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Hire Delphi Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Delphi Developers

Delphi is the program used by developers to build rapid and active applications for mobile, web, and consoles. It has inbuilt compilers that generate native code for different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. In addition, Delphi is an integrated development environment (IDE), which means that the developers will get every tool and program required to build a complete application within the same platform. 

Delphi developers are skilled in SQL, .NET, OOP, FastReport, DevExpress, and a few other technologies. So, when you want to hire Delphi developers, their understanding and experience in these technologies are essential to consider. Delphi developers design, develop, debug, and deploy the application. It is a tool used for maintaining adept code quality, collaborating with the help of version control systems like Subversion and Git. 

As an IDE, Delphi can be extended to include a wide range of additional tools and platforms for a better development experience. It can connect with various cloud services, build IoT-enabled components, and use the Embarcadero technology partners to improve the development experience and process further. 

To hire Delphi developers, you need to consider their technical acumen, ability to upskill, reskill, and share their expertise with the team. Along with this, you also need to find the right person for the job, and there are salary negotiations. All these aspects will take time and resources. However, when you work with Skuad, your only task is to make a list of requirements and the qualities you want in your potential candidate. We will help you find, verify, and hire the right person for the job. 

Skuad’s onboarding process and the team consists of a motivated bunch of people and practices. We will help you expand your team of Delphi developers and ensure that your organization moves forward with the perfect team.

Delphi Developers Development Technologies

Object Pascal

Delphi is based on Object Pascal, which is an extension of the Pascal programming language. Object Pascal extends Pascal to give its features like Classes and Methods. Since Delphi is an IDE, it has inbuilt systems to compile the Object Pascal code via native compilers into Windows, macOS, and other operating systems programs. Object Pascal is type-safe and provides advantages in terms of syntax and compatibility. 

Out of many reasons for using Object Pascal on Delphi, one of them is Object-Oriented Programming. From methods to classes, interfaces, generics, etc., the scripting elements are modeled within the development environment. Moreover, it is a modular programming language, which means that there are packages in Pascal called units. 

Code Insight

Code Insight is Delphi’s code editor and facilitates features like code completion, parameter completion, hints, expressing, tooltip insight, etc. All these features are useful for a developer as they help write clean and precise code for the application being developed. It also shows tips for expressions and symbols that can be used in coding. 

Visual Component Library

Delphi is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) ecosystem that helps build native applications faster and with ease. In this, the Visual Component Library (VCL) plays an important role as it contains a great range of visual and non-visual controls and components. In addition, the Delphi environment also facilitates a wide range of routines and classes within its Run-Time Library or RTL helping with providing the common functionality required in the application development. 

Among other things, using the VCL is vital to developing efficient applications for any platform desired. The VCL provides a standard set of components required to build the controls of the UI framework for Windows and other platforms. Things like buttons, menus, etc., are readily available for the developers, extending their ability to build and create better applications. 


FireMonkey in Delphi helps create true native applications for multiple devices with speed and efficiency. As a framework, it helps build script-free and true native applications that can leverage the full capabilities of the underlying devices. As a result, the developers won’t have to build separate code scripts for the application and match it with every device. 

While developing on Delphi, the developers can also leverage FireMonkey’s ability to connect with popular databases and bring flexibility into the development aspects.


DevExpress is another integral part of the Delphi IDE, and it provides VCL components for Delphi plus applications built on C++. The developers get access to components for creating elegant user experiences and deliver high-impact business solutions customizable according to the project requirements. 

DevExpress delivers easy-to-use business solutions that can replicate the look and feel of immersive applications. Its server-side processing capabilities make working with Delphi faster and more efficient. 

To hire Delphi developers, you should know about all the components and technologies associated with this technology. It helps while conducting the interviews and for selecting the right candidate. Choosing the right developer is crucial to your business success, and making a wrong choice can hurt your progress.

When you choose Skuad, you will get expert advice on recruiting the perfect Delphi developer for your organization. We begin by understanding your company, its culture, and your requirements, plus expectations from the potential member of your team. 

Our processes are customized according to your requirements. We have expert technical experts who understand the Delphi developers and follow the technology’s evolution closely. And we use our understanding of the language and technology to help you hire the top talent in the industry.


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Delphi Developers Development Industries

As an IDE that allows building fast, performant, and efficient applications, Delphi is adopted by many companies to build their applications. Delphi experts have a sound understanding of the specific requirements about specifications and qualities of the applications that will work well in the respective domain. 

1. Logistics and Transportation

With multiple platforms working together, logistics organizations can depend on Delphi to help them create fast-performing applications. For example, LogistiCare is an Atlanta-based logistics company, which utilizes Delphi for building fast running systems to manage their operations. 

2. Startups

Startups and budding companies work with Delphi as it is a cost-effective solution compared to other native application development technologies and frameworks. Delphi lets them build applications for all platforms when they have to write the code only once and compile it on different platforms with complete nativity. Examples include QIWI, Barogo, etc. 

3. Telecommunication

Did you know that Skype is written in Delphi? Skype’s Windows client is written in Delphi, and it has become one of the most popular platforms for online messaging, video conferencing, and calling.

4. Computer Software

WinRAR, the file extraction software, is also written and maintained with Delphi. This shows the versatility of Delphi and how this IDE can wear different hats to help developers build the applications for all platforms and operating systems. 

Delphi is an expanding technology, and with every new version, it provides access to better development environments and systems. Therefore, when you want to hire Delphi developers, it is imperative to look for technical expertise and problem-solving skills in the potential candidate. But, you should also hire Delphi developers that have something more to offer. 

Almost every Delphi developer can learn SQL and become better at algorithmic skills with time. Along with this, Skuad recommends companies pay equal attention to the candidate’s ability to learn, their interpersonal skills, and other soft skills. You want a complete package of qualities and abilities in your next Delphi developer; we can help you with that. 

Skuad works to empower your organization and help you build the most effective and intelligent workforce. Along with helping you hire people, Skuad can also take care of onboarding and employee management. 

Delphi Developers Hard Skills Requirements

  • Innovate and design responsive UI layouts for the applications. 
  • Can improve the current application architecture while suggesting design and systematic changes to improve the performance. 
  • Experienced in using Delphi and its associated platforms plus frameworks. 
  • Working knowledge and experience of object-oriented designing and analysis. 
  • Has experience in debugging the application and conducting unit testing within the Delphi environment. 
  • Can think creatively to solve the application logic and implementation challenges. 
  • Experience of Delphi RAD Studio. 
  • Demonstrable skills of working with Windows Server and SQL Reporting. 
  • Can work with C#, .NET, Code Insight, DevExpress, and Interbase.
  • Work in collaboration with the QA and business analysts to formulate the best outcome for the application. 
  • Can apply the required algorithmic skills and build the perfect codebase for the applications. 
  • Working experience of HTML, CSS, and JSS. 

Soft Skills Required for Delphi Developers

  • Take a mentorship role to encourage and train the junior developers. 
  • Show the enthusiasm to be a part of the team and participate in discussions. 
  • Bring new ideas to the table for creating a better product. 
  • Has good interpersonal and communication skills. 
  • Can interact with clients, stakeholders, and other teams. 
  • Helps with creating the perfect documentation associated with the project. 
  • Can work independently and with a team according to the project requirements. 

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