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Hire Cassandra Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Cassandra Developer

Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database management system that has provided extremely high performance, linear scalability, and almost zero downtime process remotely and on-premises. It is free and open-source software (FOSS) which means that you can freely copy, study and even change the software as per your needs. With a distributed database and wide column store application system, you can access it from different locations and include as many tabular changes as you want. It has been designed to handle large amounts of data and boost high database performance, which is the need of the hour.

Big data is increasingly replacing the traditional database application software. Facebook originally developed Cassandra to power their inbox search software, but now it has taken over the NoSQL database. There has been a splurge of companies in the market with an explosion of data to handle; these open source softwares lure companies in to manage their database. According to the Tech jury survey, the big data analytics market is set to reach $103 billion by 2023. Data is considered the new gold, with Google searches soaring to new heights every day and unstructured data leading to poor economic growth; big data is the new trend that rules the digital age. This recent bloom and interest in big data have led to a spike in demand for Cassandra developers. Apache Cassandra has filled the massive skill gap that exists in the NoSQL industry. This is the right time to invest in Cassandra training as major brands and companies such as Apple, Black Rock, CERN, and Discord have incorporated Cassandra in their database management system and are willing to hire Cassandra developers to manage the systems.

Learn more about Cassandra

Cassandra has come up with 12 different versions of its software, and its scalability and tunable consistency have made it one of the most adopted NoSQL database management systems. Some of the developing technologies and monitoring tools that it uses are,

  • The Noodtool – Used to help manage a cluster, the noodtool unity is a command-line interface of Cassandra. It is directly run from an operational Cassandra node and supports some of the most important JMX metrics and operations. It is essential for administering commands when it comes to Casandra's administration. It is primarily used for viewing detailed metrics of the table, compaction statistics, and server metrics. Running repair and decommissioning a node are some of the commands that it includes. It is by default installed in the bin/directory.
  • The CQL shell – Cassandra by default provides a Cassandra language query shell that allows the users to help communicate with it. You can easily use the Cassandra Query Language using this shell. From executing a query to inserting data and defining a schema you can use the cqlsh for all these commands. It is installed in the bin/directory alongside the Cassandra executable by default. The CQL shell uses the Python native protocol driver and helps connect the single node specified in the command line.

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Important features of Apache Cassandra

There is a reason why Apache Cassandra is one of the favorite NoSQL database management systems, as it has some of the most advanced technological features. It offers high availability and no single point of failure. Its horizontal scalability and the massive amount of data it can handle have led many famous companies to adopt Cassandra.

  1. High scalability – Companies struggle to manage the massive amounts of data they receive, incurring heavy losses. The Apache Cassandra is highly scalable; it facilitates you to add more hardware. You can add more and more customers and manage large amounts of data with ease.
  2. Fault-Tolerant – With Cassandra, the companies don't have to fret about system disruption. In a cluster, each node has a copy of the same date. If one node stops working due to a system failure, the data will be saved by another node. It supports replication across multiple data centers. It has a zero downtime process, so the failed notes can be changed with no downtime.
  3. Distributed – In a cluster, there is no master as any node can perform any service. This means that data is distributed across clusters, and therefore, there will be no single point of failure.
  4. Quick writing – Cassandra was created to run on cheaper softwares. As a result of which it can store hundreds of terabytes of data without reducing reading efficiency.
  5. Query language – Cassandra is better than other relational databases because it has provided its users with a simple interface known as the Cassandra Query language that helps in accessing and communicating. It is an amazing alternative to the traditional SQL (Structured Query language)

Roles and responsibilities of Cassandra developers

Cassandra training opens up new and lucrative career job opportunities for your career. The worldwide spending on Big Data analytics solutions is expected to be worth over $274.3 billion in 2022. The competition is increasing by seconds, and companies need to innovate their marketing schemes constantly, and big data is the key to analyze their niche markets. Cassandra developers will resolve all these NoSQL database management systems and therefore are in much demand right now. Some of the key roles and responsibilities that a Cassandra developer must have been,

  • Well-versed with Apache Cassandra application – Companies are looking for experienced developers who have complete knowledge about the NoSQL database management system. The candidate should be able to design and develop the Cassandra applications.
  • Remote and on-site assistance – The Cassandra developers should be able to provide proper installment processes and be aware of the necessary upgrades.
  • Monitor and manage configuration – A complete knowledge of the Cassandra monitoring tools is important for this job profile. The candidate should be well aware of the tools to monitor Apache Cassandra. Some of these are Zabbix, Graphite and Grafana, Sematext, Dynatrace, Solarwinds server, and Application Monitor.
  • Strong background – Python, Java, and XML are some of the skills that will help you find the right company. The companies are looking for experienced and well-trained individuals.
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • The Cassandra developers should be able to work with Cassandra Query Language.
  • Infrastructural details and knowledge – The developers should be able to plan the Cassandra cluster.
  • Cassandra schema and Table design skills.
  • Java development
  • The developers should be able to collaborate with engineers and architects.

Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Cassandra Developers from across the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary structure

According to a VentureBeat article, the pay for specifically NoSQL jobs increased up to 3.3 % back in 2015. The average salary in the United States for Casandra developers can extend upto $108,000. In India, the pay scale for Cassandra developers majorly depends on the experiences. The salary for Cassandra professionals begins from 413,000 to 1,500,000, as stated by payscale.com.

Companies have started registering the need for big data analytics, and there is a complete lack of technological stack to fill in this vast gap. Therefore Cassandra has become integral for the various job profiles in the market.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work – Most of the companies require IT expertise for the beginning period. They need the services to upgrade or troubleshoot application-related problems. The Cassandra developers can work remotely and are also required to provide on-premise services. A lot of companies hire Cassandra developers on a contractual basis. You can set attractive rates for providing these services on a contractual basis. You can also work with multiple companies and build your brand image. There is a lot of work available in the market, especially on a contractual basis.

Cassandra Certification

As qualified young individuals struggle to find jobs, choosing to obtain a Cassandra certification can be the turning point for your career. The companies are increasingly demanding Cassandra as a core skill.

The booming job market for NoSQL professionals is the main reason for this spike. A recent study in the Dice salary report suggests that the compensation for NoSQL professionals is about $ 114,796. These numbers are expected to increase exponentially given the market boom and the increasing urgency of collecting big data.

It is extremely rewarding for young java developers to get a Cassandra certification because it has been flourishing in some of the most promising market sectors. Companies across the world such as Netflix, IBM, Twitter, and Walmart are adopting Cassandra. From the IT sector to communications and Social media, you can find different sectors increasingly inkling towards the importance of Cassandra to expand their technological capacities.

Tunable consistency, Map-reduce support, and fault-tolerant are some of its features that make it different from other relational databases. It has completely outrun its competitors such as Hbase and Redis. Its high quality features and high scalability has made it number one in the market, and therefore much in demand.

Companies are increasingly shifting from relational to NoSQL. With multiple data centers and availability zones which RDBMS fails to provide, almost all the companies are shifting towards NoSQL. Companies like eBay and Adobe have adopted Cassandra out of their needs as their users and data have outgrown the capacity of RDBMS.

Big data is the real gold digger in today's times. According to Forbes magazine, the job listings for data science and analytics are likely to reach around 2.7 million by 2020. So, this is the ripe time to invest in this technological training as it will immediately boost job opportunities for you and open new avenues in front of you.

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