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Hire Facebook Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Facebook Developer

Facebook is an America-based social networking site founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. This social media network is the largest of all, with more than a billion active users. This free of cost social network is used to connect with others. The users create profiles, upload pictures, videos, connect with their peers, create small virtual communities and organizations, sell products, carry out businesses and whatnot. Many users have free access to this social media network, and this company mainly earns through the advertisements posted on the network. The site has many components such as the timeline to post content and connect with others, status to share location and current situations and scenarios, a like button to let users like others posts and messages and a feed that alerts the users about the change in their friends' profiles and statuses. Besides, the site also has the feature of sending private messages and connecting one user specifically to another.

Earlier Facebook was just a social networking site, but now it is a multinational company worth billions. This company investigates several technologies such as artificial intelligence, connectivity, augmented and virtual reality and whatnot. They are doing so to customize and personalize their brand and turn it into a flexible platform for numerous users. The wireless data transfer set by Facebook is a record-breaker that can transfer 36 GB of data every second over 13 kilometres using millimetre wave technology. Another system developed by Facebook is in testing and is known as the terragraph system. This multimeter wave system can deliver fibre-like multi gigabytes of performance and reliability. Apart from this, the company is also working on a lot more to maintain its top position. There is a dire need for skilled developers to work and contribute to developing this brand.

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It is quite remarkable how the application handles over two billion or more daily users. The color of the website/application is blue, and the services running this site can be referred to as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). This social media app is developed as a monolithic application. Still, the services running this giant social media network have to be modified and changed to incorporate upcoming trendy features. Some technical features of this network system are mentioned below: -

  • Facebook uses PHP with a compiler that can be turned into native code on the server to enhance the performance.
  • Another one is Linux which the developers modify according to the need and, more specifically, to manage the large network.
  • MySQL is another one used by Facebook to persistently store data. The developers optimize this network by moving joins and logic to store the data even more efficiently.

Apart from this, there are many custom-written systems; for example, Haystack used to serve high amounts of photons and functions according to Facebook's needs. The current popular software that Facebook uses is Memcached for caching layers between the MySQL server and the webserver. Over the years, the company has optimized this according to their networking sites' needs.

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Important features of Facebook

Facebook is an exceptionally good platform for those who want to market their brand and establish a social image of their business. Optimizing the profile, feed, status, and pages can help the marketer reach potential customers more efficiently. Facebook has a few important features that can be of great help. For example, the insight page (Facebook insights). This page can come with a watch feature that can help an individual keep an eye on its competitors' progress. Facebook also allows businesses to export their Facebook insights data. The exported data can be used by businesses to understand customer response to their services and thus improve their business strategies and goals. Facebook has a great number of users, and at the same time, it is also saturated with many brands working on expanding their businesses. So, one especially important feature offered by Facebook is Audience Optimization which allows these businesses to target a specific audience and promote their brand and services accordingly.

Facebook also has something called relevance score measuring. This helps brands to understand how effective their ads are and how well their brand is working on the platform. So, with the world rapidly becoming a global market, Facebook is a particularly important platform for the existing and the emerging business and the trading world.

Roles and responsibilities of Facebook developers

  • Facebook developer's core responsibility is to design and code functional programs for the already existing application. 
  • The developer needs to be able to work very efficiently in a team and with individuals with extraordinarily little supervision. 
  • The developer needs to be familiar with several operating systems and platforms. 
  • A highly skilled developer must also have an analytical mindset and a sharp eye to point and structure the tiniest details. 
  • The developer must be able to write flawless codes for producing the most efficient application functions.

Required Skills

  • The developer must understand his clients' requirements and know how to convert those said requirements into proper application features.
  • A developer must collaborate with a team of IT professionals on improvising the features of the existing software and developing new ones.
  • They must also have a creative mindset to design unique and creative prototypes as per the specifications mentioned.
  • Time management is also especially important. A good developer must work on high-quality codes and complete the target in a specified period.
  • The developer should know how to perform unit and integration testing, functional and non-functional testing, troubleshoot and debug an application.
  • He should also have some knowledge of designing technical documents to represent his work systematically.

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Salary Structure of Facebook developers

According to the data obtained from Glassdoor.com, the average reported salary of a Facebook developer in India could go up to $35,000 annually. In contrast, the reported salaries of the developers in the USA is comparatively extremely high. The average salary of a Facebook developer is reported to be around $160,000. Any skilled developer at Facebook is paid higher than in many other companies. Below is the list of salaries of various positions at Facebook.

Developer's position

Salary in USD

Data Engineer


Product manager


Production engineer


Technical Program Engineer


Software engineering manager


Freelancer and contractual basis work

A lot of software developers choose to work as freelancers. A Facebook developer who does not exactly want to work with the company can choose to work on a contract basis. He/she can do freelance work and work with the brands that run their business pages on Facebook. He/she can help develop the brand pages and connect with Facebook to do collaborative work for this brand's promotion. Working on a contract basis or as a freelancer can give flexibility in taking up multiple projects simultaneously.

Facebook development certification

Facebook has its competitive exams to test a developer's skill sets in the technical delivery of the best marketing solution. The certification test is divided into two parts: a multiple-choice questions-based test, and another is a coding assessment test. The total exam duration in total is around 2 hours and 30 minutes. This examination is necessary to be a part of the Facebook developing team. There are various positions at which the candidates that clear the exams are hired at such as software developers, IT consultants, front end engineers, technology consultants, website developers, technical partner managers and whatnot. There is a constant need for supporting developers, technicians, and managers who can make this networking site run even more efficiently and contribute to maintaining the brand's top position. There is a lot of scope here for highly skilled developers and technicians. Working as a Facebook developer can be a particularly good career choice.

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