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Android Studio Developers

Hire Android Studio Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Android Studio developers

According to the statistics, by 2023, there will be about 4.3 billion Android users worldwide. The Android marketplace is a lucrative field that witnesses incredible technological launches regularly. Android Studio is one such development, the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE), specifically designed for Android development. It is built on JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA software.

It is a software application that comes with extensive build tools, smooth GUI, and open-source development. It has become an important addition and a favorite for Android software applications. Owing to its increasing demand, there is a dire need for skilled Android Studio developers who are experienced and avid users of programming and design of Android applications.

Android Studio developers' job profile revolves around creating and maintaining Android application codes and readability. They should be able to work with new technologies such as the special Gradle-based build support system and lint tools. The Android Studio developers must fix the problems quickly and improve the app's overall performance. They should be properly acquainted with the latest technologies that work with the Android Studio's software and system.

The Android Marketplace is growing rapidly, and enterprises need technological assistance and skilled professionals to support the Android Studio software and its technologies. The companies can easily outsource the services of Android Studio developers as many app developers can provide quick fixes and technological support remotely.

Development Technologies

The Android Studio is optimized for an easy and quick workflow. It is based on one of the most powerful IntelliJ IDEA community editions. Therefore, it employs some of the latest technologies that Android operating systems can sustain.

  • Gradle-based system – A build automation tool that works as an open-source, so it is flexible enough to build any kind of software. It provides a wider scale to work with and increases the options available. The Android community is heavily dependent on the Grade based system because it provides the developers with customized build favors. With the help of this automation tool, you can easily manage complex build configurations, and it will also allow the system to build projects on both the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and as well as on the continuous integration servers.
  • Lint tools - They work as a static code analyzer and automatically checks the source code for any programmatic or stylistic failures. The current version of the Android Studio employs lint tools to analyze the performance, usability, and compatibility of the version. The developers can improve the overall quality of the code using these tools. This feature used by the Android Studio will also prove cost-effective in the long run as it will help detect errors at an early stage.
  • ProGuard Integration – It is an open-source command-line tool that can help in optimizing and obfuscating java and other Android programs. It helps in the easy detection and removal of unused fields, classes, and methods. Mobile Development app companies will depend heavily upon the ProGuard Software as it helps optimize the byte code of the methods.
  • Code Refactoring – The Android Studio comes with a built-in code refactoring process that helps improve the design, structure and change the implementation of the software. It preserves the software's functionality and can change its non-functional attributes without disturbing the core elements of the software. It helps immensely in code readability and reduces its complexity.

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Top Industries that require Android Studio Developers

The Android Studio in the mobile development category has captured a significant 15.5% market share. Some of its competitors have equivalent and competitive market share. With increasing digitalization, more and more sectors and industries will rely on the Android marketplace. The Android Studio provides companies with fast app-building tools, and therefore its emerging demand in several industries comes as no surprise.

The developed countries such as the United States and the UK are some of the top users of the Android Studio. Therefore, global ventures from different industries will need proper technical assistance and are keen to hire professional app developers who are well versed with the technologies of Android Studio. Some of the top industries that depend heavily on Android development are,

  1. Computer Software – The software industry caters to the market's need for integrated software solutions and services. From data analysts to Software engineers and app developers, the industry relies heavily on skilled professionals who can work with complex programming tools and technologies. The rapid increase in data processing and the data-driven market has led to an increased reliance on Androids. Smartphones have become an integral part of an average individual across the globe. Therefore, to meet the huge demand, the computer software industry requires Android Studio developers and other services related to app development to secure Android operating systems and other numerous services.
  2. The Information and Technology Services industry – The IT sector has witnessed rapid growth in the past decade, given the importance of data and analytics to drive marketing campaigns, boost business transactions, and whatnot. The Information and Technology Industry provides integrated services to companies and brands which depend on the industry for communications technology and data storage. The Android marketplace is intrinsically entwined with the IT industry as smartphones are a major source of gathering information. The use of apps and their technology has increased rapidly, the share of Android users is increasing day by day. The companies in this sector will require heavy technological assistance and app development technologies to work with the high demand of consumers and businesses. Since the Android Studio is the fastest building tool available for operating systems, the demand for its developers is also high.

