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Digitalocean Developers

Hire Digitalocean Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


Digitalocean is an American cloud hosting provider that provides developer cloud services to various business entities so that they can deploy and scale applications that run parallel on multiple computers.

Headquartered in New York City and various data centers across the globe make sure to provide seamless cloud services to its users. In January 2018, digitalocean was declared the third largest cloud hosting company in web-facing computers worldwide. Along with providing world-class cloud services, digitalocean also runs a month-long celebration between October 1st and 31st, with GitHub and Twilio called Hacktoberfest. Though its formation began long back in 2003, it came into existence on June 24, 2011.

In 2013, Dgitalocean became one of the first few cloud-hosting companies to offer SSD-based virtual machines. From 2013 to 2016, digitalocean saw rapid growth in its customers, leading to the opening of various data centers all across the world, including Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Toronto, Frankfurt, and Bangalore. Recently, on March 24, 2021, digitalocean was converted into a public traded company with an initial price of USD 47 per share. Developers love digitalocean because of its remarkable performance; therefore, companies always hire digitalocean developers who can bring the best results for their organization. 

Tools and Technologies of Digitalocean

Community tools

The community tools are specially built for modern-day developers to ease out the process and to improve productivity. These tools help developers to build and work on digitalocean. So, let us dive in and have a brief look at all the tools.

1. do-ansible-inventory

It is a tool that generates ansible inventory files with digitalocean droplets. It is also known as an alternative to dynamic inventories.

2. do-ssh-alias

The droplets are generated based on their hostnames using the do-ssh-alias tool. 

3. Kubectl-doweb

Kubectl-doweb allows the opening of digitalocean in the web browser.

4. do-disposable

Do-disposable is a tool that allows you to create a disposable droplet from the command line.

5. Daily digitalocean backups- snapshooter

In order to protect your volumes against data loss, digitalocean takes regular and frequent backups.

6. Wodby

Wodby is simply an application management platform that connects your digitalocean account and git repository.

7. Cloudways

Cloudways is the easiest way to monitor, manage, deploy, and scale web apps to provide 24/7 support.

8. Buddy- One-click delivery automation for web developers

Buddy allows you to build, deploy, and test various applications and websites on a single push.

9. Serverpilot

Serverpilot is the best way to process wordpress and PHP files on digitalocean.

10. Digitalocean daily backups- weap.io

Using this tool, one can take hourly or daily backups simply and flexibly in order to keep the volumes safe and secure.

11. Digitalocean toolbox

An extension to web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome to manage all your droplets.

12. Moss

Moss helps to monitor and manage your droplets easily and securely.

13. Database labs postgreSQL

Responsible for handling activities like daily backups, security, monitoring, server upgrades, system administration, etc.

14. Snowflake SSH client

Responsible for the easy management of Linux server built-in GUI tools

15. Automate digitalocean droplet, database & snapshot backups - simplebackups

Daily and hourly backups of server files

16. Python-digitalocean

Python is responsible for managing digitaloncea.com droplets.

17. API v2 client in PHP

It is a PHP library for version 2 in digitalocean.

18. Cloud 66

Cloud 66 is responsible for production services on your servers or clouds.

19. API client in java

Digitalocean API is written in the Java programming language.

20. Swimmer

Swimmer is an open source, full-featured digitalocean client.

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Role and Responsibilities of Digitalocean Developers

The following are the responsibilities that digitalocean developers have to follow: 

  • Responsible for managing various inbound leads from different marketing sources.
  • Replying to multiple outbound emails and prospect calls to identify targeted leads.
  • Detecting and eliminating Linux issues, applications, and application stacks.
  • Contributing exceptional support for several growing products such as droplets, block storage, load balancers, and spaces.
  • Working in a team of experts collaboratively and sometimes independently too.
  • Providing valuable customer services to already existing clients and inbound queries.
  • Responsible for documenting and tracking activities. 
  • Responsible for detecting and troubleshooting technical issues.
  • Providing valuable feedback

