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Apache Kafka Developers

Hire Apache Kafka Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Apache Kafka Developer

Apache Kafka is an event streaming platform. It is a very high performing platform. It is an open-source platform available for everyone's use. Apache Kafka offers data pipelines to its users for secure transactions of data. Through Apache Kafka, users can stream their analytics and mission-critical applications. It is an amazing platform for data integration. Apache Kafka's excellent Connect interface allows its users to integrate with numerous event sources and event sinks, including but not limited to JMS, AWS S3, Elasticsearch and Postgres. Due to this, Apache Kafka has many users in several sectors of the market. It is being used by insurance, manufacturing, information technology (IT) and services, telecommunication, retail, banks and finance, insurance, energy, and utilities. Apache Kafka prides itself for zero message loss. It provides its users with online resources such as rich documentation, training, guided tutorials, sample projects, Stack Overflow and many more. It was designed to provide a high throughput, unified, and low latency platform for real-time data transactions. Apache Kafka groups random streams of messages together to form a large network packet. This large group has large sequential disk operations and contiguous memory blocks to convert random writes into linear writes.

Learn more about Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka was first released in January 2011. It was originally developed by LinkedIn. It is written in Java and Scala. The latest version of Apache Kafka, i.e., Apache Kafka 2.8.0, released on 19th April 2021, has several improvements from the past release. Apache Kafka is used in cross-platform operating systems. It is characterized as a message broker and a stream processing platform.

Apache Kafka, like most platforms, does not run on a single server. It is operated on a cluster of servers that store and receive data as and when intended. Apache Kafka has a special filing system for the incoming data. The data received is divided into partitions and the partitions further into topics. Each data is saved with a timestamp. Apache Kafka has two main types of topics, viz. regular and compacted. The data saved under regular topics come with an expiry date. At the same time, the data under the compacted topic is saved forever. To carry out all the functions smoothly, Apache Kafka depends on five major APIs. These are Producer API, Consumer API, Connector API, Streams API and Admin API. 

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Important features of Apache Kafka 

High throughput

With Apache Kafka, users can deliver messages at high throughput. A cluster of machines is used to achieve this. Messages can be sent with a very low latency of 2 ms.


Everyday Apache Kafka serves thousands of brokers who collectively exchange trillions of messages every day. These messages account for up to several petabytes of data which are distributed in hundreds of thousands of partitions. Apache Kafka is scalable at even such a large scale.

Permanent storage

Data sent through Apache Kafka can be permanently stored. The storage facilities at Apache Kafka are evenly distributed and durable. The data is stored in a fault-tolerant cluster.

High availability

Apache Kafka is made available over a long range of areas. The data clusters can be stretched over the required zones. Several clusters located at different geographical locations can also be connected to give high availability to the users.

Roles and responsibilities of an Apache Kafka developer

  • To have excellent technical skills
  • To have amazing verbal and written communication skills
  • To have the business knowledge
  • To work on multiple medium to large projects
  • To develop efficient code
  • To do identification, isolation, and resolution of problems within the production environment
  • To design the best approach suited for data movement from different sources to HDFS using Apache Kafka
  • To meet client requirements
  • To participate in the development, enhancement, and maintenance of web applications
  • To work individually as well as in a team

Salary structure of an Apache Kafka developer

Apache Kafka developers are well paid in the market. It depends on your skills and expertise. Most certified Apache Kafka developers are preferred. The salary structure of an Apache Kafka developer also depends on their location. According to PayScale, an Apache Kafka developer in India is paid US $14,443.40 (₹ 1,076,979) every year. This is a national average determined based on the data collected from several Apache Kafka developers working in India. The national average for the United Kingdom is US $90,211.88 (£ 65,000). In the United Kingdom, an Apache Kafka developer just starting is offered an entry-level position with a salary starting from US $75,833.49 (£ 54,640). An experienced Apache Kafka developer, having at least 5 years of experience is offered up to US $104,090.63 (£ 75,000). An Apache Kafka developer in Germany gets paid US $91,476.37 (€ 77,023) annually, on average. The United States is one of the highest-paying nations for Apache Kafka developers, with a national average of US $109,138 per year.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work

Freelancing rates have gone up in the past decade. As individuals discovered the wide benefits freelancing has to offer, more and more people started doing it. Companies too, realized that getting their work done by a freelancer or contractor is way cheaper than hiring full-time personnel. Companies save a lot since there are no onboarding costs and additional benefits to freelancers and contractors. Apache Kafka is not a very famous platform, but the demand for Apache Kafka developers in the market is evident. Companies seeking Apache Kafka developers put out notifications. You should keep an eye out for such notifications on social media and freelancing platforms. Freelancing platforms are the best way to land a freelance gig. Sometimes contractual basis work is also put out on such platforms. By displaying your knowledge, skills, talent, portfolio, and expertise, you can easily land an excellent freelance opportunity.

Apache Kafka Certification

Confluent Certification for Apache Kafka is one of the best Apache Kafka certification examinations for Apache Kafka developers. It is available in the English language all over the globe. This certification examination consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. Apache Kafka developers are supposed to solve these 60 questions in 90 minutes. After successful completion of this Apache Kafka certification examination, you will be offered an official credential. Your recognition in the market will leap. You get your custom logo as proof of being a certified Apache Kafka developer.

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