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How to add and onboard an AOR Contractor

Step 1:

a) Once you log in, navigate to the ‘People’ section. Click on the ‘Add New Hire’ button. 

b) An alternate way is to use the Quick Action and click ‘Add New Hire’.

Step 2: Choose the option that says ‘Add a contractor via Skuad’ 

Step 3: Choose ‘Skuad Shield’ to add an AOR contractor.

Step 4: Select the type of contract that you want to establish with the contractor.

a) ‘Fixed Contract’ - The payment amount remains consistent for each payment cycle (weekly, bi-weekly & monthly)

b) ‘Pay As you Go Contract’ - The final payout is dependent upon the number of hours/days worked for a given payment cycle.

c) ‘Milestone Contract’ - The payment is made as the milestone gets completed. 

Step 5:  Fill in basic identification details of the contractor

Step 6: Add notice period, job description & designation details which will be a part of the contractor agreement.

Step 7:
Add the ‘Payout Amount’ and choose the ‘Invoice Frequency’ based on which the contractor will raise invoices.

Step 8: Verify the details entered using the preview option.

Step 9: Once you are satisfied with the contract, provide confirmation to send the contract to your contractor by checking the box and clicking on ‘Add Contractor’.

The contract will go out for signing to the contractor along with a sign up email from Skuad. You can continue to track the progress of this onboarding till signatures from the ‘People’ section

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