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How to pay Skuad via bank transfer

Whether you are paying Skuad in a local bank account or an international bank account, all you need to do is ensure that you have added the correct Skuad account number to your bank account. If it’s an international bank transfer, please ensure that your bank allows SWIFT payments.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Payments' tab on your dashboard and select the invoice you wish to pay, then click 'Pay Now'.

Step 2: Review the invoice summary. If available, select 'Choose Credit Notes' to apply any credit notes you have.

Step 3: Click on 'Select Payment Method' to choose 

Step 4: For local or international bank transfers, select 'Bank Transfer' and click on ‘Make Payment’.

Step 5: You can view the transaction instructions which include Skuad bank account details. Please ensure you copy the Skuad Reference Number in your notes when you do the bank transfer. Once the bank transfer is done, Click on ‘Confirm Payment’. 

Step 6: The last step is a confirmation message indicating how long it takes for us to mark the invoice status as ‘Paid’. Skuad updates the invoice status upon receiving the paid amount in the bank account. 

You have the option to download the ‘Payment Instruction File’ on this page as well.

If you have any more questions or clarifications, please reach out to us via ‘Help Request’ through the platform. 

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