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Hire Drupal Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Drupal developers

The Drupal development ecosystem has evolved considerably well. Drupal is considered one of the best content management systems today, managing more than 1.7 million websites. Since Drupal is constantly growing, the need for people who can work with Drupal-related technologies and systems is growing. We know this because Skuad has been at the forefront of global hiring. We keep a keen eye on the hiring trends in every technology and adjust our hiring structures accordingly.

To hire Drupal developers, you need to be aware of the hard and soft skills along with the significant technologies as well as the industries best associated with this technology. Knowing this matters to a great extent and helps you hire an ideal Drupal developer for your organization.

Drupal acts as a website builder allowing the developers to build and manage a website without coding. If present, there is minimal coding requirement to customize the interface according to your needs. However, things may still become complicated as a developer needs to understand how to work with Drupal’s core and contributed modules. Therefore, when you hire Drupal developers, the candidate must understand how these modules work together to solve a problem for the end-users.

Skuad has the right people and required experience to help your organization source the best Drupal developers from a global talent pool. We have a dedicated company-specific induction and onboarding process that will prove worthy as it accelerates the hiring process and brings the employee up to speed. We know the challenges posed by the industry, and for hiring, thus we can formulate the perfect method for onboarding and managing Drupal developers for your company.

Drupal Developer Development Technologies

There is a large consortium of Drupal technology available to businesses. Due to this, Drupal can serve as the perfect digital solution builder tool for every sort of business and purpose. The major technologies underlined here include web content management, module development, eCommerce store builder, Drupal Themer, etc.

All these technologies are added to the main Drupal interface with a unique purpose, making this technology a jack of all trades for the modern-day business community. To hire Drupal developers, you first need to identify your needs and requirements, followed by the tasks that must be done to ensure the continuity of the business systems. Sharing your requirements with Skuad will be the best way to move forward, as then we can search and onboard the perfect-fit Drupal developer for your organization.

Before we identify the hard and soft skills required to hire Drupal developers, let’s go through the different Drupal technologies.

Drupal Web Content Management

As a fully customizable platform, Drupal’s web content management systems can easily serve businesses in creating pragmatic solutions to solve the user’s problems. Along with this, we can use this technology to further evolve the circle of the web by innovating and developing new ideas. The latter is the job of a Drupal developer who is experienced in thinking outside the box and create novel solutions.

Drupal eCommerce

Another area where we cannot ignore the contribution and efficiency of Drupal is eCommerce. With integrated product and marketing solutions meant for brands to build an engaging platform, Drupal’s eCommerce platform is meant to handle and manage large-scale eCommerce projects. Taking the expertise of a web content management system, the Drupal eCommerce platform blends them to create new user experiences.

Drupal Site Builder

Hiring Drupal developers also translates to hiring Drupal site builders. These are the people who will work with Drupal technology to build engaging websites with or without coding. The Drupal site builder system requires the developer to configure Drupal’s core and associated modules into creating a functional solution related to the underlying business and its requirements. In addition, the site builder gives access to an integrated suite of digital applications for better website creation and management.

Stack Foundation

Drupal is built and supported by an advanced LAMP technology stack consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The combination of these four technologies is resourceful in creating high-performance digital solutions. The modern LAMP stack system is especially suited for brands with enterprise-level operations.

Drupal Themer or Frontend Developer

When you hire Drupal developers, the selected person will work on two types of development projects, frontend, and backend. The Front-end developer or a Drupal Themer will work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create designs for the website and convert them into a theme for future use. These are the people who know how to create a responsive website and platform.

Drupal Module Builder or Backend Developer

A Drupal backend developer writes a lot of stuff in PHP and can also work with other server-side programming languages. You need to hire Drupal developers in this category for tasks like automation, creating modules, test automation, and working on web services.

As a result of these technologies and the wide array of tasks in Drupal, you need to focus on three aspects to hire Drupal developers.

