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Amazon AWS developers

Hire Amazon AWS developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Amazon AWS developer

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of the famous company Amazon. It offers cloud computing and many such solutions to its users through the several products registered under Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Web Services (AWS) has products for several industries, including advertising and marketing, automotive, consumer packaged goods, education, government, gaming, financial services, energy, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, media, and entertainment, non-profit, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, retail, power, and utilities. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers an AWS solutions library that offers vetted technology solutions to its users, which are cloud-based. The solutions library of AWS has four major sections viz. AWS Solutions Reference Architectures, AWS Solutions Constructs, AWS Solutions Implementations and AWS Solutions Consulting Offers.

AWS Solutions Reference Architectures are used to obtain reference architecture diagrams by the user. This section has a collection of architecture diagrams for several types of applications. AWS Solutions Constructs are an extension of the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). These are open source and are available freely for anyone's use. AWS Solutions Implementations offers its users solutions for common problems. Each implementation within the AWS Solutions Implementations is provided with a deployment guide with automated and manual deployable and detailed architecture instructions.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has an annual revenue of US $546 billion. The Web Services were first launched in July 2002, while Cloud computing was launched in March 2006. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has several famous customers. These customers have reported having greatly benefited from the services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). They say AWS's services are secure, compliant, hybrid and scalable. Some of Amazon Web Services (AWS) users are BP, Cerner, Enel, Expedia, Intuit, Hess Corporation, General Electric, FINRA, Kellogg's, Netflix, Philips, and Workday.

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Important features of Amazon Web Services AWS

1. Flexible

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is very flexible as compared to traditional IT models. It allows the AWS developers to choose from a wide range of programming models, operating systems and tools. This leads to the development of custom and unique applications suited to the clients' needs.

2. Cost-effective

With development comes costs for resources. There is no say on how many exact resources will be required to develop a particular application. Many IT solutions make the clients buy whole bundles of resources irrespective of their requirements. But with Amazon Web Services (AWS), cloud computing is very flexible and makes you pay only the number of resources you have utilized.

3. Scalable and elastic

Scalability is the ability to scale the resources according to the user's demand. And elasticity is the distribution of incoming user activity. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has excellent cloud services that scale the resources and balance the elasticity as and when needed, depending on the increase and decrease in market demand.

4. Secure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides secure services, physical security, and data privacy. The security provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is end-to-end encrypted. They also provide end-to-end privacy. They are known to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of data.

Roles and responsibilities of an Amazon Web Services developer

  • To implement the application's CI/CD pipeline using the AWS CI/CD stack
  • To make more scalable and reliable
  • To set up cloud infrastructure of web applications
  • To maintain and evolve the set cloud infrastructure
  • To maintain and evolve the set cloud infrastructure
  • To have previous exposure to large scale systems design
  • To write infrastructure as code using Cloud Formation or similar facilities
  • To have a good background in Linux and/or Unix administration applications
  • To containerize applications
  • To have experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • To have strong notions of security best practices
  • To migrate applications from ECS to EKS and vice versa
  • To set up a monitoring stack
  • To understand the core AWS services
  • To apply best practices regarding security and scalability

Skills required

  • To troubleshoot distributed systems
  • To be experienced in building or maintaining cloud-native applications
  • To have experience with the serverless approaches using AWS Lambda
  • To collaborate with the IT team
  • To create reusable, effective and scalable code
  • To identify bottlenecks and bugs in the system
  • To test and update the application

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Amazon Web Services (AWS) Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary structure of an Amazon Web Services developer

Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers have a very high demand in the market, especially in the United States. Being a high demand role, the salary structure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers is amazing in most parts of the world. According to glassdoor.com, the average annual salary of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer in India is US $6,632.01(₹ 494,000). Indian Information Technology-based industries and companies offer Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer annual salary in the range of US $3,302.58(₹ 246,000) to US $20,486.73(₹ 1,526,000).

Based on your experience in the development field, an entry level position in Poland offers US $26,378.33(101,000 PLN). Whereas experienced professionals earn up to US $47,010.89(180,000 PLN). In Poland, the average salary of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer is US $37,350.94(143,013 PLN) per year. In Germany, Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers are offered, on average, US $73,611.21(€ 61,978) per annum.

The most paying countries to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers are the United Kingdom and the United States. In the United Kingdom, the average annual salary of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer is US $76,449.94(£ 55,000), with the salaries lying in the range of US $55,684.75(£ 40,061) to US $104,249.93(£ 75,000). Whereas, in the United States, the average annual salary of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer is US $120,000with the range of US $100,000to US $152,394.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work

The hiring process in the modern world has greatly changed. Companies now tend to outsource responsibilities or give out contracts or hire freelancers. This change in the job market has given rise to several middleman platforms on the internet. These platforms act as a middleman between the companies looking to hire and individuals looking for a role. Upwork.com, Freelance.com, peopleperhour.com are some of such platforms.

Contracts are offered to individuals who will deliver the best work within a minimum amount. Freelancers, and sometimes contractual workers, get to set their rates. Most freelancers in the United Kingdom charge US $39.21(£ 28.21) per hour. But in the United States, the freelancing rates are much higher, on average, US $61.54 per hour. This is because of the exceeding demand for Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers in the United States.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes available free training for interested individuals only on demand. This training is completed virtually as well as on-site. The courses offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) are self-paced. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers training for preparing for certification courses and learning new skills. The training courses offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) are based on real-world scenarios. These courses teach best practices to their learners. There are hundreds of courses available on the AWS Training and Certification Portal. This portal offers training courses in cloud fundamentals and best practices, virtual server hosting, serverless computing, container management, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), application delivery, network architecture, network connectivity, DevOps, AWS cloud systems, developer tools, security, SysOps, Internet of Things (IoT), migration and transfer, media and streaming services, etc.

Several courses are available on each of these topics. With AWS Certification, you can build confidence and credibility. The certification validates your expertise with credentials that are recognized in the industry. Several organizations offer excellent opportunities to skilled and certified professionals to lead cloud initiatives using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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