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ETL Developers

Hire ETL Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire ETL Developers

ETL development is about leveraging a framework to get a better understanding of data and improve the prospects of business intelligence. As a result, the developers working with ETL understand and have experience with data processing. Here, they need to move the data lying in storage and transform it into a process that is understood and used by machines as well as people. 

The result of this process is Extract, Transform, and Load, short for ETL. You need to hire ETL developers as it is a specialized skill, and you need the right people to work on this technology and capitalize on its possibilities. While working on each segment of ETL, the developers build and implement technical solutions. The entire process has three stages. 

Under Extract, the developers will access data stored by businesses that they get from a wide gamut of sources. Since the data is scattered and has different formats, the extraction phase requires the developer to work accordingly. Here, the developer needs to define details of the required data sources. 

The transform is the part where the data is parked in a Staging Area temporarily. Here it is formatted according to the predefined standards and models. Finally, the process ends with Loading the data into a database that is then used for business intelligence, data processing, and machine learning purposes. This database is called Data Warehouse. 

So, the right ETL developer you hire must understand everything about these three stages. They also need to build the right infrastructure for managing and working on the data collected in the warehouse. You are looking to hire a person who knows ETL process management, Data modeling, Data Warehouse architecture, ETL testing, and Data pipeline development.

ETL Developer Development Technologies

The technologies required to work with ETL are meant to augment its processing and ability to complete the task. Therefore, when you hire ETL developers for your company, their experience, and understanding of these technologies is primary to the success of the project.

ETL Tools

The ETL tools are state-of-the-art solutions that can help in the extraction, transformation, and loading of data from the beginning. An ETL developer will work as an administrator of these tools, using them wherever necessary and essential to building the solution. Some of the technologies that an ETL developer must understand includes Talend, Informatica, and Pentaho. 

These three tools are used for data management on the cloud, data integration, data labeling, data mining, load capabilities, data transformation, data integration, governance, and much more. The ETL developer you are about to hire must know how to control and use these services to integrate the existing instruments and manage the development operations.


Database engineering is at the core of ETL and its applications. So, an ETL developer must be able to work with the technologies associated with data engineering. This includes SQL/NoSQL for database creation, management, scaling, and data mapping. 

In SQL, the server integration services are one of the most important tools to use for ETL-like functions. Moreover, SQL provides an easy way to create the systems for data transformation. Finally, NoSQL provides one of the best ways to store disparate data, an important element in ETL programming.


Python is the main programming language used for ETL development. So, when you hire ETL developers, make sure to check their experience and understanding of Python. One of the reasons why Python is required is automation. In ETL, the developers deal with large amounts of data, and they can use automation to their benefit for managing and sorting the data. 

So, the ETL developers will need scripts and a codebase to implement automation sequences. Out of the other programming languages, Python is the best choice. Other programming languages than Python include Bash and Perl. Within Python, the developers can also use the frameworks built on Python to add functionality to ETL applications. These include Airflow, Luigi, Pandas, Odo, Bonobo, etc.


JavaScript is the second scripting language used for ETL development. This means that if you are hiring ETL developers, their understanding of JavaScript and its associated tools. JavaScript is better if the application developed will be used on mobile devices. 

There are various Java ETLs that will assist the developer in building the digital solution required. These include Apache Spark, Jaspersoft ETL, Scriptella, Apatar, Pentaho Kettle, Apache Camel, etc. It is not mandatory that when you hire ETL developers, the candidate must know all of them. The developer’s ability to work with these technologies depends on your requirements. 

ETL development is a part of a bigger ecosystem in which you will find your project team working with the likes of JavaScript, Python, SQL, etc. These technologies have several associated frameworks and technologies that can prove to be useful in the development of ETL-powered applications. 

As a result, your recruitment process will get diversified and segmented on the basis of the programming languages the candidates know about and have experience in. When you hire ETL developers, you need people who are good at development, but they also need to be efficient in analyzing the company’s data requirements. 

There are complexities in the process that begin after hiring the employee, and that is why we recommend that you trust Skuad to take care of these aspects. As a global organization, we know how to manage globally distributed teams of the most qualified candidates for your organization. Our understanding of the technology and ability to resonate with your company values makes us eligible to help you hire and manage the best people for the job.

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ETL Developer Development Industries

Data Management

Companies that deal with an extensive amount of data on a daily basis need ETL to manage, sort, understand, and implement it for business intelligence processing. That is why we have companies like Accenture using ETL developers to build systems and applications for effective data management and analysis. 

Testing and Analysis

Veristat works for its clients to test data and find results on their behalf. Most of its clients are drug manufacturers, and Verstat leverages ETL to help them make sense of the data collected based on different activities. In this respect, the ETL developers create solutions to identify the data and find out actionable insights before a drug is launched in the market. 

Government Agencies

The Social Security Administration of the USA employs ETL to create in-house solutions for administering loads of data gathered from the citizens of the country. Along with ETL, this organization also uses Amazon API Gateway and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to build better solutions. 

The role of an ETL developer changes according to the task’s requirements. If the developer is working on data integration at one time, the next project may require them to work on data modeling or troubleshooting, or creating the architecture, etc. You must take this into the hiring process to select the best candidate out of many applying for the job. 

The hiring process can get complicated as you move forward, and that is why we want you to get onboard with Skuad. We will help you hire, onboard, and manage  top ETL developers who are good at what they do.

Hard Skills you can Expect from an ETL Developer

  • Experience in system analytics and designing database structures for better data orientation and management. 
  • Has worked with data warehousing and uses tools like Informatica, PowerMart, Metadata Manager, etc. 
  • Can work with and develop complex mapping structures for data extraction. 
  • Performance tuning for ETL processes. 
  • Has experience with data design, analysis, business analysis, user requirement analysis, data cleansing, and data transformation. 
  • Knows how to work with data dimensional modeling. 
  • Can create solutions for data warehousing and performance tuning of the data management solutions. 
  • Has extensive experience of working with Python or JavaScript or both. 
  • Knows about warehousing architecture techniques, including MOLAP, ROLAP, ODS, DM, and EDW. 
  • Can troubleshoot complex technical problems and build effective solutions for the future. 
  • Experience and understanding of integration tools like Data Stage, Abinitio, etc. 
  • Efficient in working with SQL or NoSQL and their associated technologies.

Soft Skills For ETL Developer

  • Ability to handle multiple tasks in the development of ETL-based solutions. 
  • Can communicate with the team and understand their perspective to create better solutions. 
  • Has the ability to take care of complex tasks and work in a challenging environment. 
  • Can align with the company values and objectives while working on completing the latter and promoting the former. 
  • Actively participates in team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and QA meetings. 
  • Is able to create the technical documentation for the project. 
  • Can manage the team of junior ETL developers and encourage them to work according to the project requirements. 
  • Maintain order and discipline in the team while ensuring prompt delivery. 
  • Work to improve the work standards and help each team member perform better. 

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