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Angular 4 Developers

Hire Angular 4 Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Angular 4 Developers

Angular 4 is a framework used for building apps and web applications. It is a JavaScript based framework which uses HTML and TypeScript as supporting tools. It was released in March 2017. Before Angular 4 the Angular team had released 2 versions of Angular viz. Angular 1 or Angular JS and Angular 2. Angular 3 was not released due to some internal versioning issues.

The code for an Angular 4 project is written in TypeScript and compiled in JavaScript. Angular 4 is a provider of animation, materials, and HTTP services. Some of the well-known built-in features of Angular 4 are navigation, menus, auto-complete, toolbar, etc. This version of Angular is smaller in size than its previous versions. It is also faster due to the use of TypeScript 2.2. The final compilation in Angular 4 is exceedingly small. Angular 4 is based on component structure, the same as Angular 2, but it is faster.

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Angular 4 offers excellent benefits to the users. The new features and benefits are stronger than any previous versions. It allows Angular 4 developers to create responsive, more than satisfactory, complex, user-friendly, customizable, and modern apps, and web applications. Mentioned below are some of the amazing benefits of Angular 4:

  • Angular 4 generates codes from the custom templates that can be merged with the handwritten code to get a highly augmented productivity of a JavaScript framework.
  • Angular 4 can be used to create excellent, progressive web applications based on modern technology. It can make web applications have an app-like experience.
  • Development of mobile apps with the latest facilities has become easier with Angular 4. It enables Angular developers to use React Native, Ionic Framework, and NativeScript to create excellent native apps.
  • Angular 4 gives the Angular developer a chance to create accessible applications using its built-in 11y test infrastructure.
  • Unlike others, Angular 4 has a service of providing instant error reports in editors and IDEs.
  • Angular 4's Command Line Interface (CLI) tools speed up building, adding components, testing, and deploying.
  • The animation package added to Angular 4 allows the Angular developers to create high quality, complex and high-performance animations, and animation timelines by writing minimal codes.

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Important features of Angular 4

Following are the new features that were released with Angular 4 that were not present in the previous versions:

1. If else condition

As opposed to the previous versions of Angular that could support only the if condition, Angular 4 completely supports the if-else condition.

2. As keyword

Angular 4 supports the keyword, which is capable of storing values in a loop. It can also store the total variable stores of the outputs of the slice. This turned out to be an excellent feature for handling large data.

3. Animation package

In previous Angular versions, the animation feature was not available as a package, but you would rather have to access it from @angular/core. But in Angular 4, the Angular team has made animation available as a separate package imported from @angular/animations.

4. TypeScript 2.2

Angular 4 was updated to have a better version of TypeScript. The earlier Angular versions were using TypeScript versions up to 1.8, which used to cause a lag in speed. But with TypeScript version 2.2, the speed and type checking greatly improved.

5. Pipe title case

The pipe title case is a very interesting addition to the Angular. This change causes the outputs to be in Title Case irrelevant to the case of the input.

Roles and responsibilities of an Angular 4 developer

  • To have extensive knowledge of theoretical angular software engineering
  • To implement an exciting and streamlined user experience
  • To be proficient in JavaScript
  • To be able to use HTML
  • To use CSS
  • To have project management skills
  • To design and develop user interfaces
  • To adapt interface for modern internet applications
  • To use the latest front-end technologies
  • To develop product analysis
  • To make complex technical and design decisions
  • To develop application codes
  • To conduct unit tests in Angular 4
  • To conduct performance tests
  • To consult with the design team
  • To ensure the development of high performing applications

Skills Required

  • To be proficient in writing cross-browser compatible code
  • To use building tools such as Gulp or Grunt
  • To have extensive knowledge of JavaScript MV-VM/MVC frameworks
  • To have good verbal and written communication skills
  • To be a critical thinker
  • To be a good problem-solver
  • To do research and analysis
  • To have a good understanding of AJAX and JavaScript Dom
  • To have experience with RESTful services
  • To be a good team player
  • To have good time-management skills
  • To have great interpersonal skills

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Angular 4 Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary structure of Angular 4 developers

According to glassdoor.com, the average annual salary of an Angular 4 developer is US $5760.23 (₹ 427,553). This average was calculated based on the annual salaries of 60 regional Angular 4 developers in India.

During a survey, it was noted that the annual salary of an Angular 4 developer could be in the range of US $1347.25 to US $20208.83 (₹ 100,000 to ₹ 1,500,000) in India. But on the world platform, the salary range can vary by a lot.

If you look at the United Kingdom, you will see that the United Kingdom offers US $53637.72 (£ 38,630) per annum to an entry-level Angular 4 developer. And Angular developers advanced in their field the United Kingdom offers US $93916.68 (£ 67,639) every year. On average, the United Kingdom offers around US $69424.95 (£ 50,000) per year. The hourly rate of an Angular 4 developer is US $35.60.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work

Many companies require Angular 4 developers to establish a robust relationship with the consumers. When it comes to the user interface, it must be very simple and friendly. The lack of a user-friendly user interface takes a toll on the business. That is why companies hire Angular 4 developers to make a user-friendly interface and ensure smooth functioning at the backend as well as the front end.

Freelancing is an excellent option for Angular 4 developers as it allows you to work according to your pace. With contractual work, you get the opportunity to earn more as you can take as many contracts as you wish. This is nothing like a full-time job and offers exciting intellectual freedom and amazing incentives.

Angular 4 Certification

Most companies prefer to hire certified developers to work on their teams. That is why you must get your Angular 4 certification before applying for a job. The need for Angular 4 developers is increasing as many sectors have taken their businesses online. The market demand for Angular 4 is increasing; hence this is your opportunity to get yourself certified in Angular 4.

Angular 4 certification can be obtained by taking up an Angular 4 course and attending the Angular 4 certification examination. Anyone with prior knowledge of coding can apply for Angular 4 certification. You can get yourself certified by investing very little amount and in return, enjoy the fruits of excellent salary and incentives by becoming a professional Angular 4 developer.

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