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Docker Developers

Hire Docker Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Docker Developers

Web development has become the heart of almost all companies. If a business does not have a proper web application, it will surely lose many clients, deals, and consumers. Web applications have become the direct medium for interaction and communication with customers and day-to-day users. Docker has existed for more than seven years now. It became well-accepted as a containerization solution. It helps in isolating infrastructure difficulties with development tasks. As a result, it came up as an efficient tool for quicker product deliveries. This article talks about the various aspects & elements you need to know to hire Docker developers.

What is Docker?

Docker is a platform-as-a-service tool that leverages operating system (OS)-level virtualization to deliver software packages. These packages are called containers that reside isolated from one another. It automates the development and running cycle of any application inside of some isolated containers. These containers remain bundled and hold software dependencies, library packages, and configuration files encapsulated within them. This open platform tool helps in developing robust web applications and ships them efficiently. It is similar to a virtual machine but more efficient in terms of running the applications. Docker and Docker containers can be a productive tool for your coming web applications. Google uses the Go (golang) programming language to develop Docker.

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Benefits of using Docker

To hire Docker developers, you need to know why developers prefer Docker for developing web applications. Here is the list of some benefits Docker developers enjoy while developing an application.

Portable: If your application runs smoothly on your system and using your computer resource, you can comfortably ship off your app as per requirement. Docker lets developers focus entirely on the code rather than worrying about the code and the system requirement aspects.

Lightweight solution: Docker is a suitable and lightweight tool because it efficiently uses your computer resource. It does not require allocating memory for it. Docker uses memory as and when needed. Also, it boosts the development process because of its layered file system architecture. Using Docker, developers can render various containers on their box and manage a similar setup through the virtual machine.

Rapid onboarding: A Docker-baked application is easy to launch and helpful for those who want to start as a team. It can help modularize the application development process and gain access to multiple libraries to get started.

Open-source: One can extend its features as per requirement. Developers can also collaborate with different contributors if any required functionality does not come out of the box.

Efficient: Docker has the understanding of automatically pull down all necessary bins, database libraries, etc. It also leverages its own efficient VM with memory management, device drivers, etc. that makes development quick and efficient.

Development Technologies and Tools

A Docker developer must know certain development technologies, tools, and programming languages. If you want to hire Docker developers, you need to excerpt whether the developer is comfortable with these mentioned technologies and tools or not.

Virtualization: Docker has a development tool that contains OS-level virtualization. Its virtual machines (VMs) run on Hypervisors that enable multiple VMs to run on one device, along with the existing operating system. Virtualization technology allows developers to build valuable IT services using system resources that were once bound to hardware. It provides the physical computer to its maximum capacity by sharing its resources among several users or environments. Docker developers should have a fair idea of how the virtualization system works and how it runs the code efficiently on VMs.

Understanding system languages: Before you hire docker developers, you need to check whether they are proficient in system languages like Python, Bash, PowerShell, etc. Also, developers who have sound knowledge working with Linux get preferences over others.

Containerization technologies: Containerization is a collection of software that aggregates up all the code and its associated dependencies. It makes the application run faster. It also brings reliability when the developer shifts from one computing environment to another. Docker also has container images that are standalone, lightweight, executable software packages. They comprise everything required to run your web application. When you hire Docker developers, you must check whether they understand the working of Docker container images and how the Docker engine works.

Version control systems: Hiring Docker developers for large enterprises is not that easy. You have to make sure the web developers you hire must know the use of version control systems. Version control or source control systems are software platforms that allow developers to track and manage changes done in the software code. Such systems backup all the changes that are done in the software code and help in better collaboration. Git, PerForce, Apache Subversion, etc., are examples of version control systems.

Kubernetes: Kubernetes (Kube or k8s) is an open-source container orchestration tool that helps in automating various manual processes necessary to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications. Containerized applications drastically ease the development of web applications and help to manage them at scale. Kubernetes became a significant element of the container revolution.

Cloud deployment technologies: Cloud has notably emerged from the last decade. Cloud deployment technologies refer to various tools and applications used to deploy the servers. Technologies help developers connect applications over the internet so that enterprises can access them remotely. Cloud deployment technologies offer several benefits by pooling cloud resources and sharing infrastructure costs, operations, maintenance, and deployment. Docker web developers with a basic knowledge of cloud deployment technologies can help launch applications with cloud benefits.

Development Industries that use Docker

Experts are witnessing exceptional momentum in the use of Docker in various development industries. Enterprises are hiring Docker developers every year, and the count is increasing every year. Some enterprises and organizations like Adobe, AT&T, Blue Apron, Netflix, PaloAlto, Paypal, Splunk, Verizon, etc., use Docker extensively. Development industries like microservice developers, software companies practicing CI/CD, DevOps, cloud, and web application service firms. Around 40 percent of software service companies use Docker, which is the highest. Other domains like IT services, staffing and recruiting industry, healthcare, finance, retail, telecommunication, and consulting hire Docker developers.

Required Expertise

Requirements Hard Skills

Before we hire Docker developers, we must take note of the following hard skills.

  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or IT with the following is preferable.
  • Well aware of the various Docker functionalities
  • Proficient in writing a readable, maintainable, efficient object-oriented programming language like C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, etc.
  • Appropriate knowledge of operations or systems administration, particularly on Linux, is necessary.
  • Sound understanding of API development especially, RESTful API
  • Familiarity with Microservices and Springboot
  • A good grasp of databases, NoSQL systems, and concepts like structured and unstructured data
  • Knowledge of storage and distributed persistence technologies
  • Software development experience in environments like distributed systems within large-scale environments
  • DevOps system engineering with automated CI/CD pipelines
  • Proper understanding of tools and support scalable cloud-based applications
  • Knowledge of web framework like Django
  • Work on the building, scaling, and monitoring of various highly complex applications.
  • Candidates should have experience with monitoring tools like Prometheus, Grafana, Datadog, etc.
  • Make container orchestration clusters extremely available.
  • Candidates should have experience with alerting tools like OpsGenie, PagerDuty, etc.
  • Understanding of networking
  • Familiar with software deployment through CI/CD.
  • Core knowledge of Jenkins open-source automation server and Kubernetes Engine for powerful cluster management and orchestration
  • Experience building multi-tenant, virtualized infrastructure

Requirements- Soft Skills

Here are some of the soft skills we must keep in mind before we hire Docker developers.

  • The candidate should know how to work as a team.
  • The candidate should have proper communication skills.
  • The mindset should be problem-solving with decent work ethics.
  • Time management and adaptability are two plus points if a candidate can possess.
  • Constructive feedback and friendliness will also benefit the work environment.


Developing web applications using Docker is more a team effort than an individual. Companies hire Docker developers from entry-level to senior level. At a junior level or intern level, core knowledge of the different mentioned skills benefits the candidate in the long run. For experienced candidates, apart from the mentioned technical skills, proper verbal and non-verbal communication with teamwork plays a vital role in becoming a team player get a senior position in the future.


Developing applications nowadays demands much more than simply writing codes. The entire development entails multiple languages, architectures, frameworks, and discontinuous interfaces at every development lifecycle. All these development entities bring complexity. Docker simplifies & boosts that workflow allowing developers the liberty to focus on the development.

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