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Data Warehousing Developers

Hire Data Warehousing Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


We have seen exponential growth in Big data and data science in the last decade. Data has become the new oil for almost every enterprise and organization. We produce a massive amount of data through the applications we use and the data we store as and when required. According to a report, we create around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Due to this enormous increase in data, we need someone who knows how to manage it. Therefore, hiring data warehousing developers becomes necessary for handling vast volumes of data in large enterprises, businesses, and firms. Let us now understand what data warehousing is

What is Data Warehousing?

We can define data warehousing as a process that determines the collection and management of data from different sources to cultivate meaningful business insights. This secure electronic storage of data is taken care of by enterprises and firms. Using data warehousing, data analysts and developers can create a store of past data for retrieving and analyzing them for efficient organizational operations. Organizations collect such data from various heterogeneous sources. Such data acts as the core of the business intelligence system and allows analyzing and reporting accurate insights from data.

Data warehousing came into existence in the 1980s. It is the aggregation of data at its core. It also includes technologies that help extract meaningful data and other digital components that aid in strategic data use. Large companies generate and store a tremendous amount of data through their business, which requires query and analysis rather than transaction processing. That is why enterprises need to hire data warehousing developers to monitor data loads, create and develop data models, etc.

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Types of Data Warehouse

Analyzing the data from the warehouse, enterprises can comprehend their customers more holistically. Based on the support and insight, warehouse data leverage, we categorize data warehousing into three major types.

  •  Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW): These are centralized data warehousing that renders decision-making services across the enterprise. A unified approach is being followed throughout the process to organize, represent, and extract insight from data.
  • Operational Data Store (ODS): It is another dynamic form of data storage. It fetches the updated data most frequently in real-time. Enterprises use this in routine activities like storing employee records.
  • Data Mart: It is a sub-unit of data warehouses designed for businesses related to finance, sales, etc. Enterprises create independent data marts for various departments to collect data individually and analyze them for business insight.

Responsibilities of Data Warehouse Developers

Before anyone hires data warehouse developers, make sure the developer has immense knowledge of data structures, data modeling, programming, BI techniques, SQL, analysis, and reporting techniques. Data warehouse developers are responsible for handling and delivering processed data for better insight. Here are some of the essential responsibilities required for a data warehouse developer:

  • Create and develop data models
  • Monitoring data and tuning data-loads
  • Provide strategies for all ETL (Extract, Transformation, and Load) architectures and procedures
  • Provide support for SDLC (Software Development Life cycle) and stages from where we can extract data
  • Validating results for creating reports and insights
  • Provide efficient code and guarantee proper implementation of the code for extracting meaningful data
  • Monitor data warehouse activities and administer all required designs for different functional specifications on data
  • Evaluate the code to make sure the project has the appropriate quality for deliverables

Development Technologies

When you want to hire data warehousing developers, make sure they have profound analytical, technical, and communication skills. It is also essential that data warehousing developers possess hands-on experience with data analysis, business intelligence, and structured query language. Hire a data warehousing developer only if they are proficient in creating data models, writing codes to extract meaningful data, and proactive in research solutions. Here is a list of the technical skills that every company demands and sees:

1. Handling ETL tools

  • Data warehousing developers should know how to design specification documents that provide data for implementing business logic.
  • They should be familiar with developing multiple POCs for justifying the genuineness of the ETL solution.
  • Companies may also ask the developer to modify delivered ETL depending on the functional requirements.
  • They must know how to develop end-to-end ETL process documents.
  • They must be proficient in implementing and improving documentation as well as enhance the performance of T-SQL scripts.
  • The developer should know about building both SQL Server & Oracle ETL processing required for the data warehouse (implementing SSIS, Oracle scheduler, SSRS).

2. Hadoop:

It is an open-source framework that leverages distributed processing of large data sets over groups of computer systems. It aids in handling large sets of data where the applications run on commodity hardware. Developers should know -

  • How to design and develop programs for data integration within a Hadoop environment for both structured and unstructured data
  • Translating technical and operational requirements into a functional program that runs on Hadoop MapReduce or Apache Spark
  • How to develop process frameworks for migrating to Hadoop systems and maintain sub-component system integrity

3. Understanding the data warehousing concepts: 

Data warehousing developers should know –

  • Installation, development, and maintenance of different applications expected for business intelligence products, data warehousing techniques, and generating reports
  • Identifying key performance indicators & methods required for operational and strategic planning
  • How to design and develop applications that can help in monitoring the data integrity loaded from enterprise databases
  • How to create programs that can take customer relational data in data warehouse
  • Investigating the performance and contribute to increasing the performance of an existing data warehouse system

4. Sound knowledge of data analysis: 

Data analysis plays a significant role in data warehousing. Therefore, if you want to hire data warehousing developers, make sure they possess these data analysis skills, such as:

  • Cleaning up data with the help of Eclipse software development toolkit
  • Perform advanced analysis to validate the integrity of data
  • Assist in analyzing and managing metadata
  • Use programming, such as Python, with appropriate libraries to maintain large data sets
  • Create stored procedures for batch processing
  • Develop programs for visualizing data
  • Basic data handling operations like finding the mean, median, mode, distribution, the standard deviation in data, etc.

Development Industries that Hire Data Warehousing developers

In 2018, the data warehousing market crossed 13 billion USD globally. According to some recent forecasts, the data warehouse development industry will grow over 12 percent between 2019 and 2025. Some enterprises and organizations like Unifrax, Amazon, Accenture, Netflix, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Flipkart, etc., are extensively hiring data warehousing developers.

Exclusive Requirements

Hard skills

A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, IT, Data Science, Statistics, Mathematics, or equivalent with the following is preferable:

  • Experience in ETL, BI application development in Microsoft Technologies SSAS, data warehousing application handling
  • Proficient in writing MS SQL queries, programs for SQL Server, C#.NET / VB.Net / ASP.NET
  • Developing and maintaining the Unifrax data warehouse environment using Microsoft SQL Server and Data Vault
  • Optimize the data warehouse environment's performance
  • Experience with BI tools like Qlik, Power BI, Tableau, MS. Excel, etc.
  • Understanding of relational and multi-dimensional data modeling
  • Defining and executing test cases as part of the developer Quality Assurance team
  • Monitoring production environment to notice the accuracy & performance of the data warehousing system
  • Provide distinct complexity estimations
  • Sound understanding of data sharing using Snowflake is also preferable in some companies
  • Familiarity with ETL Tools like Stream sets, Informatica, etc., is preferable
  • Enthusiasm for data-driven decision-making skills
  • Proficiency in tools like Apache Kafka, R-Hadoop, Apache Spark, with a proper understanding of agile and Scrum is also preferred

Soft Skills

  • The candidate should know how to work as a team
  • The candidate should have proper communication skills
  • The mindset should be problem-solving with decent work ethics
  • Strong interpersonal & leadership skills
  • Time management and adaptability are two plus points if a candidate can possess
  • Ability to work in culturally diverse and cross-functional teams across business units
  • Constructive feedback and friendliness will also benefit the work environment
  • Ability to prioritize assignments and focus on completing the task


Successful delivery and processing of business intelligence information have become a significant operation for enterprises. Data warehouse developers design the data models (both physical and logical) to extract meaningful insight that helps a firm understand its customers, forecast its business requirements, and obtain other valuable insights.

The need for data warehouse developers is in demand and is growing at a rapid pace. Hence, hiring the best data warehouse developer is critical for an enterprise. Skuad’s solution is a tech-enriched HR platform that renders service for discovering and hiring talents and removes the hassle to create entities, manage taxes, local laws, etc. while hiring new employees.

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