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Top 7 Plane HR Alternatives in 2024

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Hire International Employees at $199
Hire International Employees at $199
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Top 7 Plane HR Alternatives in 2024

Businesses are in search of robust payroll systems that enhance the management of remote employees worldwide. 

Many turn to Plane.com for recruiting, compensating, and overseeing their remote workforce. Yet, this platform might not always meet the diverse requirements of all organizations. 

Therefore, businesses are on the lookout for superior alternatives to Plane HR that are both budget-friendly and equipped with sophisticated features. 

Let's delve into some of the reasons why you should look for Plane alternatives that enable your company to efficiently hire and manage employees on a global scale.

7 Reasons Why You Should Look for Plane.com Alternatives

Exploring alternatives to Plane can provide businesses with better ways to manage global payroll and compliance more efficiently. While Plane offers a robust set of tools, it may not fully align with every company's specific needs. 

Therefore, it's logical for organizations to seek out leading Plane.com alternatives that offer both cost optimization and adaptable features. 

Here are several reasons companies might look for Plane alternatives:

1. Complexity in Financial Management

Users have expressed a need for the ability to assign deposits to different accounts based on the client they are working with, which Plane currently does not support automatically.

2. Delay in Salary Deposits

There are occasional delays in processing salary deposits, leading to inconvenience and uncertainty for employees and employers alike, highlighting a need for improved reliability.

3. Limited Language and Banking Options

Plane's platform lacks multilingual support, such as Spanish, and does not allow payments to be split between multiple bank accounts, limiting flexibility for users handling finances in different regions.

4. Lack of Insurance Options

The absence of integrated health insurance options, especially for users within the United States, is a significant limitation for those looking to manage contractor benefits directly through the platform.

5. Currency Conversion Issues

Users needing to deal in multiple currencies have faced challenges with Plane, particularly regarding accurate and real-time reporting of converted payment amounts.

6. Onboarding and Transaction Costs

The process of getting employees or contractors onboard can be cumbersome and lengthy. Additionally, the fixed cost per transaction makes it less economical for smaller payments, as opposed to a percentage-based fee structure.

7. Inconsistent Payment Processes and Customer Support

Inconsistencies in the timing of payments and the lack of clear communication from customer service regarding delays can frustrate users seeking dependable and responsive support.

Given these points, businesses are motivated to investigate Plane HR alternatives that can address these specific shortcomings while offering enhanced features and cost-effectiveness.

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Top 7 Alternatives to Plane HR in 2024 

1. Skuad

Skuad is a comprehensive HR platform that streamlines the processes of hiring, payroll, and workforce management in over 160 countries. 

It allows organizations to employ both full-time workers and contractors globally without the need to set up a local presence. Endorsed by industry leaders, Skuad enhances:

- Efficient digital onboarding

- Creation of geographically dispersed teams

- Reduction of payroll errors

- Management of legal compliance

- Automation of routine administrative operations

- Remote oversight of the entire employee lifecycle for global teams

Skuad revolutionizes the way companies acquire talent and manage remote employees worldwide.

Skuad's Employer of Record Platform

Key Features

1) Streamlined Onboarding and Payroll Management

Skuad supports businesses in seamlessly integrating new global hires, handling cross-border payroll, and managing employee benefits. It navigates international employment regulations, including local laws, tax compliance, and auditing protocols with ease, reducing legal complications.

2) Versatile Payment Solutions

Skuad ensures timely payments to international teams in over 100 currencies, adhering to compliance standards. The platform automatically secures the best exchange rates, minimizing costs for employers.

3) Dedicated Support

Skuad offers personalized customer service through its success managers and expert advice from people operations specialists, ensuring a positive experience for both employers and employees.

4) Economic Efficiency

Skuad’s pricing is transparent and adaptable, starting at $199 per employee per month, with no hidden charges for recruitment or onboarding. This affordability makes Skuad an attractive choice for businesses looking to expand their workforce internationally.

The platform also provides tools for calculating the cost of employing someone abroad, including taxes and benefits, giving employers a clear view of total employment expenses.

By integrating straightforward, affordable pricing and superior data security, Skuad stands out as a leading alternative to Plane.com.

