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Hire Big Data Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Big Data Developer

Big data is the field that provides ways to analyze, segregate and interpret large chunks of data generated every day. The challenges in this field include visualizing, sharing, security of information and data sources. This tool can perform tasks that normal software is incapable of doing. The most important task of big data analytics is to work on unstructured data and provide accurate results. The set of techniques used in the integration and interpretation of data in big data analytics are a set of few v's: -

  • Volume: Big companies collect millions of data Every day. Collecting and interpreting this amount of data is not possible with normal software. Thus, to fill this gap comes big data analytics.
  • Velocity: When data collection is done, the part where quick processing of this data is to be carried out. Velocity is considered more important than volume because it gives a company a competitive edge over others. Big data is designed so that it is quickly able to integrate and interpret collected data and give results faster so that the company can make the most appropriate decisions earliest. 
  • Variety: With big data analytics, the company can collect data from various sources such as house devices, GPS technology, and others, depending on the nature of the task assigned. 
  • Value: The most important of all is the value. The abundant data that is collected is then used to form the businesses.

Important features of Big Data

Big data technology enables us to collect and store a heavy amount of data generated every day. Various national and multinational tech companies are coming up with positions for individuals skilled in handling the amount of data generated and stored virtually. A few essential features of big data technology are: -

  • Simplified result formats: This tech model deals with result-based processes. It enables us to make imperative decisions with the large amount of data collected. For example, researchers use this systematic virtual data storing tool to figure out proper and more accurate results of their research work. This enables them to generate quick and errorless reports.
  • Processing Raw data: The data modeling here enables displaying charts and graphs of the raw collected data. Big data analytics tools permit speedy data collection from sources such as text files, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, and other sources for further processing.
  • Identity Management or Prediction apps: This is one very essential feature of big data management tools. Identity Management or Prediction apps enable access to any hardware, software, and any other tool that stores data but to only certain users. This access is essential because it enables a few authenticated users to be informed about the system information and provides information security. It also helps protect from fraud.
  • Deceit Management: This system also offers varied fraud detection functionalities for fraud analytics. This is useful for businesses in planning only how to deal with the frauds and not prevent them. The two popular features here in big data used for fraud prevention are data encryption and single sign-on.
  • Technologies Support: Big data analytics tools provide support to several latest tools and technologies for several organizations. Hadoop is one open data source program in big data analytics that acts as a spine for various data analytics activities.

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Roles and responsibilities of a Big Data Developer

Tech companies and various other organizations are fending for big data developers that require skill sets to perform the task assigned. The future valuation of big data analytics tools may surpass a value of US $77.64 billion. With advancements in many domains where data collection is the most important task, such as the health care system-, small- and large-scale businesses, R&D industry, and many more, big data analytics tools will hold prime importance. Learning this skill set will generate several job opportunities. Some important skills essential to become a big data developer and that the companies are looking for in an individual is like that of a software developer, such as: -

  • The ability to design, build, install, support, and configure the Hadoop system along with back-end programming such as Java, Node.js, and OOAD. 
  • The ability to be able to write MapReduce jobs and analytical and problem-solving abilities. Apart from this descent, reliable and continuous code writing skills,
  • The ability to maintain data privacy and security and high-speed querying.
  • The ability to put forth design modifications and suggestions to process and create new products.
  • The ability to be able to collaborate with several engineers and architects.

Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Big Data Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure for Big Data Developers

The market for big data programming is growing very quickly across the globe. Recent studies show an overall increase of 6% in the salaries of big data developers across the world. The reported average salary of big data developers in Canada is around $81,877; in America, it is $125,013, and in Europe, it is $68,017. According to glassdoor.com, the salary in India is around $15,000. But trends show that the more the experience, the better the salary is, especially in a country like India. According to the trends depicted on edureka.com, the salary may also increase with the number of vacancies in a country.

Many countries report a dire need for big data developers, and it has become a thing that employers look for in the job profiles. This is mostly because of increasing users on various social media platforms and establishing new start-ups and research labs that generate more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. This gap can be filled with interested individuals willing to acquire the required skills and put in time and effort in return for a promising career in this field.

Freelancing and Contract-based work

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA, suggests that there will be a 12% increase in demand for big data developers before 2028. Many emerging IT companies, newly established hospitals require these developers to work for them, and many prefer freelance workers or work on a contractual basis. This makes it easier for the company and the big data expert in many ways. The Big data developers can put forth attractive proposals to these companies, set the prices themselves, and work for the time set within the contract. This also aids in creating a brand and establishing a market image.

Big Data Certification

Certification in Big data can bridge the gap between unemployed individuals and emerging new world job opportunities. Acquiring this skill can be a breakthrough in an individual's career. The rising job demands in big data are why the experts in this field are paid higher than many other job professions. Businesses and many other domains want to retain maximum data generated, so they do not miss out on anything important. There are a million reasons to acquire this current hot skill.

Experts believe that the IT market size will grow a lot more than what it is right now. Within a year, the job market for data analytics has bloomed like never, especially with the rise in E-commerce. Apart from this, several US businesses prioritize big data analytics and are actively planning to implement plans to create more vacancies.

In the US, the McKinsey Global Institute predicts that there will be a lack of 1.5 million managers and 190,000 data scientists who can properly understand Big Data and, in turn, make the most accurate decisions with it. With certification in big data analytics, doors to numerous job opportunities open. A few options that open are

  • Big Data Engineer 
  • Big Data Analytics Architect
  • Analytics and Business intelligence Consultant
  • Big Data Analytics Consultant
  • Analytics Associate

Apart from this, the film industry like Hollywood heavily uses big data analytics tools to predict film popularity and public interest. Companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, eBay, and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and many others use these data analytics tools and hire technicians with certification in this field to find out where the majority interest lies.

So, a huge demand for this field and a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.9% will be seen from 2020 to 2027 in big data analytics. This profession is much in demand, and experts with full knowledge and proper skills are set to enjoy a rewarding career.

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