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Cordova Developers

Hire Cordova Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Cordova Developers

Apache Cordova, earlier known by the name PhoneGap, is one of the earliest mobile application development frameworks created by Nitobi. Apache Cordova helps software programmers build different types of web applications for mobile devices using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code, which also depends on the device's platform. There are different features of Apache Cordova to make it easy to work with the device. Cordova is system software that is open-source and enables people to use different standardized web technologies, making it easy for the users and the developers to use it easily.

Different companies use Cordova and also know the pros and cons of using Cordova. You can also create your own and first Cordova hybrid app with the use of Cordova CLI. Cordova helps you in managing different applications on different platforms, Cordova applications as well as Cordova plugin integration. You can use Cordova when you want to extend an application across more than one platform without making any changes to it. Several components come together to make a Cordova. Therefore, Cordova is a platform used by users and developers when they wish to build mobile applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Cordova is system software that is easy to use as compared to the other types of system software. The use of Cordova is basic because it includes HTML as the main component, which is easy to learn once you understand its functioning. When the web applications do not allow you to use the native functionalities of mobile by default, that is when Cordova comes into the picture. Given below are the components that combine and enable us to use Cordova:

  • Web View: This is one of the aspects which provides the applications with the entire user interface. It is a component that comes with a larger hybrid application that also mixes the WebView with the help of different native application components.
  • Web App: This is one of the most important parts when the application code resides and is implemented as a web page, by default a local file named index.html. Other resources are compulsory for the application to run easily. This provides the users with the appropriate information about the app and how some parameters affect its functionality.
  • Plugins: This is one of the most integral parts of the ecosystem of Cordova. They are the native components used to communicate with each other, and some bindings are known to be there to the standard device APIs. This component helps you to invoke the code from JavaScript. These plugins are especially important as they enable you to access the device's capability, such as a battery, camera, contacts, etc.

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Important features of Cordova

There is always a reason why some of the software is commonly used by users and developers. The answer to this question is the features that the software offers to the users. It offers the users some of the best features so that there are no issues while using Cordova:

  • Command Line Interface: The Cordova tool is used to start the projects, processes built for different platforms, and installing plugins and other useful things that make the development process much easier to use.
  • Core Components of Cordova: Cordova has a set of certain core components needed by every mobile application. It is used to create the base of the app so that the users can spend more time implementing their logic.
  • Cordova Plugins: Cordova is known to provide API, which will be used for implementing different mobile functions to the JavaScript App.
  • One Platform: Cordova offers you only one platform used for building hybrid mobile applications so that the users and the developers can develop one app that can be used on different mobile platforms.

Roles and responsibilities of Cordova Developers

Once you get hired as a Cordova developer, there are different responsibilities that you must fulfil once you start working in the organization as Cordova developers. The employees are responsible for fulfilling the responsibilities that are associated with the job role of Cordova developers. They should make sure that they are well-equipped with the knowledge required to start working in the company as Cordova developers. Listed below are some of the responsibilities that are associated with the job role of Cordova developers:

  • Developers should have complete and accurate knowledge about the programming of different applications used by users and developers.
  • Developers should have the IT skills required to solve the issues faced by them or even by their team members.
  • Developers should make sure that they have complete knowledge about HTML as it is basic when working with Cordova.
  • Developers should be able to create different applications on a single platform with the use of Cordova.
  • Developers should have excellent communication skills when communicating with the users or even with the team members.
  • Once hired as Cordova Developers, individuals should make sure that they do not fulfil the responsibilities.

Skills Required

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Essential IT skills
  • Professional analytical skills
  • Detailed research skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Cordava Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure of Cordova Developers

Once the candidates are hired as Cordova Developers, the candidates' salary keeps changing based on certain factors such as their work experience in the company, promotion, allowances, benefits, and other factors that determine the salaries of the Cordova Developers. The salary is paid according to the work experience that they have in the field of Cordova. The basic salary for Cordova Developers is US $93,830 and then changes accordingly with the change in their work and work experience.

The basic salary for the candidates working in India as Cordova Developers is US $12,000. They are given promotion once they complete a few years in the company, and the candidates' salary is increased accordingly. Therefore, the candidates should make sure that they work in the company very efficiently to improve their chances of getting a promotion and enjoy the other benefits and allowances provided by the company.

Freelance and Contractual Basis Work

Developers with excellent knowledge and skills in Cordova can explore the freelancing and contract work opportunities available in the market. An increasing number of companies are offering projects for qualified freelancers and are paying a handsome remuneration for the same. Suppose you have the desired knowledge and expertise. In that case, you can enjoy a steady flow of work that offers you attractive remuneration and allows the freedom to work at your convenience.

Cordova Developer Certification

Different training courses have come up for the candidates who wish to pursue their career in the field of Cordova. There are also career opportunities for your career once you get a certificate course done in Cordova. Many individuals are currently trying their hardest to find a job since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us. Few companies are hiring candidates who have completed their certification in Cordova.

The companies are currently specializing in different mobile applications development, which needs the hardcore skills of a Cordova Developer, and having a certificate course in Cordova will benefit you in getting hired in the company. You get to learn and understand the different features of Cordova with its uses when you use Cordova as software to develop mobile applications. Why wait for the right time when you can easily get a certification course done in Cordova!

Once you complete the certificate course in Cordova, it becomes easy for you to apply to the companies currently hiring Cordova Developers. The companies' basic requirement is that the candidate should have complete and accurate knowledge about Cordova and how to use it to work efficiently in the company.

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