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Accessibility Developers

Hire Accessibility Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Accessibility Developer

Computer accessibility or accessibility computing is the accessibility feature of computers to the people. Its use is for all individuals, irrespective of their disability type. The accessibility term is used for hardware and software or even a combination of both for the systems designed especially for people with disabilities. This system is perhaps one of the few systems that have a major positive impact on society. The main goal of accessibility programming is to make computers easy for people who have some sort of disability. This technology has come to make people's lives easier. The most common features of accessibility programs are: -

  • Closed captioning
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Even advanced and specified forms of technology have become assistive technology. This technology is in demand and has a very high market today and in the future. Accessibility is a bridge between mental and physical impairment and effective computer use. People with the following disabilities can use computers with accessibility features:

  • All types of cognitive impairments such as autism, developmental disability, and disabilities are due to trauma.
  • Visual impairments such as partial or complete blindness, colour blindness and low vision.
  • Disabilities of hearing such as deafness, hyperacusis, and successive hearing loss.
  • Motor impairments include carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, dyspraxia, cerebral palsy, and paralysis.

Accessibility is a very good career option as many people with disabilities are hired in good companies, and this trend is increasing exponentially. The stigma attached to having a disability is being overlooked with time, and all are given equal job opportunities in several places. Developers can develop computers having accessibility programs and modify existing ones. There are many career opportunities for people who are skilled in this kind of programming and development.

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The main goal of accessibility technology is to help people with disabilities. It is a high in-demand technology and has the following amazing features -

  • Text-to-Speech feature is a feature for the visually impaired. With this feature, the texts are read out loud. People with limited vision can have easy access to computers with high contrast themes and enlarged cursors.
  • Speech recognition is mostly for people who have speech disabilities. People with limited speech can have easy access to technology with this feature.
  • Deaf people or people with low hearing can use features like closed captioning, which converts the audio information and conveys it in visual form.
  • There is also mono audio hearing which makes sure that the speech is transferred in both ears at a time. So, people with limited hearing in one ear do not miss out on any part.
  • Users who find it difficult to press all the keys can use the text keyboard with a sticky key option that allows pressing of one key at a time.

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Important features of accessibility

  • About one-fifth of the global population is suffering from some kind of disability, and their disability is why they have difficulty accessing technology like normal people. With the world turning to the digital platform for accessing various materials and stuff, everyone must have equal access to the World Wide Web.
  • Apart from this, it is just not the people who have disabilities who cannot access these technologies; others such as elderly people, people residing in rural areas, and the population of the developing and underdeveloped countries also have difficulty accessing what the normal people can.
  • Businesses also profit a lot from accessibility features because these systems are personalized and customized in the most user-friendly way. It improves the overall user experience and gives the most comfortable access to its users. It gives the creator a chance for innovation and brand improvement. Businesses can launch new products and market them in the most user-friendly way. For developing web accessibility, certain standards must be followed.
  • Through accessibility, the information can be accessed through several sensory channels, such as sounds and sight, and it just does not stop here.
  • The additional features of accessibility include the perception of information, the multisensory approach, and the multi-interactive approach, provided by accessibility, which allows the users to perceive information just like any other non-disabled person.

Roles and responsibilities of accessibility developers

The developers that are involved in developing the accessibility features must keep the following things in mind: -

  • The developer must make sure that he/she does not rely on the colours. He/she should avoid using colours to access the navigation tools and the sole differentiating feature of the application.
  • The developer must use Alt text in the markup/code of the images. 
  • The developer must be specific about the complex images. Perhaps he should use more details and use a text specification to describe and differentiate the elements of the images.
  • He/she must make sure to give access to the functionalities through the mouse and keyboard. It should also work with the aid of voice control.
  • For podcasts, the developers must make sure to provide transcripts.
  • For videos on the site, there must be visual access through audio information via in-sync captioning.
  • The developers must also make sure to include a skip navigation feature.
  • Lastly, the developer must make sure to consider testing. He should do so to make sure that the system is working in compliance.

Skills Required

There are few soft skills that one needs to have, such as,

  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Analytical mindset
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Accessibility Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure of Accessibility Developers

This career is a high in-demand option. Many companies recruit developers who can create additional features in their applications and platforms that are user friendly. The job of the accessibility developer is very demanding because it requires a lot of creativity and analysis. One needs to have an open mindset that will enable him to think out of the box. The annual average salary of an accessibility developer in the USA is around US $63,136. The highest recorded annual salary is around US $267,882. Many also get paid in the range of US $93,000 or more.

Freelancing and contractual basis work

There are many opportunities for developers who work on a contract basis or work as freelancers in the field of accessibility development. Many professionals choose to work for IT companies or tech companies on a contractual basis and set the prices per their skills. Working from home for certain companies as freelance developers is also an option. It allows the developers to enjoy a steady stream of work with excellent revenue prospects and keep the expenses minimal.

Accessibility Certification

Programmers, developers, technicians, and engineers who have basic coding knowledge have a great deal of opportunity in this field. To be a certified accessibility developer, one needs to have basic knowledge of coding and programming.

Apart from this, one needs to clear the WAS exam, which will enable him to become a certified accessibility developer. There are many opportunities in this field and the individuals willing to put in their time and hard work make highly successful careers. Businesses these days prefer recruiting developers who are well aware of accessibility development. They do so because the accessibility developers generally have to have an open mindset and skills that other programmers do not have.

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