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AEM developers

Hire AEM developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire AEM developers 

Adobe Experience Manager, created by Adobe Inc., is a particularly important collection of integrated web analytics and online marketing products created by Adobe Inc. The sole target of this cloud management product is the advertisement industry. Here, a set of integrated social, analytical, advertising, media optimization, targeting, content management, and web experience management all work together, allowing a subscriber to download files and keep in touch with upcoming online content from web services like Amazon Web Services. Adobe Experience Manager is a new service developed by step-by-step integration of the following applications: -

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Social
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Media Optimizer
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Audience Manager
  • Primetime 

All these services have been integrated into one cloud management service and are now referred to as Adobe Experience Manager. So AEM is a content management solution for creating and developing mobile applications, website services, and forms. This management solution is a fantastic asset to manage one's marketing content in an easier and better manner. The job demand and vacancies of AEM developers are rising rapidly. According to the recent statistics, it is confirmed that the value of AEM development will be even higher in the coming five to ten years. 

Previously businesses would use AEM for the sole purpose of advertising. But the current trends show that now fortune companies and multinational agencies are using this cloud system to create effective and appealing content and not advertising. This all-in-one management solution has brought a plethora of work opportunities for developers of AEM. Salaries and pay packages are also high, and people are being recruited worldwide in various companies and agencies as AEM cloud developers. 

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Consumer behavior changes are directly proportional to the advancement in technology. In just a decade, the focus has shifted from one form of technology to another. Each business is unique and has its dynamic necessities. These necessities can be fulfilled with custom and personalized technology. To bridge the gap between necessity and the best user experience, Adobe Experience Manager steps in. Adobe Experience Manager is a great solution to many such problems related to businesses, organizations, and any big corporation, such as content creation and content delivery for the best customer experience. It provides great solutions to create a unique digital experience for the users. This comprehensive content management solution helps create forms, mobile apps, and web development using a single interface. Adobe Experience Manager offers one unified approach for tackling multiple business queries. It allows efficient and easy handling of a variety of digital assets for businesses and organizations. The consistency provided by AEM offers an exceptional user experience, which is engaging, relevant, and personalized. 

AEM provides a database for controlling mobile content and digital media content. It aids in integrating all the units and delivers it as one unified solution for all the problems. Apart from this, Government sectors, banks, insurance companies are all frequent users of Adobe Experience Manager. They use this management solution for creating digital forms for increased workflow efficiency. This has one big advantage, and that is it has reduced the reliance on hard copies. Besides, the representatives can easily access the forms and the documents from anywhere and at any time. This technology ensures that the documents required are safely and accurately completed and submitted on time. 

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Important features of AEM 

A consumer survey carried by Adobe in 2019 showed that 51% of consumers decided to purchase the brand. Around 49% will stay loyal customers if the content delivery is personalized and up to the mark. AEM delivers innovation and personalized user experiences. A few key features of Adobe are:

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) enables access to one central hub from where tasks of retrieving and organizing media can be performed efficiently. Further, the platform offers flexibility in the creation of web pages and AEM assets. The current update to Adobe Experience Manager enables accessing assets from DAM running in a hugely different AEM. This feature has enabled easy access to all the assets irrespective of where they are stored. 
  • The Adobe asset link extension with AEM assets has leveled up the process of content delivery and creativity by enabling creatives and marketers to collaborate easily. The direct in-app panel permits access to the digital assets stored in AEM. These assets can universally be searched and accessed. This has improved the creative workflow as access to these assets has become easy and seamless. 
  • Integrated Adobe assets with Adobe stocks have granted millions of videos, templates, illustrations, etc., for several creative projects. Adobe stocks enterprises present within AEM have ensured the availability of licensed assets for collaborative work done by creatives and marketers. 
  • The brand portal is another cloud application here. With the aid of this brand portal, practitioners can share assets with agencies, but at the same time, they can avoid providing them with total access to DAM. 
  • Single page application of AEM has enabled developers to easily build websites with the aid of the framework provided by the SPA. 
  • The smart crop feature of AEM has enabled the incorporation of thousands of images which was not possible before. This one single tool carries out all these tasks without the aid of any other tool. All the videos and images can be cropped and stored easily with all the essential parts in them. Practitioners can create a variety of sizes for the same images for several purposes. 

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With Skuad’s unified employment solution, you can hire certified and experienced AEM Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary of AEM developers

AEM developers are amongst those few programmers and developers who get paid a good amount. In the USA, the salary range is somewhere between $72,000 to $90,000. The table below highlights the salaries of AEM developers at various positions in the USA:

AEM developers' position Salary per year in USD
Analytics manager $108,481
User experience director $98,773
Web developer $73,410
Senior developer $106,071
Front end developer $106,071
Developer $52,311

Some of the leading companies that are currently hiring AEM developers in the USA are: -

  • Accenture
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Deloitte
  • Infosys
  • Amazon
  • Coca Cola Consolidated

Freelancing and contractual basis work

Creating a brand as an individual has become extremely popular these days. The amount of creativity, smart work, and a considerable amount of hard work an individual puts in help him in creating his brand image in the market. Many big companies and many emerging IT companies are hiring developers who are freelancers working on a contractual basis. The advantage of working as a freelancer is that it gives flexibility, a developer can put forth the prices he desires, and lastly, it gives him control of their work. So, it is also a good option to work on a contractual basis with small and big firms and earn at the ease of your schedule.

AEM Certification

A variety of platforms have come up with certificate courses in AEM development. Many also provide learners with internship opportunities. The course requires a decent amount of time and a small investment from an aspiring developer.

AEM Managing Solution has applications and uses in several sectors. It is used in building applications, forms, mobile apps, websites, and whatnot. Apart from this, it also aids in managing and marketing content and assets easily. Private companies and budding creators use this managing solution to create unique, interactive, and user-friendly content. Along with this, they market their work as well with this management solution. With AEM, creating, storing, managing, and publishing content has become easier and better for several organizations. With proper skills and knowledge, an individual can become a good AEM developer and secure a good job in a good company. There are many opportunities in the market, and vacancies are increasing steadily for AEM developers. Therefore, budding developers can decide to make their career in this field. 

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