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Hire Django Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Django developers

Django is a Python-based web application framework with a plethora of modules to make the development process faster, easier, and effective. Django is a complete solution for businesses looking to create scalable and performant web applications in less time and money.

As you hire Django developers for your organization to work on the in-house products or client projects, it is essential to look at the qualities and abilities of the person. A developer works to create the applications built on Django and ensure that they are fast, scalable, extensible, and secure. In that capacity, the person you wish to hire must possess the required knowledge and experience working with the associated systems.

The Python-Django combination is considered one of the best duos to build high-performance web applications. Since it is a high-performance framework, you need developers who have a pragmatic approach to building the most effective solutions to all the development aspects. A Django developer needs to understand the utility of the modules integrated into the framework and use them effectively to generate the best results.

Since Django is a complete solution, it will need people who understand these aspects, mainly the relationship between the servers and users, to build systems aligning them. Furthermore, Python’s dynamism reflects in Django. Hence, the Django developers need to understand the core tenets of working with the programming language. For the front-end operations, Django leverages JavaScript for dynamic client-side scripting. From understanding JavaScript objects to web APIs, Django has it all.

Django’s list of capabilities is long, hence to hire Django developers, you need to implement the requisite system, which will surely be a time-consuming process. However, by utilizing Skuad’s unified employment platform, you can onboard Django developers seamlessly with a click of a button. In addition, the Skuad platform manages the contractual requirements and takes care of the digital signing.

Django Developer Development Technologies

Django has an assortment of different technologies that the developers need to understand and work with. Therefore, while hiring the next Django developer for your organization, you must assess the candidates’ skills and understanding of these technologies.

1. Python

Python is the basis of Django and the primary language to work on its backend operations. Taking influence from Python’s functional proficiencies, we have seen the same in Django in terms of dynamism and resilience. As one of the best languages for programming, Python continues to be one of the top choices among developers.

Django’s stability and performance have driven its importance and mass adoption. The developers working on Python, at some point, get introduced to Django and learn more about Python’s programming potential. We have seen several new developments coming in Django with time, and it is imperative that every Django developer works on these latest upgrades.

2. JavaScript

The majority of the Django framework is written in Python. But the Admin and GIS contrib applications have JavaScript code. Both these segments have unique coding standards connected to JavaScript and require the developer to know them for creating a stable and scalable web application. Furthermore, to increase the advantages of JavaScript in Django, it uses a jQuery framework. With these, the developers can work to enhance the JavaScript performance and minimize the overall admin media file size.

Having said that, we must also say that JavaScript is pivotal to the future of web application development. So, even though the role of JavaScript is less than optimal at present, it can increase in the future, and you must hire Django developers with this in mind.

3. Django REST Framework

The Django REST framework refers to a toolkit required to build Web APIs for the application. This framework makes building the APIs easier and faster because it is simple to find a browsable Web API, and the serialization aspects support ORM and Non-ORM data functions. Simply put, the Django REST Framework helps to convert the non-RESTful applications to RESTful by using the inbuilt systems.

Along with the DRF Web Browsable API, this framework offers a Model Serializer and enhances RESTful structuring for best results. When you want to hire Django developers, asking about these core technologies used in the development part is essential. These are the technologies that help web application development be more streamlined and organized.

4. Object Relational Mapper (ORM)

Django is a full-stack framework, which means that it interacts with several technologies. For its interaction with the application data via a relational database, the Django developer has to leverage the help provided by an ORM. The Django ORM has inspection tools like Django data integrity models, QuerySet with the SQL code, among other modules, to make the Django application work faster.

The ORM is a set of code that, when embedded, into the application automates the data transfer from the relational database to the objects where it is required. To work with ORM, the developers need to know about high-level abstraction functions worked on a relational database.

Django is a full-fledged framework with many integrated and relational aspects that come into play for creating, managing, and improving a web application. Therefore, when you are out there to hire Django developers, it is imperative to identify the potential employee’s ability to handle all these tasks.

With the level of sophistication required in Django, it is clear that the development process won’t be as simple as it looks. Even though there is a big Django community, the developers working with Django need to be fast learners, adaptable to the dynamic environment, and intelligent enough to think outside the box.

One way to choose the best Django developer for your company is to look for a person with experience in your industry.


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Django Developers Development Industries

From mobile application companies to eCommerce stores and online marketplaces, Django is widely used.

1) Social Media

Several Social Media companies are using Django and its ability to create a powerful web application. For example, Disqus, the global leader in blog comment hosting service, is the largest platform built with Django. Over 500 million people are using Disqus, spanning 191 countries. The large user base shows the potential of Django and its scalability.

2) Streaming and Online Media

Did you know that YouTube is also built on Django? Yes, the global online video sharing and the streaming platform uses the Django framework. YouTube took to Django to enhance its functionalities and performance according to the increasing number of users.

3) Education

Another online platform that has millions of users that uses Django is Udemy. You can imagine the vast amount of video databases of Udemy. Well, the Django framework is adept and capable enough to handle the millions of requests coming on the Udemy platform.

4) Cloud Industry

If the companies in this industry are using Django, it clearly shows that the framework has the features and functions to create a highly secure platform. In this industry, DropBox uses Django for a variety of features. These include the history option, synchronizing different devices, and file sharing. So even though the majority of the aspects of DropBox are associated with Python, Django is in the picture somewhere.

5) Digital Media

In digital media, the Washington Post uses Django to create the web application of the globally revered newspaper’s online version. In addition, the Washington Post uses Django to handle its huge traffic without compromising on its speed and performance.

The Django framework has a global presence. Hence you should not limit your search for a Django developer to a certain area. As a global hiring solutions provider, Skuad will help you manage Django developers from anywhere in the world and ensure that they are a perfect fit for your company. With the diversity in its programming, modules, and integrations, developers working with Django need to be at their best if they have to work in your organization, isn’t that right?

Skuad understands your requirements and the importance of hiring the right people for your company. We focus on hiring the right people and not just a perfect developer.

Hard Skills Requirements for Django Developers

  • Has experience in Django, Python, and JavaScript. 
  • Knows about and has experience in HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, Docker, and Kubernetes. 
  • Extensive knowledge of the Django ORM and REST Framework. 
  • Understands the process to implement RESTful APIs.
  • Can create a responsive web application replete with flawless design and performance. 
  • Has experience with Relational Databases, including MySQL, etc. 
  • Can write unit and integration tests for checking and validating new features while finding bugs. 
  • Knows how to fix bugs and troubleshoot the application. 
  • Can demonstrate the understanding of GIT Version control techniques. 
  • Create CI/CD pipelines. 
  • Knows about the MVC structure, especially for working with the full stack development aspects. 
  • The knowledge of other frameworks on JavaScript, including Vue.JS or Angular.JS, is preferable.

Soft Skills Requirements to hire Django Developer

  • Shows the zeal to create performant web applications. 
  • Can demonstrate a track record of creative development skills. 
  • Understands the requirements of Agile development practices. 
  • Can write a clean and organized code. 
  • Has effective communication skills for unhindered interaction. 
  • Aspires to become an active part of the team by sharing ideas. 
  • Take the initiative for taking on challenges and learning new concepts and ideas about the development process. 
  • Can take on feedback with a constructive mindset. 
  • Is punctual and dedicated towards one’s work. 
  • Possesses excellent collaboration and team-building skills.

Industry Expertise

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