The skills required for Android Studio developers

Since the Android marketplace produces multiple manufacturers, it is important that Android Studio developers must be code flexible and should be able to work with different user interfaces and programming designs and tools. Some of the skills that the companies look for when they are looking to hire Android Studio developers are listed down below,

  1. Knowledge of programming languages – Kotlin and Java are the major programming languages that the developers must be acquainted with. Developers must have proper knowledge about code readability and mark-up language to help boost the performance and speed of the software.
  2. API – The application Programming Interface works as an application mediatory that helps in connecting different application software. Most Android Studio developers expect to be well engaged with the APIs, as they reduce creating the codes from scratch. The APIs help the developers by speeding up the entire process and focusing on the unique propositions of the application rather than the basics.
  3. Android SDK – It is a software development kit with multiple tools that help develop applications specifically designed for the Android platforms and their users. Proper knowledge and workability with the Android SDK tools are essential skills that the candidates must possess if they wish to get hired as Android Studio Developers. The tools are important for delivering a smooth Android experience.
  4. Experience in ORM-based databases – In contrast to the relational database, the ORM database provides the developers with high-level abstraction. An extensive experience in the ORM database would allow the developers to easily write advanced codes such as Python and replace the SQL code.

What are some of the soft skills that are required of an Android Studio Developer?

  1. Analytical skills – Developers need to have good analytical skills to analyze the problems with unique perspectives and have a keen eye to detect minor conformation faults.
  2. Team spirit- The Android Studio developers is a job profile that will require team support and collaboration. Candidates who possess excellent team skills are ideal for this job. Android development as a field requires multiple operations from designing to software and coding, so acquiring team spirit is an essential skill for this profile.
  3. Good communication skills – Friendliness, confidence, and adaptability are some of the skills that help communicate problems and issues in a workplace. The app developers often work within groups, so acquiring good communication skills is important for a healthy working environment.
  4. Problem-solving skills – Active listening, decision-making, and researching are qualities that will enhance problem-solving abilities. Since it is a highly technical job, the candidates must possess good problem-solving ability.

Global companies and ventures willing to outsource the services of an Android Studio developer can find skilled professionals who are enthusiastic about this field and can work remotely. The young enthusiasts willing to create a career in this field can also find lucrative job offers in various industries as the demand for Android developers increases, and the market share of Android usage soars to new heights.

Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Android Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

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Salary Structure

The pay scale for Android Studio Developers depends on their years of experience and the knowledge of additional technical skill sets. The salary structures vary depending upon the countries as well. In the United States of America, the average salary for an Android studio developer would be $76,744 per year. The average salary can be approximated to around $108,763 per year. In India, the salary package for the same job profile is around $7,000 (Rs 4,92,426).

Freelance and Contractual Basis

A lot of companies also hire technological assistance on a contractual basis. The monthly salary can range from 10,000 to 30,000 for freelancers depending upon the experience and the various tasks assigned. In the United States, the salary might range from $9,930 and can go up to $14,625.


The App Development market is soaring to new heights every day; the Android marketplace is likely to yield large revenue, owing to the wide usability of Androids across the globe. Young professional and skilled enthusiasts willing to look for career opportunities in this field must get an official Android Studio certification, as it will equip the candidate with an official statement. The certification test will also give the young candidates the right exposure and extensive knowledge about the Android Studio. Since the competition is quite stiff out there as a large number of professionals are being trained in this field, having a proper certification will give you an edge amongst the other candidates.

The demand for android developers is increasing rapidly. It will be extremely rewarding for aspiring candidates to get Android studio certification as it will enhance their credibility in the market as entry-level developers. The Android Studio is one of the fastest automation build tools in the market, and it gives stiff competition to the iOS-based operating systems, thus widening its share in the market. Professional certification will open new job opportunities and avenues for your overall career growth. It is the right time to invest in this skill and yield fruitful outcomes in the future.

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