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Hire GIS Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire GIS Developers

GIS developers are responsible for designing and developing GIS software. GIS or Geographic Information Systems refers to the programs that show the geospatial data. GIS software is tasked with capturing, storing, manipulating, storing, and analyzing data associated with geography and spatial aspects. One of the most common examples of GIS software is Google Maps. 

However, it does not stop at Google Maps. The area of implementation of GIS is far bigger than one mobile application. Ever since we are merging towards a better and more connected world, the impact and utilization of GIS in the development world is increasing. Hence, there is a heightened need to hire GIS developers and fulfill the requirements. 

A GIS developer’s main task is to maintain, design, and program the GIS mapping solutions. However, the roles and responsibilities can change according to the company’s requirements. Within the broader area of the work that needs to be done, a GIS developer needs to have programming skills and understand how to create metadata, build models, along with working knowledge of ASP.NET, among other similar technologies. 

When looking for a person to work on your GIS software development tasks, look for three major qualifications. The efficiency of programming skills, data management abilities, and understanding of spatial analysis and algorithms. To hire GIS developers who can work for your organization, you need to first assess your requirements in relation to the current and future requirements. 

Depending on your requirements, you will need GIS analysts, GIS technicians, GIS specialists, GIS project managers, Geodesist, Remote Sensing Analyst, GIS developer, etc. Where all the other fields have specific requirements, our focus will be to help you find the best GIS developers.

GIS Developer Development Technologies


ArcGIS is one of the main applications a GIS developer will use while working on the GIS applications and systems. Developed by ESRI, ArcGIS is used in the development of drawing symbols, loading maps with the help of ESRI ArcGIS JavaScript API. Along with this, the developers need to understand the Production part of this application and incorporate it within the GIS software that is being built. 

The ArcGIS application has APIs, tools, and location services meant to streamline the process of building mapping applications and solutions. There are templates to build solutions for the GIS software and platform-based builders that make it easy to speed up the development part without getting involved in a lot of coding. 


The .NET framework comes from Microsoft, and its association with GIS is done to help developers take control over the geographic objects used in the development process. Furthermore, the latest version of this technology provides performance and rendering optimization. This makes customization and development of the geographic objects developers use in the development process easy and quick. 

The GIS.NET has base classes for the developers to inherit and create classes for utilization in the GIS software. The GIS developers you wish to hire must have prior knowledge and experience in these aspects as they are crucial to build the perfect software. Several components are associated with GIS.NET, like Asset Tracking, Tile Sets, etc., which help expand the circle of possibilities in GIS software development. 


Python is the standard language in GIS application development and ESRI. Python has many libraries that GIS developers can use to create the most authentic and practical solutions. ArcGIS is one of the main systems used in GIS development. It is also fully compatible with Python, which further increases the circle of developers who can help you build effective GIS-based solutions. 

So, when you want to hire GIS developers, their understanding of Python and its frameworks, SDKs, and IDEs is an essential factor for assessing the candidate’s qualifications. Besides the mapping systems, the developers who are familiar with Python can also leverage Numpy or Pandas, both of which are based on Python, to include data analysis and management aspects into development. 


JavaScript is the first choice among other programming languages for creating web applications with GIS functionality. JavaScript and its associated systems offer advanced web development possibilities. JavaScript is present in almost every browser available on the web, which makes using JavaScript for web-based GIS applications a perfect choice. 

Advanced GIS systems have 3D mapping capabilities, and here too, JavaScript is useful as CesiumJS, OSM Buildings, and MapBox GL provides 3D visualization capabilities.


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Visual Basic for Applications

VBA might be an old technology, but it has several advantages making it a better choice for working with GIS development tasks. VBA is a good technology to write and implement logic, which is crucial to building GIS software. Moreover, it has access to ArcObjects, ArcMap, and ArcCatalog. Connectivity with these ArcGIS applications means that a developer who uses ArcGIS will find working with VBA much better and faster. 

