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Understanding Skuad’s Dashboard

Skuad’s dashboard has been designed to provide an intuitive and informative experience. It remains your landing page when you sign in to the platform & it acts as the central hub for managing your payments, tasks and workforce. This guide will introduce you to the key features and functionalities of our dashboard.

Dashboard Layout and Navigation

Payments: Lists out total pending payments from your side at any given point in time. Clicking on ‘Pay Now’ will take you to the ‘Payments’ section listing out specific invoices that are due for payment. 

Things to do: Lists out items where you need to take action under five buckets: expense approvals, timesheet approvals, time-off approvals, payment of security deposits & resume any contract drafts for new onboardings.

Team overview: This section shows the count of employees broken down by country & by employment status (Active, Onboarding, Offboarding). The ability to drill down into the People section based on employment status is available as well. 

Important dates: The calendar on the dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of the important dates for each country where you have onboarded talent. Key dates which are available for you to view for each country are:

  • Expenses nd adjustments cutoff date
  • Onboarding cutoff date
  • Salary payout date 
  • Invoice raise date 
  • Invoice due date period

For a more detailed understanding of these dates, please refer to this article.

Help request: This section enables you to reach out to us via ‘Help Request’ if you have issues, questions, or concerns. If you have ongoing existing requests, they will also be listed under this tab.

Product videos: If you wish to understand any of our features in more detail, you will find the repository of product videos here.

Cost calculator: With our cost calculator, you will get a comprehensive understanding of the total cost of employment in any country in which you wish to onboard talent. 

If you have any more questions or clarifications, please contact us via ‘Help Request’ through the dashboard. 

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