How Skuad helped automate its global payroll process.

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28 Employees


Skuad  partnership since 2021

nektar is a B2B sales productivity start-up reimagining sales productivity, by reducing the amount of time these teams spend on manual data entry and providing analytics that can increase their revenue. It integrates with different apps, surfaces key data and delivers it to the most convenient collaboration tool for a team.


Background is a Singapore-based B2B sales productivity start-up, reimagining the future of modern sales. As they continued to build their distributed team, the manual processes were becoming quite time-consuming and they wanted a solution to automate the entire payroll process.


We are a remote first company and have contractors all over in the SEA region. We followed a manual process to pay our contractors individually using the Wise App and then updating information on Xero.


Skuad’s Solution

Skuad decided to onboard Nektar’s contractors on its self-serve platform. The system auto generates an invoice every single month for these contractors. The consultants can get their expenses approved and reimbursed from the platform itself. At the end of the month, the system consolidates all the payments to be made, converts them into one single currency and sends a summary to Nektar.

Nektar only makes one single payment, which is distributed by the system to the consultants in local currencies within one business day.

Automated invoicing
for consultants

Nektar now seamlessly pays its contractors across 4 countries — India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the USA — through Skuad.

One system for expense management

The entries in the accounting system are also seamless as the data from individual contractor invoices can be imposed in Xero directly.

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