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What are the important payroll dates that I should be aware of?

A quick snapshot of the important dates are displayed in your dashboard for each country where you have onboarded talent. A brief description of each of these dates is mentioned below. 

Expenses and adjustments cutoff date

This cutoff date indicates the last day of any given payroll month/cycle where we accept approved expenses or adjustment submissions from the client’s end. Any approved expenses or adjustment submissions beyond this date will be taken as input for the next payroll month/cycle & the corresponding payout of which will happen to your employee in the next month/cycle only. 

Onboarding cutoff date

If the start date of your employee falls between the 21st of the month & the last day of the month, the employee payout for these days will happen in the subsequent month.   

Payout date 

It indicates the day when your employee will be paid out (salary payout date).

Invoice Raise Period

This period reflects the dates when the single monthly invoice will be raised. 

Payment due date

This period reflects the date when the invoice payment becomes due. It’s calculated based on the payment terms agreed by you in the MSA as well as when the single monthly invoice was raised. 

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