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Hire Erlang Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Erlang Developers

Erlang is a programming language used to create versatile, delicate, and continuous frameworks demanding great requirements in today's web programming world. A portion of its use is in telecom, banking, internet business, PC communication and texting. Erlang's runtime framework has inherently built-in features for accordance, communication, distribution and tolerating developmental issues. Erlang is a garbage collecting programming language; therefore, developers do not have to allocate memory spaces.

Erlang is a programming language intended to create powerful frameworks and projects employed in various PCs in an organization. The Ericsson Computer Sciences Lab created the language to generate software programming to support its own media transmission channels. Erlang is instructed worldwide and is unreservedly accessible as an Open-Source code.

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Erlang is like Java because both are virtual machines and support multi-threading. Though Java expertise is centred on web applications, Erlang finds enormous use in heavy servers and layered systems. Erlang is developed as a practical functional programming language. It implies that Erlang stresses the assessment of evaluation instead of the execution of commands. The expressions use capacities to determine essential qualities.

Erlang gives dynamic information types permitting software engineers to foster framework segments (for example, message dispatchers). These features do not limit the information intake, while others follow firm data type limitations. These features only accept frameworks and data that depend on the sort of data they receive. Erlang uses a pattern matching assortment that increases its efficiency in creating efficient, compact, and clean programs.

When compared with Java or C++, the pattern matching in Erlang turns out to be quite shorter. OTP is a set of Erlang libraries providing centre products or middleware to foster the program frameworks. It incorporates owned distributed databases, debugging and troubleshooting tools. Erlang OTPs also incorporate tools to assist interactions between other languages.


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Important Features of Erlang

  • Erlang includes interfaces and integration with other tools such as Java, C++, etc. Templates for design are available in Erlang. These templates are employed for client-server design, thread supervision, event distribution and state machines. Support distribution occurs along a plethora of servers in Erlang. The programming language ensures automatic recovery along with redistribution if a server fails.
  • Erlang's bytecode is similar on all stages, and an organization of Erlang notes comprises a blend of NT, UNIX, or other associated platforms. Erlang is simple to learn, contrasted with C, C++, and Java.
  • In programming languages, threads are often displayed as error zones, but Erlang offers developmental development levels that help developers handle processes effectively.
  • Erlang erases the need for locks as data is exchanged through messages running across instead of using shared variables. Erlang uses functional programming components and algorithms such as Factorial Algorithms, Fibonacci Sequences and Quicksort.
  • Erlang is used widely in system applications such as WhatsApp messaging services, T-Mobile and One2One, Gambit Research for sports betting, Facebook chat service, Klarna electronic payment systems, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities of Erlang Developers

Erlang developers are language development gurus. Since Erlang is a widely used language for heavy load, layered and embedded web applications, developers are required to master language development skills. They actively deal with different programming languages. The understanding of programming languages is necessary for any developer. Apart from that, developers and engineers must have skills with different languages and tools used with them to enhance the functioning and integration of their developed frameworks, applications, design, etc.

Erlang as a language can undoubtedly use different processors and many servers. It can run various threads simultaneously, with each interaction speaking with one another through communication interfaces servers. This implies that developers must profoundly be acquainted with the method of working. In comparison with many languages in the world of programming, Erlang has its benefits and particular speciality. Developers and engineers must specialize in working with Erlang from start to finish and create programs and applications that run smoothly with customer delight. Erlang developers build extra features and support existing deployments. The responsibilities can be illustrated as:

  • Designing, coding, testing and ensuring support for Erlang and related software.
  • Researching on requirements. Identifying and analyzing user requirements.
  • Designing and active participation in Erlang development from start to finish
  • Understanding software cycles and assigning, executing tasks throughout SDLC.
  • Writing efficient, readable and maintainable code.
  • Practical experience in designing and building large-scale, high availability, secure web applications.
  • Knowledge of REST-ful API using Node.js in an agile method and application.
  • Relevant skills and understanding of Request, Axios, advanced knowledge in REST-ful APIs.
  • Some understanding of the version control Git tool.
  • Understanding and Strong skills in server-side programming skills - concurrency, network, socket, memory.
  • Good knowledge of SIP.
  • RTP protocols and stacks.
  • Knowledge of development in Linux.
  • Solid understanding of the SDLC
  • Participation in open-source project layouts.
  • Reviewing, testing and debugging codes
  • Constructing database architecture as required
  • Collaborating with interdepartmental teams for product release schedule and ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Schedule product releases with internal teams.

Required Skills

  • Demonstrable experience and understanding of Erlang, OTP, SIP.
  • Understanding of Event Loop architecture.
  • Experience with asynchronous programming in JavaScript
  • Some knowledge of basic frameworks such as HTML/CSS, SASS, JavaScript (+jQuery), ES6
  • Being a team player. Taking ownership and responsibility of tasks. Ability to communicate and present information effectively. Teamwork skills and work prioritization on top of analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Skills in stress management and multitasking business.  
  • Ability to work actively.
  • Exhibiting efficient organization and management skills.
  • Maintaining proficiency in a particular area of the product.
  • The developer must have attention to detail to learn and use new software scripts and languages.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Erlang Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure for Erlang Developers

The increasing demand for large applications in the programming world requires companies to look for efficient programming language experts. Developers who are skilled in the same have promising opportunities. Statistics as per ZipRecruiter.com report an average salary of US $129,936 in the US. Top earners incur about US $166,500 as their annual salary. The average salary for the individual skill Erlang is about US $114,798 as per PayScale.com. The salary predictor from dice.com predicts US $65,500-$77,500 as the average annual income for Erlang developers with five years of experience. As companies require flexible programming skills, the salary of developers with knowledge of multiple skills increases proportionately.

Freelancing and Contractual Based Work

Many companies hire freelancers and contractual workers for a specific period or project. If you are a certified Erlang developer looking for multiple projects to work on, then freelancing and contractual based work is the best option for you. It will allow you to take up projects at your convenience and comfort. The amount of work and remuneration are linked to your skills and experience.

Erlang Certification

A variety of platforms offer certifications and training in Erlang and related programming language skills and tools. Erlang Solutions has collaborated with Erlang co-founder Robert Virding and provides courses for developers - amateurs and experts alike to garner Erlang development and designing skills. Erlang solutions provide Erlang, Elixir and RabbitMQ. Erlang solutions offer Erlang coaching in well-prepared 5 modules covering the history of Erlang, sequential programming, concurrent programming, error handling and advanced tools module. The course includes programming exercises for practice. The training assists in developing relevant skills for developers specializing in Erlang. Online platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Simplilearn, etc., offer training on a wide variety of content related to Erlang. The demonstrable skills learned from the courses help enhance expertise and secure promising prospects.

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