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Google AdWords Developers

Hire Google AdWords Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


Google AdWords is one of the most popular platforms that marketers utilize to promote a business’ products, images, website, or other online properties by using various keywords to create revenue or sales. It is a type of short ad copy containing keywords presented on Google SERP (search engine results page) to individuals and businesses once the information that is sought matches the keywords.

AdWords provides an effective system for an advertiser to generate web traffic despite having to acquire advertising inventory on certain sites. This can be achieved by aligning appropriate advertising material to content on a publisher page. Advertisers often pay–per–click (cost per click), thus generating money for AdWords, which is split with the publisher in proportion. It not only allows advertisers to pay for genuine traffic (AdWords uses a variety of approaches to identify and reduce fraudulent clicks), but it also allows publishers to monetize their content which had earlier been under-monetized or un-monetized. Google Ads also provides CPM (cost per mile) marketing; website targeted promotion (primarily for textual, graphic, and multimedia ads), & re-targeting in addition to CPC (cost per click) adverts. Regional, provincial, and worldwide distribution options are available for this form of web advertising. The headlines are typically 25 characters in length, with moderate correlation text lines of 35 characters and even a URL of 35 characters.

Google AdWords’ primary feature is how it allows advertisers to place their advertising towards any certain region, dialect, or perhaps even IP address limitations. The number of IP addresses or address ranges that can be excluded is limited to 500. Publishers can use a control centre to designate Google network sites to market by entering keywords, web addresses, subjects, and demographic choices. These reasons are enough to acknowledge why companies, brands, and other enterprises hire Google AdWords Developers.

A portion of Google Ads’ model is based upon cookies, while half is focused on terms selected by advertisers. Google uses these attributes to position advertisements on sites which it analyses to be appropriate. Advertisers are compensated when visitors redirect their surfing towards the ‘click on ad copy’. Advertisements can be run on a local, national, or global level.

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Google’s text adverts are designed to be like typical search engine results. The Interactive Advertising Bureau has authorized multiple diverse standardized sizes for image adverts (IAB). Extended Text Ads were introduced by Google in May 2016, enabling 23 percent additional text.

Advertisers could also choose to let their ads appear on Google’s member firms, which include AOL search, Ask.com, and Netscape, as well as gain a share of the revenue produced.

Advantages of Google AdWords

Google offers visual and text ads on search results, thanks to its 2 million advertising partner sites. According to estimates, that firm controls 18 percent of all media marketing, including online and traditional.

  • On the world’s biggest web browser, outrank business rivals

Your intended audience would not be able to purchase from your company when they simply can’t visit your website. This is why so many companies use Google AdWords. They understand that using the strong advertising network; businesses will afford to pay to be there at the top of search engine pages (SERPs) for specific keywords.

This is a frequent strategy of e-commerce platforms, which really can spend on keywords related to the products they sell and use this as a constant supply for sales. E-commerce enterprises can use Google Shopping advertisements to reach their customers who are still searching to buy something.

  • AdWords let businesses reach a wider audience for their product or brand

Another significant benefit of search marketing is that it allows reaching a huge potential audience. Among the most difficult problems for a new brand is establishing name recognition, and creating a reputation used to be a long, laborious process that requires time, effort, and patience. Anybody who understands Google AdWords’ Express, Ad networks, textual advertisements, and the complexities of Google’s search network can develop a business at the moment.

  • SEO Is Slower Than Google Ads

In the end, many companies will benefit from such a strategy that combines search ads and SEO. This hybrid technique is referred to as search engine marketing, and it combines the perfect combination. SEO takes a forward-thinking approach to assist businesses in reaching their target market in the future. Short-term, immediate traffic can be attracted using Google display ads, Google advertisements, social media ads, re-targeting, Google video advertising, and text ads.

  • Advertisements on Google AdWords’ could be customized to reach the appropriate people at the correct time.

Advertisements are said to be always about getting the targeted individual in the right location at the right moment with the appropriate message. Another of the best features of Google Ads, especially its advertising network, is that you may schedule your ads ahead of time using particular restrictions.

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Roles and responsibilities of a Google AdWords Developer

An AdWords Professional handles clients’ PPC, CPC, and CPA advertising campaigns. S/he must be able to rapidly recognize and support ideas that will help the organization achieve its goals and advance its campaigns.

  • If necessary, maintain PPC ads on Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, and other browsers.
  • Support with keywords, bid identification and monitoring, expense caps, as well as other essential account KPIs.
  • Revise the relevant keywords and keep track of them.
  • Generate creative advertising ideas.
  • In cooperation with the client’s goals, make recommendations and include approaches for keywords resources, marketing structure, re-targeting, networks display, and other facets for pay–per–click searches.
  • Facilitate the growth of fresh paid search advertising, ad groups, including profiles, and the launch of new paid marketing campaigns.
  • Using relevant search channels, monitor and analyze search terms and search success.

Skills Required

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Paid Search are all skills that you should have (PPC).
  • A bachelor’s or master’s qualification. Ideally, in marketing or management.
  • Google Ads accreditation is necessary.
  • It is preferable to have performed in a marketing agency.
  • Microsoft Office enthusiast
  • Should have Google Analytics, Bing Analytics, as well as another site advanced analytics 
  • Ads 360, formerly marketed as “DoubleClick Searches,” is a familiar name.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Google AdWords Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure for a Google AdWords Developer

The average annual compensation for a Google AdWords’ Developer is US $57,564. Salary for an Ad Developer would vary from US $51,680 to US $79,982 annually. This calculation is based on 14 pay information prepared by Google AdWords Developer workers or approximated using statistical techniques. When bonuses and other forms of remuneration are considered, AdWords Developers can expect to earn a total annual salary of US $67,988. Independent developers can earn anywhere between US $60 and US $75 per hour, depending on their skills and workload.

Freelancing and contractual basis work

There are plenty of opportunities available for freelancing professionals with expert knowledge of Google AdWords. Many companies look to outsource their requirements related to Google AdWords to lower their costs and enjoy better services. If you have acquired expert-level skills in this platform, there is a huge earning potential. The salary for contractual developers is often good, and it is entirely contingent upon the agreed contract

Google AdWords Certification

90 percent of customers agree advertisements have an impact on their purchasing decisions. Paid search advertising, according to 75% of users, makes it easier to discover information. Sixty-six percent of shoppers prefer internet buying to traditional purchasing. A Google ad has been clicked on by 63% of people. Google controls 76 percent of the search engine market. Google controls 73 percent of the sponsored search market. A PPC campaign is used by 65 percent of small-to-medium-sized enterprises. The top three paid ads in search results receive 46% of clicks. These stats are enough to understand the growth of Google AdWords and the booming opportunities for developers ahead. So, obtaining a certification in Google AdWords is unquestionably worthwhile!

This not only allows businesses of all sizes to reach millions of consumers, but it is also quite affordable. Businesses have a lot of flexibility because they can initiate, halt, and alter their offerings at any moment. It is easy, and that is why AdWords has become so popular with the masses compared to other types of advertisement.

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