives success in the long run, and with Skuad, I am learning the same. I realize the importance of giving each other the required space to understand things. Building a connection requires being mindful of one's tone and conduct. These habits can help in overcoming the distance barrier and in delivering the right way!

Welcome to 'Our Skuad' Rohit!

We wish your journey ahead as a full stack developer is full of learnings and lots of solo trips. We can’t wait to see you climb the ladder of success. Good Luck!

About the author

Sandeep Patel is a Content Marketing Manager and Strategist. Over the last five years, he has created and managed content for global brands and fintech startups. He is passionate about remote work and using tech for a better work-life balance.

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