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Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


The 2020 – Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice Award went to Elixir Technologies Corporation in the year 2020 for the category Customer Communications Management.

The leading name in Customer Communications Management solutions provider company understands the process, in their own words as “both a strategy and a market fulfilled by applications that improve the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of outbound and interactive communications.”

Headquartered in Singapore, Elixir’s wide range of awarded Elixir Repertoire Business Intelligence (BI) tools have been part of a business solution in many organisations. The presence of the language in both government and commercial sectors both locally and outside the national borders talks about its popularity. Many banks, healthcare organisations etc are happy customers and still growing. The customer base is spread across international borders and in all major continents. USA and Japan are the major markets, so are governments in Africa, Middle East, Latin America. The telecommunication organisations in the Middle East, South Asia, and Eastern Europe also vouch for the dynamic, functional language that Elixir is.

The market is raving about their customer communication management services. The product called Tango+. The product is a multi-platform, functional language immensely popular for building scalable and maintainable applications. Tango - the collaborative Cloud-based platform, is extensively used by business teams for customer communications generations. It provides an excellent capability for customer communication management. The technology helps in streamlining processes and reducing operational costs thus helping organizations to upscale their internal and external communications. It has also been instrumental in reducing operational costs due to this.

Currently industry-wide Web development, data ingestion, multimedia processing and even embedded software, all are using Elixir for their customer communication management services or CCMS. Elixir’s expertise in running low-latency, fault-tolerant systems that are distributed, helps it to gain the reputation it has in the field. These are lightweight, so much that thousands of processes running at the same time are unnoticeable. The system works in two ways – Vertical scaling and Horizontal scaling. Under Vertical scaling is due to the isolated system which allows garbage to be collected independently. This discourages the system-wide pauses, uses all machine resources to increase the efficiency of the system. However, the system is also well developed horizontal scaling program. It can communicate with the other processes running on different machines connected with the same network. Distribution becomes easy and it allows the developers to work across multiple nodes.

There are many more language and tooling features that distinguish Elixir from the others in the same category.

Language Features

Functional programming supports a coding style that enables the developers to write short, concise, and maintainable codes, also making data de-structuring easy and be able to access its contents.

Elixir has great support and a reliable community that helps the seasoned developers as much as it lends supports to the new ones.

  1. Extensibility and DSLs

Elixir is extensible, makes extending the language to particular domains natural, letting the system increase its productivity.

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Tooling features

1. A growing ecosystem

Elixir has made the development easy with a great set of tools. Due to Mix – build tool of Elixir, project creation is made easy, so are managing tasks and run testing etc.,

Mix manages dependencies and integrates with the Hex Package Manager. Hex Package Manager expertly performs dependency resolution, host documentation, and fetches remote packages, for the complete ecosystem.

2.Interactive development

Tools like IEx- which is Elixir’s interactive shell, are designed to put to use many aspects of the language and also the platform. These can provide helpers, auto-complete, code reloading and debugging tools, in addition to the extensively formatted documentation.

3.Erlang compatibility

Elixir runs on the Erlang VM. This extends complete access of the Erlang's ecosystem to the developer.

This is being used by companies like Heroku, Klarna, WhatsApp and many more, to build distributed, and fault-tolerant applications. An Elixir programmer has the privilege to invoke any Erlang function at no runtime cost.

Comparison between Ruby and Elixir

The first striking fact between Elixir and ruby is that the Elixir was born at the hands of an ex-Ruby community and knew Ruby inside out. Jose’ Valim mixed his earlier knowledge and that shows in Elixir’s syntax. It is heavily influenced by it. However, moving from Ruby to Elixir is easy owing to this fact. Elixir was created to run on high concurrency making the application run fast in return. The fact that Elixir is compiled, gives it a boost in performance as compared to Ruby. Elixir inherently comes with a set of tools, with fault-tolerant applications building capability having many persistent connections at a time.

Is Elixir Good For All Applications?

Elixir is instrumental in creating variety of applications ranging from server command line apps to web applications that use Phoenix. Phoenix is the reliable, productive, and fast web framework used for Elixir. For small prototyping, creating an MVP for your project is advised. Ruby on Rails is used if your app is not designed to handle tonnes of connections. Rails are considered apt for fast development.

Elixir is in demand world-over, and so are the developers with expertise in manoeuvring Elixir to create the best CCMS programs. The job industry has seen a substantial boom in job requirements in this technology in the past decade. Many companies prefer freelance developers where most of them have put an advertisement for the ones' with experience in an office environment. Chalked below are the roles and responsibilities of Elixir developers:

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • You will need to experiment and implement new functionalities on most used platforms;
  • You will be required to solve complex programming challenges very frequently using functional programming languages (Elixir);
  • You will need to work with AWS Cloud;
  • You will need to carry out regular code reviews/PR reviews;
  • You will be maintaining the current code and fix the bug or issues as and when they arise. This will comprise about 30% of your tasks.
  • You will be writing units, integration and E2E tests.

Elixir Developer Candidate Profile:

A candidate is a fitment if they...

  • Have a strong experience of 3 + years as a back-end or full-stack developer
  • Have proven experience with Elixir language and its ecosystem (Phoenix)
  • Have worked reasonably on a production application in AWS or Heroku
  • Have worked with RDBMS like PostgreSQL
  • Have extensive experience in building server-side applications, and using either the MVC pattern or a similar one
  • Have demonstrated a solid understanding of the working of web applications
  • Have expressed interest in functional programming and relevant experience
  • Have worked with RabbitMQ or other message brokers
  • Have hands-on experience on distributed systems and resilient applications
  • Have an understanding of communicating with REST API
  • Have familiarity with agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban);

Industry Expertise

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