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Hire Angular 2 Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Angular 2 Developer

Angular 2 is a framework used to build web applications. It is developed by using the JavaScript framework as the base. Angular 2 lets its users work with HTML and JavaScript. It is an open-source framework available to download and use by any developer. Angular 2 is very easy to learn if you have a very good knowledge of JavaScript. With Angular 2, developers have access to powerful templates. Angular 2 has excellent event handling capabilities. It works very well and offers better support for mobile devices. To use Angular 2 in your device, you need to first install npm, Visual Studio Code and Git from GitHub.

Angular 2 has several components, including module, template, component, service, and metadata. Each of these components has its specialty and assigned function. In Angular 2, a module is used to break an application into small logical pieces of code. Each of the logical pieces has its independent and single function. Template is used to define a view, whereas metadata is used to add more data to the Angular 2 class. A component acts as a glue for all the modules. It brings them all together to operate uniformly. A service is used to create components. A component created by a service is shareable across multiple platforms.

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Angular 2 is a modern platform for web developers. The amazing features offered by Angular 2 helps Angular 2 developers develop excellent web applications. The codes written in Angular 2 are reusable. You can use the same codes for several applications across several platforms. With Angular 2, deployable applications can be built for any purpose. Angular 2 can be used on many device types, including web, native mobile, native desktop, and mobile web. Angular 2 enables developers to do a server-side rendering of applications to enhance their performance. Maximum speed for applications can be achieved through Angular 2. It meets huge data requirements and let the developers have control over scalability.


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Important features of Angular 2


The first version of Angular, i.e., Angular 1 was mainly focused on having controllers. The controllers were the main feature overlooking each operation within the application. But Angular 2 introduced components. Components are given more preference in Angular 2 over controllers. The components feature of Angular 2 allows the developers to build several modules into the application. The creation of several modules with individual tasks greatly helps maintain the application over a period.


Angular 2 is based on TypeScript. TypeScript has been a superset of JavaScript ever since its release. TypeScript is currently maintained by Microsoft. TypeScript lets the developers add optional static typing to JavaScript. Due to this addition, developers have benefited from efficient programming.


Services in Angular 2 are a set of codes. This set(s) can be shared between different components of an application. Not only can services be shared within components of an application, but they can also be shared and used across multiple applications. This feature of Angular 2 makes developer's lives easier as they do not have to write the same code several times.

Roles and responsibilities an Angular 2 developer

  • To design and develop components in Angular 2
  • To have experience with TypeScript
  • To adhere to design guidelines and standards for all performed work
  • To be skilled in Angular, Angular2, TypeScript, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS and Git
  • To have experience working and integrating front end applications with RESTful Middle-Tier applications
  • To participate in the development of advanced UX features
  • To work closely with the web designers
  • To provide assistance and guidance during the QA & UAT phases
  • To quickly confirm the validity of potential issues
  • To determine the root cause of any arising issues
  • To make the best resolution of verified issues

Skills Required

  • To have hands-on web design experience
  • To have a deep understanding of core web application design patterns
  • To have strong design and interpretations skills
  • To understand business requirements and translate them into efficient and effective user interfaces
  • To have experience in developing wireframes, storyboards, and mockups
  • To have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • To implement a complete user interface in the form of a mobile and desktop web application
  • To create modules and components and coupling them together into a functional application
  • To ensure high performance of the developed application
  • To ensure a clear dependency chain
  • To provide SEO solutions for single-page applications

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Angular 2 Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary structure of an Angular 2 developer

Angular 2 has been in the market for a very long time. It is used in several sectors around the world. That is why there is a demand for Angular 2 developers in the market. The salary for an Angular 2 developer is very attractive. In the United States, an Angular 2 developer has an average annual salary of US $67,441. Depending on years of service in the field, their annual salary structure lies between US $60,317 to US $76,925. An India based Angular 2 developer earns US $6,168.34 (INR 460,000) every year. Based on your experience in creating solutions for real-world problems, you may receive US $4,022.83 (INR 3,00,000) to US $26,818.88 (INR 2,000,000) annually in India. Switzerland is the highest paying nation for Angular 2 developers. They earn US $124,608 (114,061.53 CHF) annually. In Ukraine, Angular 2 developers have low demand. Due to the low demand, they are paid, on average, US $32,700 (891,883.05 UAH) per year. In the United Kingdom, the Angular 2 developers earn US $70,892 (£ 51,183.53) annually.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work

Angular 2 developers are needed in several industries and companies. Not all of these have the resources or are willing to hire a full-time Angular 2 developer. That is when freelance Angular 2 developers and contractors step in. They offer their services for an hourly rate. Freelancers have the freedom to choose their rates and working hours. Freelancers and contractors are not registered employees of any company. The company rules do not apply to them. You can freelance for any company based in any corner of the world. Freelancers and contractors are very rarely required to go to the office.

Angular 2 Certification

Getting certified is always a smart career move. You automatically increase your credentials when you get certified. Choose an Angular 2 certification course best suits your needs and start the journey now. There are many Angular 2 certification courses and examinations available on the internet. These courses are affordable to most learners. For those who cannot afford the course fee, some institutes provide financial assistance in scholarships. To get enrolled in an Angular 2 certification course, all you need to have is programming.

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