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Automation Developers

Hire Automation Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Automation Developer

Automation is a set of technologies that assist humans in several ways and reduce human intervention in many tasks. A set of functions and tasks are readily embodied and predetermined in that the machines that receive these tasks are ready to take over the extra burden. For automation technology to operate properly and systematically, a few control systems are used, such as machinery, factory processes, ovens for heat treatment, telephone networks, aircraft, steering, vehicles in use, and a lot more. Automation just does not mean the big factory set-ups; it also includes the applications in households talking over and reducing task time. Automation has taken space in several places right from our households. We use thermostats for boilers to keep a temperature check, to banks for best accuracy, to industries where they get things done in less time with automation and whatnot. This technology ranges from small on-off systems to complex algorithms in command.

The simplest type of automation control loop involves a set of rules that correspond to the standard and by which the error is detected. Despite the error check, the task is carried out, and the process is on point with automation technology. Mechanical, hydraulics, electrical, pneumatic tools and computers are all part of automation where a minimum of two of these work together to carry out a said task. These techniques, in combination, are responsible for the successful working of aeroplanes, road vehicles, factories involving robotics and many more. The use of automation has reduced the amount of labour input, electricity costs, costs of material involved and has improved the accuracy and precision of tasks.

Surely automation replacing humans has its downside. But in return, it has opened doors to developers involved in developing and controlling this technology. Numerous emerging industries are looking for skilled developers and technicians who can develop and improve these technologies. The scope for emerging automation developers is a lot, and pay packages across the world are also decent.

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Automation gained popularity amongst the fortune company owners because of its ability to reduce task time and labour input. It involves manufacturing devices and systems that operate automatically. Automation has been adapted by many industries, including airlines, cars and road vehicles, factories, network systems, etc. The four categories of automation are: -

  • Application-level macro recorders
  • Robotic process automation
  • Business process automation
  • Macro reader

A brief overview of tools and parts of automation technology that developers work on are mentioned below: -

  • Artificial neural networks: This technology is based on inspiration taken from biological neural networks. It involves the connection of units and nodes that receive signals just like that in a synapse. A signal is a real number, the output of which is computed by a nonlinear function. The connections receiving these signals are termed edges that are marked by a certain threshold.
  • Distributed control system: This involves a computerized control system with loops for systematic controlling of the plant. This DCS system involves a localized control system responsible for increasing stability and reducing installation costs with supervision and remote monitoring.
  • User interface: This industrial design involves human and computer interaction. The core goal of this interaction is an effective operation by the machine with human control at the other end. While the human is passing commands at one end, the machine carries out the decision-making process as per the command given. This user interface system design is based on the studies carried out in ergonomics and psychology.
  • Robotic process automation: This is a form of business process automation based on software robots and artificial intelligence technology. This is the advanced form of automation technology that involves the RPA system developing the action list by watching the users perform the tasks. This system allows data handling in and between multiple applications.
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition: The architecture of this control system involves computers, network data communication, and a graphical user interface for very high-level process supervision. The main purpose of using SCDA is to manage and supervise operations of project-driven processes in construction.
  • Programmable logic controller: This industrial computer is a custom personalized system for controlling manufacturing processes such as assembly lines, robot devices, machines, and many other activities. These plc devices can range from smaller modular devices to large rack-mounted devices, each designed to perform specific functions.

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Importance features of automation

Past decades have ensured an overall growth of the automation industry. This growth is exponential and is expected to reach US $153.83 billion by the year 2022. The growth is expected to stay the same in the future, and a rise in industries adapting to this technology. The few advantages of the automation technology are: -

  • Reduction in human labour cost and corresponding expenses.
  • Substantial increase in productivity.
  • Enhancement in the consistency of processes and products formed.
  • Delivery of high-quality products.

Automation has played a big role in solving a lot of industrial problems, such as those mentioned below: -

  • Globalization: The global market has seen an increase in the demand for quality products achieved by automation technology.
  • Productivity: The organization's productivity is increased, and production time is decreased with the use of automation technology.
  • Easy solution: With automation, the solution to several problems is easily derived, and in return, the businesses can function more efficiently.
  • Advanced features: The advanced features of certain products made available in the market today could not have been possible just with human involvement. With automation, this job could be done quite efficiently.

This exceptional productivity achieved by automation today has lured businesses and fortune company owners to invest in the upcoming technologies. The rigorous safety offered, immense control, the efficiency of the tasks has given the automation technology a superiority amongst all.

Roles and responsibilities of automation developers

Automation developers are the software developers whose job is designing and writing programs that will run tests on the existing software or the newly developed software involved in the said automation. The developers use automation frameworks to build the programs and run the test scripts involved in testing. The automation developer will need to specialize in specific automation technology for developing a specific kind of run. Few core responsibilities of these developers are:

  • The developers have to design and write the test automation scripts.
  • They will have to know how to use test automation frameworks.
  • A developer should be skilled in investigating the problems that occur in software as a result of testing.
  • A developer should know how to work in a team to smoothly work with QA analysts and software developers in finding solutions.

Skills Required

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Discipline and focus. 
  • Team working skills. 
  • Enthusiasm for continuous learning.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Automation Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure for Automation Developers

Automation developers that are at a beginner stage are paid decent salaries. In India, a level 2 automation developer is paid US $7,000 per year. A senior automation developer is paid US $15,000 per year while a lead automation developer is paid around US $25,000 per year. In the USA, the average annual salary of an automation developer is between US $60,000 to US $75,500. The USA is one of the few countries that pay an extremely high sum to skilled developers. The top developers are paid around US $114,000.

Freelancing and contractual basis work

Companies often do not directly employ service providers, and even many employees do not wish to be a permanent part of these companies. So, many work as freelancers and work with a company on a contractual basis. The advantage of this is that it provides flexibility and aids the developers in building their very own brand image in the market. You can also explore freelancing opportunities that will allow you to enjoy a steady stream of work and, at the same time, allow you the freedom to work at your own pace.

Automation Technology Certification

Today almost all the sectors are adopting the working approach involving automation technology. Companies want to keep themselves in the top market and remain as the dominant alphas, and for that, they are looking for the most productive approach to work. Automation is the reason for increased productivity and better yield.

Banks, big insurance companies, car manufacturing companies, beverage producing industries, entertainment sector, space sector, and many more sectors work on automation technology. These sectors are frequently hiring automation developers and even working with them on a contractual basis. This field is emerging and will only grow exponentially. The automation market is always going to be in demand in the future. So, people should give one thought to taking automation as their career.

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