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Hire Android SDK Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


Mobile applications have changed the way the world functions. We now have an app for almost every problem that we face. Worldwide, more than 3000 apps are released on the Google Play Store daily. Therefore, becoming an Android developer nearly guarantees employment. 

The Android SDK allows you to make your apps multifunctional by writing a single code base. Google has developed an android SDK, and it enables developers to create Android apps. It is a collection of libraries and software development tools that are needed to develop Android applications.

Android SDK has all the tools required to code any program from scratch and test it. Android SDK is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Therefore, the developer can use any platform to develop the applications. It provides the developers with various tools, enabling you to create, test, deploy, and debug your apps. The apps can be customized as per your business requirements and make the user experience better by using the features of the Android SDK.

Components of Android SDK

Android SDK includes several development tools, emulators, sample projects with source codes, and all the necessary libraries to build Android apps. Here is a list of critical components in Android SDK:

  • Android SDK tools 
  • Google APIs 
  • Android Emulator 
  • SDK build-tools 
  • SDK platform-tools

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The Roles and Responsibilities of Android Developers

  • Designing and building apps

This is the main work of any Android SDK developer. Building apps includes coding and building a well-designed architecture.

  • Collaborating across teams

Building effective cross-communication between different departments is crucial for everyone to be on the same page. Constant communication is the key to building the best apps.

  • Working with databases and API

Android SDK developers have to work with different APIs and databases. Therefore they have to be skilled enough to understand and handle third-party e-codes also.

  • Fixing bugs

Bugs are part of the development process, and it is the developer’s responsibility to fix any bugs they find.

  • Implementing unit test

Unit testing is an indispensable part of the whole software development process. It is a part of the Agile methodology. Developers must perform unit testing throughout the development process.

  • Keeping up with new technologies

Being a developer means staying up to date with the new skills and technologies. There are always new technologies coming up, making the whole software development cycle easier.

Required Expertise

Requirements - Hard skills

  • Proficient in coding in object-oriented Java and Kotlin 
  • Have advanced knowledge of syntax and structure
  • Understanding of concepts: Object-oriented fundamentals, variables, lists, loops
  • Confident in JDK documentation
  • Understanding of vital android SDK concepts
  • Decent experience in SQL
  • Knowledge of Git
  • Understanding of XML basics
  • Understanding of design guidelines
  • Knowledge of back end programming skills- Node.js, .Net, Python)
  • Possess excellent problem solving, debugging, and troubleshooting skills  
  • Understanding of Data structure and Algorithms
  • Experience with Android frameworks 
  • Experience with RESTful and cloud message APIs as well as push notifications
  • Working knowledge of performance as well as memory tuning tools
  • Knowledge of continuous integration
  • Experience with Data Binding, Android Jetpack: ViewModel, Live Data, ViewPager2
  • Tested, Provisioned, Compiled, and Deployed an application to Google Play Store
  • Experience working with third-party libraries and APIs 
  • Understanding of Google’s design principles and interface guidelines 
  • Proficient in end-to-end implementation (logic and UI) 
  • Proficient in Coroutines 
  • Proficient understanding of Architecture components (Room, Navigation, Live data, ViewModel) 
  • Proficient understanding of DI 
  • Skilled in testing methodologies and Unit tests 
  • Familiarity with Kotlin DSL and Gradle scripts 
  • Experience with modularization and writing reusable code 
  • Experience with code reviews and mentoring others 
  • Experience with CI/CD process 
  • Experience with Kotlin Coroutines Flow 
  • Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON 
  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs 
  • Experience with WebSocket is an added advantage 
  • Experience with multi-module projects is an added advantage 
  • Deep understanding of Android activity lifecycle 
  • Familiarity with common Android software design patterns 
  • Understanding of mobile development lifecycle 
  • Experience with Testing Automation (Unit, integration, and E2E)
  • Proficient in creating notifications and customizing them to the requirement or user
  • Knowledge of firebase on Android
  • Knowledge of Android security


Developing an android application is a collaborative effort. Along with technical skills, specific soft skills are also required to ace any job and be a good leader or team member.

  • Passion and motivation for work
  • Good communication skills
  • Take full accountability for developing features, from design to delivery 
  • Work as part of a dynamic team, working in high standards, delivering excellent quality work
  • Work closely with the product, architects, DevOps, BI, business, and automation teams
  • Tackle challenging problems and find creative ways to solve them
  • Lead decision-making & design of APIs, mechanisms, and abstractions 
  • Build new features and directly impact the future of our products 
  • Improves skills, learns from and mentors top-notch engineers, and enriches other team members 
  • Perform code reviews, evaluate implementations, and provide feedback 
  • Be innovative and think out of the box
  • Write clean, easy-to-understand code
  • Understanding of Agile methodology
  • Business knowledge of the industry the developer is working 
  • Be able to thrive in a complex working environment 
  • Constantly collaborate with colleagues
  • Have strong analytical skills and the ability to understand how people use mobile applications
  • Have decent marketplace skills
  • Have good documentation skills
  • Possess excellent project management skills

Salary Structure of an Android SDK Developer

The salary of an Android SDK developer depends on the skill level, the responsibilities the developer has to handle, and the years of experience they have in the industry. The higher the level of expertise the developer has, the higher the salary. The salary also largely depends on the country the developer is working in.

Average Android developer salary in the US

Junior Level Android SDK Developer

$80,733 per year

Mid-Level Android SDK Developer $96,012 per year
Senior Level Android SDK Developer $115,086 per year

Average Android developer salary in Canada

Junior Level Android SDK Developer

$50,000 per year

Mid-Level Android SDK Developer $78,000 per year
Senior Level Android SDK Developer $106,000 per year

Average Android developer salary in the UK

Junior Level Android SDK Developer

£21,509 per year

Mid-Level Android SDK Developer £41,000 per year
Senior Level Android SDK Developer £59,046 per year

Average Android developer salary in India

Junior Level Android SDK Developer

$2,443 per year

Mid-Level Android SDK Developer $4,468 per year
Senior Level Android SDK Developer $10,830 per year

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Key Takeaways

  • Thousands of apps are released on the Play Store every day. Therefore android development has several employment opportunities.
  • Android SDK is a collection of tools and libraries that are required to develop android applications. It has all the necessary tools to code any program from the beginning. 
  • The components of android SDK include several development tools, emulators, sample projects, and all the necessary libraries to build android apps.
  • The primary responsibility of Android developers is designing and building apps.
  • Collaboration across the teams helps teams stay on the same page and build a better product with lesser bugs.
  • A good developer must be proficient in different programming languages, working with databases, APIs, and fixing bugs.
  • An Android SDK developer must stay up to date and with the new technologies
  • The salary of an android SDK developer depends on the skills, responsibilities the developer handles, and years of experience.

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