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Hire Design Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hiring a Design developer

A design developer is competent to manage both visual-oriented design details and the technical aspects of front-end development with ease. The fundamental skills required are expertise in visual design and scripting codes.

Design developers are in high demand in almost all industry verticals. They are required in information technology (IT) consultancies, software firms, and web design companies. This role is one of the most sought-after and attracts the attention of organizations across the globe. To a large extent, opportunities for employment as a design developer are endless. Design developers are highly qualified and are employed in both full-time and freelance positions.

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Roles and Responsibilities

The foremost responsibility of a design developer is to create the most appropriate design, layout, and coding of a website. These professionals also tend to the technical, graphics, and aesthetic aspects of a website. They concentrate on the performance, appearance, and graphic user interface (GUI) of the website.

Design developers can be tasked to monitor, maintain, and update websites. Once the target audience for the website is established, a design developer must execute several tasks in the process of identifying the type of content the website will host. These include:

  • Scripting the programming code, either from the ground up or by utilizing the existing website software and graphics packages to meet the business needs. 
  • Conducting appropriate tests on the website, identifying the technical glitches, and resolving them. 
  • Uploading the website onto a server and completing the process of registration with different search engines.
  • Drive multiple products from conception through to production, working closely with project managers, engineers, marketing, and product integrity teams to do so
  •  Create, invent, and design excellent toy products against marketing strategy
  • Adapt to new trends and technologies within the field of toy development
  •  Generate and present new product concepts regularly and be able to respond positively to feedback from peers
  • Create and drive the creation of materials such as sketches, models, renderings, and 3D files to communicate concepts
  •  Manage art, design, and electronic assets through to production
  •  Build product specifications for new products
  • Maintain expert and up to date knowledge within the core toy categories, understanding the latest trends for children
  •  Work closely and build relationships with internal and external team members
  • Complete the development of design projects on time with the necessary documentation
  • Scripting bug-free code for different web-applications
  •  Coding practices are evolving rapidly; hence to stay on top, it is compulsory to assimilate them at a rapid pace to maintain the pace with evolving technologies.
  •  A well-crafted strategy to update, maintain existing web applications for every new version release must be created and updated regularly
  • It is compulsory to Update and maintain existing web applications for every new version release
  •  It is essential to work across multiple e-commerce platforms,     Write reusable code for various business functionalities
  • Create appropriate database schemas to support the business processes
  • Work efficiently on multiple projects under tight deadlines
  •  Create checklist and guidelines for application development 
  • Monitor site performance, 24/7, to identify and modify areas that need improvement.
  • Design, analyze, and implement change requests to ensure the complaisance
  • Evolve a mechanism for self-monitoring.
  • Should be self-motivated and be prepared to face any challenge.
  • invite and implement practical suggestions to improve SDLC

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Required Expertise

Hard Skills

Adobe Photoshop and illustrator

  • Should have compulsorily acquired the requisite expertise in interpreting the website and product mockups and wireframes that are in regular intervals, received from the designers.

  • Must be capable of translating the design into operational code.

  • Possess a deep understanding of the layers, recognizing and reading the dimensions.

  • Should be intuitive enough to splash various colors.

Expertise in HTML

The candidate should be an expert in HTML and must be competent enough to:

  • Create an HTML file from the beginning

  • Experience enough to utilize the available HTML boilerplate templates

  • Necessarily be conversant with industry naming conventions

  • Must possess adequate knowledge of incorporating the latest HTML5 tags

Must possess adequate knowledge of CSS

  • Create an apt environment that is capable of supporting the creation of layers from scratch.

  • Manipulation of styles and layers

Working knowledge of network communication

A designer must have a complete understanding of how servers and databases communicate to gain an understanding of the method of communication between the database and the server for placing the HTML, CSS files on the internet. It is the sole responsibility of the designer to ensure that the website is fully functional. Create suitable configurations after the website is operational.

Creating media queries

Developers must create media queries for standard device sizes. For the website to be responsive, developers translate a static website into a responsive one. It is compulsory to adhere to industry standards for naming syntax. The website must always be up to date, hence developers must configure methods for periodically updating the website.

Front-end framework

Bootstrap and UIKit are two prominent frameworks.

  • Bootstrap

  • UIKit

Word press

  • Install WordPress

  • Gain a complete understanding of WordPress architecture

  • Create, modify pages, posts and menus Create a child theme

  • Add useful plugging

  • Test for bug

Soft Skills

Design developers should possess the following soft skills:

  • Creativity
  • Good communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Management skills
  • Adaptability
  • Lateral thinking
  • Problem-solving

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  • A three year Bachelor’s degree in Computer, IT or similar field
  • Minimum 3 years of experience as software, application, or a design developer
  • Documented experience in developing web applications using any application software.
  • A strong knowledge and expertise in PHP and OOPS concepts
  • Compulsorily should be an expert in MVC architecture and frameworks Send, CakePHP
  • Through knowledge in e-commerce shop systems viz. Magneto, Virtuemart, Ubercart, Oscommerce, Zencart, etc.
  • Must possess deep knowledge in CMS frameworks like Joule, Drupe, and must be able to showcase the current industry technology, tools, and trends.
  • A minimum of five years of verifiable experience in JavaScript and libraries like Query in AJAX, JSON, MySQL 5 database in terms of designing a database, writing queries. Must be in a position to display high levels of competence optimizing technique Well versed in HTML/XHTML, CSS.

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A professional degree or higher degree holders attract higher pay. A full-time, expert professional can earn £28,000.00-£30,000.00 per year; however, salary varies based on:

a. Qualification

b. Years of experience

c. Location

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