Required Expertise

Hard Skills

 The following skills help digitalocean developers to enhance their productivity:

  • Should have hands-on experience of working as a digitalocean developer
  • Well-versed with programming languages such as C++, C, Java, PHP, Python, and more
  • A solid understanding of everything related to web, cloud, and development operations
  • Ability to build fully automated cloud solutions on AWS, digitalocean, or setups like Linux
  • Ability to prioritize things flawlessly according to the demand of time
  • Well familiar with technologies such as AWS, GCP, AZURE, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Digitalocean, and Docker
  • A basic understanding of Node JS will give you an upper hand in the organization.
  • Responsible for mentoring the new talents in the team or the workplace

Soft Skills

The presence of these skills makes the developer more appropriate for any organization.

  • Both verbal and non-verbal skills are incredibly crucial for developers to work within the organization.
  • Collaborating with other developers and engineers in an organization is a part of work-life. Therefore team spirit is a must-have skill.
  • IT is a changing atmosphere; therefore, the eagerness to learn and adapt to the changes is an essential skill that takes the developers to the top.
  • The ability to detect brainstorming problems and find creative solutions to solve them makes you a renowned developer.
  • A can-do mentality is always a positive point for the organization as it motivates developers to find solutions even in the most challenging phases.
  • By taking ownership of the work and accepting the mistakes, if there are any, it helps the developer to grow professionally and personally.
  • The ability to think critically and in an organized way sets you apart in the organization.
  • The ability to understand others' perspectives and be open to listening to their opinions increases productivity.
  • With the evolving technologies, the ability to evolve and change with time is a must.
  • What makes a great developer is a passion that encourages them to create and develop out-of-box solutions.
  • The ability to identify and resolve issues in no time.


  • A solid experience of working as a digitalocean developer
  • A quick understanding of various programming languages
  • Contributing to the developing team with the best service.
  • Daily monitoring of issues and resolving if there are any
  • Tremendous capacity to lead the team
  • Excellent communication and writing skills to carry out the conversations
  • Capable of overcoming challenges without hampering productivity
  • Successful track record of providing technical support in the organization when required
  • Bachelors or/and masters degree in computer engineering or any relevant course
  • Ability to work independently and in a team too

Salary Structure

Salary for digitalocean developers is determined by various factors such as the individual's job title, location, company, and year of experience. As per the market research, an average salary of a digitalocean developer runs between USD 118,768 to USD 126,063 per annum. The top earners can earn upto USD 246,686 per annum, whereas as a fresher, one can expect to earn USD 52,550 per annum. 

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Digitalocean Developer Certification

Getting certified as a digitalocean developer has numerous benefits that help developers grow professionally and excel in their expertise. Being in IT is a matter of pride and responsibilities at the same time. In order to avoid errors and disciplinaries in the workplace that may cause a plethora of issues in the existing system, it's always better to get certified before stepping into the real world. It not only provides confidence but motivates me to do exceptionally well in the respective domain. Also, companies love to hire digitalocean developers who have qualified for a certification test as it showcases their potential. It is self-evident that certification gives you technological superiority and enables you to get employment quickly compared to non-certified developers.

We at Skuad act as your local HR as we provide the overall support required to find skilled and certified developers from all around the globe. No matter whether you are looking for freelancers or work-time developers, we are here to fulfill all your hiring requirements.

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Key Takeaways

  • Digitalocean is a leading infrastructure in the United States of America.
  • It is a cloud hosting service provider with its headquarters in New York City.
  • It offers cloud computing services to various big and small business entities.
  • The tools of digitalocean are specially built for modern-day developers to speed their work process without hampering the quality.
  • The significant advantage of digitalocean is that it supports multiple servers using the same account.

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Industry Expertise

Skuad is a platform where we cater to various sectors such as edutech, fintech, travel, retail, logistics and transport, e-commerce and retail, banking, and much more. So, if you are looking to hire digitalocean developers, get in today with our experts and fulfill your hiring requirements with a skilled and certified team of professionals from all around the world. No matter what your demand is, we have got everything covered for you all!

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