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Akka Developers

Hire Akka Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Akka Developers

Akka is a free toolkit that is used to create extremely concurrent, resilient and distributed message-driven applications for Java and Scala. This open-source toolkit can handle several models of programming for concurrency. It is written in the Scala language, with language bindings existing for both Scala and Java. Akka handles concurrency with the help of the Actor model. The Actor model offers a better alternative. It is now a part of the Lightbend Platform together with the Play framework. Akka provides the developers with a way to build scalable and fault-tolerant software that is easy to scale up on multicore systems and scale out in distributed computing environments.

Akka helps to build software systems with high performance and reliability without sacrificing the developer’s productivity. It also offers the freedom for the runtime to deliver services like cluster rebalancing, partitioning, replication and adaptive load balancing. Akka embraces the fault-tolerance model. The Akka project has captivated a massive community of users and contributors. Akka has got a rich set of modules that are cohesive as well. An Akka developer designs, develops and tests Akka microservices to modify existing architecture or implement the new architecture. He/she should have in-depth knowledge in the field along with hands-on experience. Some companies like Walmart, Hootsuite, Huffington Post and others hire Akka developers with a good salary package. 

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Akka was created by the Swedish programmer Jonas Boner who was inspired by Erlangs for creating library support for concurrent applications and working with Java along with Scala. The first release of this platform was Akka 0.5 towards the end of January 2010. It is now a part of the Lightbend platform along with the Scala programming language and Play framework. 

Important Features of Akka

Akka is an extremely useful toolkit used for creating robust messaging applications for Java and Scala. There are some important features of Akka that make it extremely popular. Some of them are mentioned below: -

  • Simpler Concurrent and Distributed Systems: Streams and Actors let you create scalable systems with the help of server resources from several servers. The concurrency here is asynchronous and based on messages. It is not possible to share multiple data in Akka. 
  • Resilient Design: The principles of the Reactive Manifesto have been used for Akka. It enables you to create systems that heal by themselves and remain responsive at the time of failure.
  • High Performance: It has high performance, ranging to 49 million msg/sec on one machine. It has a small memory footprint.
  • Elastic and Decentralized: It has a distributed system without a single point of failure along with adaptive routing and balancing of the load across the nodes. For eventual consistency, Distributed Data along with Cluster Sharding, event sourcing, and CQRS are included.

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Roles and Responsibilities of an Akka Developer

An Akka developer is in demand in the job market at present. It has a great scope in the coming years. With the required skills and experience, an Akka developer can get an attractive salary package. There are some roles and responsibilities for an Akka developer. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Should have in-depth knowledge and experience in the field.
  • Should have hands-on experience in Akka streams and clustering.
  • Should have experience in Java, spring/spring boots. 
  • Should support Verizon DevOps software test life cycle, research bug reports and find and deliver software solutions and test environment bug releases.
  • Should design, develop and test Akka microservices to modify existing architecture and make necessary changes to the system interfaces and object code libraries and configuration management procedure.
  • Should be able to perform unit and integration testing for all the components of application code.
  • Should have deep knowledge of the required programming languages.
  • Should create and provide an installation guide that contains installation configuration steps and timing for deployment.
  • Should provide code review with peers and documentation in support thereof, for code inspection reviews.
  • Good experience in building web applications with Scala and Scala for Analytics.
  • Solid understanding and experience with Object-Oriented design and understanding.
  • Should support production bug reports and customer escalations, research and find and deliver software solutions and production bug releases.
  • Should identify technical risks and find new solutions.
  • Should be able to work closely with Architects and cross-functional teams and follow established practices for the delivery of solutions meeting QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) within the established architectural guidelines.
  • Practised understanding of agile development methodologies and understanding of DevOps.
  • Should have the ability to write reusable, optimized, maintainable code that is well documented and follow industry-standard best practices.

Skills required

  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Logical and Analytical skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Creativity
  • Coordination
  • Time management
  • Critical thinking 

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Akka Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure for an Akka Developer

Akka developers are in demand in the job market at present. With the required skills and experience, an Akka developer can get an attractive salary package. In the United States, the average salary of an Akka developer is around US $107,295 per annum. The annual average salary of an Akka developer in India is around US $13,419 This may vary depending upon the number of years of experience and skills.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work

With the increasing remote working trend, more and more companies are looking for experienced professionals to manage their Akka Development requirements. As a result, extremely interesting opportunities have come up in this field for freelancing professionals with the necessary skills. A freelance Akka developer has got flexibility in their working hours. They have got the freedom to work in a way that is convenient for them. They can work on-premises as well as remotely too. Some companies hire Akka developers on a contractual basis too. With experience and good knowledge, you can get an attractive remuneration package.

Akka Certifications

IT field is a field that always requires constant updating. A certification can always be beneficial in many ways as it can sharpen your skills and improve your knowledge in the field. It gives you a deep foundation in the field and provides networking opportunities.

Certifications in Akka can prove to be a plus point in many ways. It can help you to understand and use Akka, and Scala features to build concurrent and robust applications. It gives an understanding of scalability, fault tolerance and concurrency and scaling asynchronous, event-driven systems. It also teaches the advanced features of Akka and Scala. It aids in getting a higher income and provides industry recognition. 

Taking a certification is always a good step in your career path and helps you grow positively. It can be an added advantage to boost your resume and make you stand different from the competitors. It can open a wide range of possibilities for enthusiastic job opportunists. 

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