2. Deel

Deel simplifies global hiring and payroll for businesses, supporting operations in over 150 countries with a focus on compliance and payment efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Supports instant payments in multiple currencies.
  • Automates compliance with local employment laws.
  • Offers customizable contract options.
  • Provides real-time updates on legal and tax regulations.

Service Limitations:

  • A higher pricing model may deter smaller businesses.
  • A complex user interface could have a steep learning curve.
  • Customer support response times can be inconsistent.

3. Rippling

Rippling provides a unified platform that integrates payroll, HR, IT, and finance services, enabling companies to manage employee data and systems seamlessly across multiple countries.

Key Features:

  • Centralizes employee management from onboarding to offboarding.
  • Automates payroll processing and integrates with multiple accounting software.
  • Offers robust IT management for device and app security.
  • Streamlines HR processes with integrated benefits administration and compliance management.

Service Limitations:

  • Can be expensive for smaller companies due to its comprehensive feature set.
  • May require integration with existing systems, which can be complex.
  • Some features may be over-specified for businesses that need simpler solutions.
  • Customer support may not always meet the rapid response needs of all businesses.

4. Remote

Remote offers an end-to-end global employment solution designed to handle payroll, benefits, compliance, and taxes for businesses looking to hire internationally.

Key Features:

  • Provides employer of record services in over 50 countries.
  • Handles international payroll, taxes, and benefits management.
  • Ensures compliance with local labor laws.
  • Offers detailed analytics and reporting for HR management.

Service Limitations:

  • Limited physical presence in some countries may affect service efficiency.
  • Navigating the platform's various features can be complex for new users.
  • Response times for customer service may vary, especially in different time zones.
  • Customization options are limited compared to some competitors.

5. Multiplier

Multiplier specializes in streamlining global employment, offering services that help companies hire, onboard, and manage international teams without the need to set up local entities.

Key Features:

  • Facilitates employee onboarding in over 150 countries.
  • Manages global payroll and ensures compliance with local tax laws.
  • Provides a self-service portal for employees to manage their profiles.
  • Automates the issuance of local legal documents.

Service Limitations:

  • Initial setup and onboarding can be time-consuming.
  • Customization features may not meet all specific industry needs.
  • The platform can be more expensive than similar services.
  • User interface and navigation can be improved for better user experience.

6. Papaya Global

Papaya Global offers a cloud-based platform that provides solutions for global payroll, payment, and HR management, focusing on automation and integration.

Key Features:

  • Automates payroll processing across over 100 countries.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing HR and ERP systems.
  • Provides real-time workforce cost intelligence.
  • Ensures compliance with international labor and tax laws.

Service Limitations:

  • Pricing is less transparent, which might be a concern for budget-conscious businesses.
  • The breadth of features can overwhelm small to mid-sized business users.
  • Technical support can sometimes be slow to respond to complex queries.
  • Frequent updates may require regular retraining for staff.

7. Oyster HR

Oyster HR is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses aiming to hire and manage remote teams globally, with a focus on simplifying legal compliance and payroll.

Key Features:

  • Enables hiring in over 180 countries without needing a local entity.
  • Simplifies global payroll with currency conversion.
  • Manages compliance with local employment laws and regulations.
  • Provides scalable solutions adaptable to business growth.

Service Limitations:

  • More suitable for SMEs, might not be ideal for very large enterprises.
  • Some features may lack the depth provided by more specialized platforms.
  • Customer service feedback indicates potential delays in resolving issues.
  • Limited customization options for complex employment structures.

Seeking a better Plane alternative? Consider Skuad.

Why Choose Skuad Over Plane alternative

Skuad stands out as a top choice for a Plane alternative for streamlining the process effectively. 

Skuad offers a powerful platform that simplifies global talent management and payroll operations, enabling businesses to expand internationally with ease. 

The platform also supports customization, allowing organizations to tailor solutions to their specific needs. 

This facilitates effortless management of your remote workforce, ensuring full compliance with local regulations. 

Opt for Skuad as your EOR partner and consult with experts today!

About the author

Andrea Gomes is an acclaimed writer and expert in the Employer of Record (EOR) space, with over a decade of HR experience. Her work demystifies complex EOR concepts, guiding businesses on global workforce management and compliance.

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