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Excel developers

Hire Excel Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Excel Developers Development Technologies


Visual Basic is Microsoft’s Legacy software used to build programs for Microsoft’s operating systems and applications, including MS Excel. As an internal programming language, it allows developers to customize the Microsoft Office applications above and beyond their existing functionalities. VBA developers use this programming language to create user-defined functions (UDFs) and gain access to the Windows-based APIs for adding new capabilities to the existing program. 

Excel developers need to be adept in using VBA for writing customized programs and features for Microsoft Excel and extend its functionalities according to the organization’s requirements. As an event-driven program, developers provide Macros or Macroinstructions by typing in commands for the required function in the editing module. 


Excel developers need to understand what all they can do with XML, as it is an important part of Excel-oriented programming. The basic function of XML is to store and transport data, which is the core aspect of Excel. So, when you hire Excel developers, their understanding and ability to leverage XML must decide whether or not you will hire them. 

As a hiring manager or a recruiter, you must understand the difference between XML and HTML. XML is about carrying the data, and HTML is about displaying the data. These are the things that an Excel developer needs to understand with clarity as they are essential to write new add-ins and programs for Excel. 

Microsoft Graph Data

Individuals can today integrate Excel data with third-party applications like OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. These functionalities are made available with Microsoft Graph as they allow other applications (web and mobile) to read and modify the data written in Excel. 

Microsoft Graph is akin to a gateway that leads developers into the programmability for accessing the data available within Microsoft 365, Windows 10, among other Windows systems. 

Excel Add-in

Developing Add-ins comprise of the programs and add more features, functionalities, and commands to Microsoft Excel. Some of the add-ins are readily available in Excel, while others can be written as per the requirements. This is where an Excel developer comes in to assist you in building these features. 

The great thing about Excel add-ins is that there is no limit to what a programmer can build subject to the experience and expertise the person possesses. 


C# is another programming language that Excel developers can use to automate functions and build additional features for the program. Some simple functions include creating new workbooks, adding data, and even creating charts. Developers’ experience in C# uses different classes, including Excel.Application, Excel.Workbook, and Excel.Worksheet. 

The functions a developer can perform with VBA in relation to Excel, the same can be done with C# too. In other words, Microsoft Excel’s objects are equally identifiable and recognizable with C# as they are with VBA. So, the developers you hire for your work must either know VBA or C#. 

Excel developers are knowledgeable in creating new applications connected to Microsoft Excel to extend its functionality. To hire Excel developers, your task is to assess your requirements and create your ideal candidate profile that includes the job description and responsibilities. 

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Excel Developers Development Industries

Even though there are a wide array of tools and programs available that can do what Excel does, many companies still use it for data management and storage. The extent of task customization you can achieve with Excel is remarkable provided that you have the right people to work with the technology. Due to its wide application, you will find Excel developers from almost every industry and background. 

Information and Technology

IT Companies sit on loads of data flowing in from every corner of their operations. They use a myriad of data management and interpretation tools to use the data accurately. One of the tools used is Microsoft Excel, and in that, big organizations like Microsoft, Apple, Azure use it for a wide range of functions. 

Banking and Financial

You will find a long list of companies from the banking industry using MS Excel to maintain their records and complete other tasks. Apart from everyday functions, MS Excel can also be used for more complex tasks related to banks. For these, they require additional development provided by Excel developers. The other functions might include business intelligence analysis, investment management, portfolio operations, etc. 

Real Estate and Construction

The most labor-intensive functions in the real estate and construction industry can be handled with MS Excel. With the help of project managers, these organizations require a data management system for different project-specific and day-to-day tasks. 

Other industries and operations where you may need to hire Excel developers include retail, eCommerce, healthcare, and professional services. MS Excel can help organizations with administrative tasks, account management coordination, data interpretation, etc.

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Hard Skills for Excel Developers

  • Comprehensive understanding of MS Excel
  • Knows how to work with pivot tables, advanced formulas, power query, VBA, etc. 
  • Some level of SQL knowledge.
  • Has demonstrable experience of working with VBA or C# coding. 
  • Can handle macro troubleshooting.
  • Knows how to use and solve issues in Microsoft Graph.
  • Can build cross-program workflows. 
  • Can build the required functions and applications, extending the capabilities of MS Excel. 
  • Has knowledge of Java, SQL, and Visual Studio. 
  • Can debug the existing VBA or C# code to solve problems. 

Soft Skills Required for Excel Developers

  • Can collaborate with other teams in the company for building a product. 
  • Is ready to comply with the development and deployment process. 
  • Has the knack to learn new things and work on self-improvement. 
  • Has impressive interpersonal skills and communication to grow and learn. 
  • Takes the initiative in the company and contributes in the team meetings. 
  • Is ready to work with a team or independently according to the project requirements. 
  • Can learn complex subjects with the least difficulty. 

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