  • Drupal Developer
  • Drupal Themer
  • Drupal Site Builder

A Drupal developer will work with development technologies like Ajax, SQL, Query Builder, manage security, write code in PHP, and ensure effective performance.

A Drupal Themer is the person who must know about HTML, CSS, JS, SASS, creating templates, and preprocessing requirements. Finally, a Drupal site builder needs to create and understand rules, views, manage content types, work with panels and related technologies.

To hire Drupal developers, you must understand your requirements beforehand and create an effective set of job descriptions influenced by the advanced development standards and benchmarks. Here again, Skuad is the right choice if you don’t want to dabble with such aspects and want to see results from the get-go.


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Drupal Developer Development Industries

Drupal features and capabilities make it a perfect fit for creating, managing and scaling digital solutions in every industry. Where it can easily manage your business requirements, a Drupal developer knows how to identify the core requirements of the said business and help you build a stronger brand identity.

Here are some of the industries and their patrons who are using Drupal to run and manage their businesses.


Drupal has specific and development-friendly eCommerce solutions packed into its development interface. Out of all the brands that are using Drupal, you will relate best with Puma. A global brand, Puma uses Drupal to amalgamate its content and eCommerce operations and create an effective process for its users from the moment they land on the website to when they bounce off. Other notable brands using Drupal are TIMEX and Royal Mail.


As diverse as the user base of the entertainment industry is, brands require an equally performant approach to manage them all. Drupal serves the interest of this diverse user base while helping Drupal developers and professionals work on the niche aspects of their organizations. As a result, we see global brands like Warner Music Group using Drupal to manage their web and mobile websites.


The Economist gets over 1.2 million hits on its website from people who want to read articles, blogs, and see videos. Apart from this, they run a colossal subscription-based service and provides a customized homepage to its millions of users. Drupal manages and effectuates all these systems seamlessly while ensuring that the user experience is always immaculate.


A digital interface that has an administrative perspective requires effective management. Drupal is creating headways into this industry. For example, the Australian government uses it to share information of the government’s hundreds of departments with the Australian citizens and other users digitally.

The list of industries working with Drupal is a long one. However, the ones listed above will certainly give you the right idea about how far Drupal has come in the development world. Identifying the right technology is essential for every business. When you hire Drupal developers, the choices of using a certain stack of technologies preceded the hiring part. However, it seems that you have decided to leverage Drupal’s capabilities and now want to hire the Drupal developers to take the business forward.

Apart from knowing what technologies and industries a Drupal developer can work with, let’s identify the core Hard and Soft skills that will help you make a choice.

Hard Skills Required

  • Plan out and build digital experiences for a wide range of users and clients.
  • Test, modify and implement the application code to ensure that the developed product aligns with the requirements. 
  • Work with the UI/UX team to codify the designs and visual elements associated with the product. 
  • Understands HTML, Sass/CSS, Twig, and JavaScript to create interactive interfaces. 
  • Write and debug the frontend and backend code according to the roles and assignments allotted. 
  • Configure modules for site building activities with Drupal. 
  • Knows how to work with command-line tools including, but not limited to, Drush and GIT. 
  • Understand how to work with Drupal Entity Systems
  • Knowledge and experience of working with RestAPI and Drupal Form Development with relevant technologies like Web Forms, etc. 
  • Working knowledge with CI/CD technologies and processes to work with the DevOps team. 
  • Understands technologies like PHP, Laravel, CodeIgnitor, and NodeJs.

Required Soft Skills to Hire Drupal Developers

  • Practical communication skills that are essential for talking to teams and clients to understand their requirements.
  • Can work in harmony with a team of developers and designers to build the perfect solution. 
  • Assist the design team to find out the technical feasibility of a design. 
  • Contributing with their ideas to help build the perfect product for the client and the users. 
  • Proficiency in analytics, troubleshooting, and solving technical and design problems.

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