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Hire ActionScript Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


ActionScript is indeed an object-oriented script and programming language for Adobe Flash service that allows potentially sophisticated programming experience. The structure of ActionScript seems identical to that of JavaScript.  ActionScript was first implemented by Macromedia by its Flash integration platform. Now it is built and maintained by Adobe. The dialect is open–source software, with a virtual environment (Mozilla Tamarin) and a web-based compiler (as part of the Adobe Flex package) accessible.

In contrast to static, unoptimized videos and photos, ActionScript permits rich content to be generated and integrated as SWF files onto webpages. ActionScript made single and multi-player Flash video games famous. It also popularized client management with richer content online, including altering content depending on user involvement or the frames of a video getting displayed. ActionScript was created to manipulate two-dimensional geometric graphics created using Adobe Flash. New designs of Flash contents, which were based primarily on animations, had several innovative elements and consequently featured minimal scripting capabilities. New versions upgrades let you make internet gaming and sophisticated web apps with streaming content. ActionScript is now suitable for android and pc programs via Adobe AIR, data system integration, and general automation with the Create Control Toolkit.

The majority of ActionScript comprises “basic” or “fundamental” types of data that are utilized to generate more complicated data types. Such types of data seem a lot like Java datasets. These data types & associated endowments have been modified considering ActionScript 3, which was indeed a complete rewrite of ActionScript 2. ActionScript 3 has also been used mostly with Adobe AIR technology to create Android and iOS apps. Due to which companies are opting for ActionScript, and to fulfil this need, they need to hire ActionScript developers. The program is interactive in the sense that its specification is accessible for free. There is an open-source generator (as part of Apache Flex) and an open-source virtual network (Mozilla Tamarin).

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ActionScript code has a free form - a developer can use any quantity or kind of spacing he or she wants. ECMAScript is used to create the fundamental syntax. Some of the advantages of using ActionScript are -

  • Robust compiler behavior

Because of ActionScript 3.0’s improved translator behavior, which is tougher and stiffer than ActionScript 2.0, many Flash users prefer ActionScript 2.0. Whenever dealing with an additional feature of ActionScript, you will see how enhanced compilation behavior helps you. One of its advantages is that users do not have to detect intricate faults in a traditional process. ActionScript 3.0’s sophisticated compiler will detect the problems.

  • ActionScript 3.0 is more efficient

This enhanced version is a significantly quicker and more efficient one. ActionScript 3.0 obviously outperforms ActionScript 2.0 in terms of reliability. Because of various factors, including the modern programming method – OOP and the powerful virtual machine, ActionScript 3.0 SWF files run well.

  • Syntax writing has enhanced

This transition of ActionScript 2.0 to 3.0 can also be seen in syntactic writing. Underscores are no longer used in new capabilities. Information can be automatically imported with ActionScript 3.0. The ability to like URLs has resulted in several modifications.

  • Advanced event planning

This ActionScript 2.0 design is more powerful than the ActionScript 2.0 architecture. The console constitutes the basic toolbox, which can now be utilized in many instances throughout the current edition. ActionScript 3.0’s improved event design assures projects stability.

  • Excellent XML support

Now, it is better to work with XML using ActionScript 3.0, which was previously difficult. ECMA-based XML is included in ActionScript implementation. E4X is not only approachable but also efficient in its operation.

  • Sound Object has been improved

The enhanced Sound Object in ActionScript 3.0 allows the user to control sounds directly or indirectly depending on your needs. Vivid equalizers can be constructed by monitoring the waveform of audio spectrum data during playback.

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Important features of ActionScript

The following are some of the important fundamental language features of ActionScript 3.0: -

  • Endorse for common object-oriented concepts including such subclasses, modules, and interface at the first basis
  • The concept for single-threaded execution
  • Type-checking at real-time
  • Type-checking at compilation time is a possibility
  • Functions that are flexible, including the implementation of new function object () {[native code]} function and attributes at real-time
  • Exceptions that occur during execution
  • XML is directly supported as a built-in datatype
  • A package that helps you organize your source code
  • Eligible identifiers have their namespaces
  • Expressions that are always the same

Role and responsibilities of ActionScript Developers

  • Creating flex-based apps, testing them, debugging them, and deploying them
  • Creating user interfaces, sound and video processing, analyzing and diagnosing, including developing plug-ins & patches to upgrade current apps
  • Combining databases from many applications and moving them to new ones
  • Developing and debugging ActionScript structure to help cross-browser functionality and compliance to industry norms
  • Keeping up with the newest advancements and mentoring junior programmers
  • Compiling project-specific tech documents, user guides, technical documentation, as well as other material

Skills Required

  • Considerable ActionScript developing ability and understanding throughout multiple platforms
  • OOP, ActionScript, Adobe AIR, Flex Unit, Ruby, Python, Perforce, Parsley, Java, JavaScript, ASDoc, as well as the majority of the most recent scripting languages
  • Online streaming standards are something you should be aware of
  • Ability to quickly pick up unique capabilities and put them to use to increase efficiency
  • Can operate effectively and calmly in even stressful conditions at work, including well debugging, programming, and issue fixing capabilities
  • With clients and co-workers, be open and collaborative

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced ActionScript Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure of ActionScript Developers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the hiring of ActionScript developers was predicted to increase 22% by 2029, substantially faster than the overall rate for all jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also stated that the median total salary for all software developers reached US $107,510. Generally, all ActionScript developers are expected to work for around 40 hours per week. In another report, from Glassdoor.com, in the United States, the average income for an ActionScript Developer is US $78,273.

Freelancing and Contractual Basis Work

Freelance developers make an average of $69 to $75 per hour depending on their workload and compensation, which can also increase with expertise. On the other hand, contractual based developers can also make a reliable living depending on the contracts they sign. The exact remuneration that you can earn as a freelancer or a contractor depends on your experience and skill.

ActionScript Certification

ActionScript is growing exponentially good in the market with every passing year, thus opening various job opportunities for individuals. Obtaining an ActionScript certification will help the job seeker to boost his career and will be able to hold a better lifestyle in future. ActionScript is used by leading brands such as Klarna, Crunchyroll, and Diffbot, as well as another 2,286 enterprises. ActionScript has been most used by enterprises in the United States as well as the Software Development industry. ActionScript is most utilized by businesses with 10-50 people and revenue of $1 million to $10 million.

Looking at ActionScript users by sector, the most popular groups are software programs (30%), information technology and services (10%), and marketing and sales (5%). These statistics are proving the growth of ActionScript in the near future. With the increase in demand for ActionScript, there will also arise a need for its developers. So, certification in ActionScript is worth learning.

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