With so many technologies involved, GIS developers need to learn fast and work faster. They must be able to understand the work requirements and build effective solutions while working with the best set of technologies. As a company, you can devote your resources and time to find good GIS developers and bring everyone up to speed with the tasks and projects associated with your organization. 

A better option is to get in touch with Skuad and let us know about your requirements, and share the qualities of an ideal GIS developer for your organization. Skuad has access to global talent pools, and we can easily help you hire perfect GIS developers who can augment your projects and help you build a better company. 

Since we have experience and understanding of the industry, we can do the same work in less time and cost than the time and cost you will spend.

GIS Developer Development Industries

1. Automotive

Automotive companies like Uber use GIS in innovative ways and create effective mapping solutions for their user base. As a company, which heavily relies on geospatial data and leverages the capabilities of GIS to create precise and accurate solutions that benefit the company and its users. Uber uses GIS for functions other than booking a ride. With the help of a project called Movement, Uber leverages GIS to monitor and analyze the flow of traffic in cities. 

2. Healthcare 

In this domain, you will find GIS developers working to create mapping solutions that show the incidence of a disease or a condition on the map. Walgreens, a company that creates and offers the Influenza vaccine, uses GIS solutions to create maps showing the areas with predicted data on the severity of Influenza. They use GIS solutions to share information and warn the community about the upcoming threat. 

3. Food and Retail

Retail counters and food outlets open up shop in areas that get the highest footprint and have the potential to see future gains. Starbucks follows the same strategy as they rely heavily on GIS to find out the best place in the city for new stores. For this, they utilize mapping solutions to find the best and most profitable locations to open up a new outlet. 

4 Management and Preservation

Organizations that manage large areas of land or species need GIS solutions to map out the different areas and create customized solutions for their purposes. The National Park Service works on a similar model and uses GIS for rescue and search operations when tourists get lost on the trails. They use GIS solutions to share detailed maps of the terrain and the entire area. 

Many use cases of GIS mapping solutions can help drive an organization’s approach to build a better overall system. However, you also need qualified and experienced GIS developers to make everything possible. From surveying to navigation, agricultural applications, and organizations that use GIS technology, they need to understand its impact and potential. 

Success in creating the right GIS solutions depends a lot on the developers you are hiring. So, it is essential to build a network of intelligent developers to work on your project. Skuad offers an innovative approach for companies who want to create advanced solutions in this domain by helping them onboard the right people. 

With us, you will find professional developers who are keen to innovate and work harder while finding effective solutions to every problem. 

Hard Skills Required for GIS Developers

  • Credible experience in ESRI and ArcGIS, QGIS, and other related technologies. 
  • Can handle the documentation and implementation of geospatial tools for developing mapping solutions. 
  • Experience in the enterprise geodatabase environment, preferably with ESRI’s enterprise database solution. 
  • Holds a good amount of experience in working with Python, JavaScript, C++, and .NET. 
  • Can create customized REST endpoints and middleware for ArcGIS. 
  • Knows how to work with ArcGIS, especially for the development part. 
  • Understands JavaScript API, script development, and automation systems. 
  • Can solve the technical problems associated with geospatial data management. 
  • Has an understanding of geospatial modeling and system analysis. 
  • Holds experience and expertise in GIS.NET and VBA programming for creating high-impact GIS solutions.

Soft Skills Required for GIS Developer

  • Great at technical writing, understanding, and sharing knowledge with others on the team. 
  • Can communicate fluently with the senior and junior team members. 
  • Has the ability to talk to clients and help you understand the nuances of the project in an easy-to-understand manner. 
  • Has analytical skills and a problem-solving attitude, along with the ability to take on challenges as they arise. 
  • Is a good team player and possesses excellent time management skills. 
  • Ensures deliverability of the project with minimal hurdles along the way. 
  • Effective interpersonal skills and self-motivation to survive and grow in a competitive environment. 
  • Understands the importance of teamwork and collective intelligence. 

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