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Hire Google Analytics Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics services in present times. This service is provided by Google and helps the users to track and report website traffic. Google Analytics is now offered as a part of the Google Marketing Platform as a distinct platform. After acquiring the service in 2005, Google released it as Google Analytics. It is now the most widely used platform for conducting web analytics for different online platforms. Google Analytics is now available for mobile OS in the form of an SDK that permits gathering usage statistics from various iOS and Android apps. 

Since its debut, Google Analytics has introduced several distinct iterations. The platform is currently in its fourth iteration, referred to as GA4. GA4, which is now the only available Google Analytics version, may be a rebranded edition of the Web+App property, whose beta version was introduced in the year 2019.

GA4 has now replaced Universal Analytics. Natural interaction with Google's Big Query is among GA4's standout features, which was earlier exclusively available along with Enterprise GA 360. Google is attempting to integrate all its free users and the GA with the larger cloud offering with this move.

More about Google Analytics

Google Analytics is employed to trace the website activity of persons using the location, like duration of a session on the website, pages explored per session, bounce rate of the users, and details regarding the source from where the traffic is being driven to the website. It is often utilized in conjunction with Google Ads, allowing users to develop and evaluate online campaigns by monitoring landing page quality and conversions (goals). Various objectives like sales, visiting a selected website, generating leads, downloading some files, and several other objectives can also be set in Google Analytics. Google Analytics has the technique of depicting detailed dashboard-style data to new users and more in-depth data through various reports for experienced users.

Thousands of individuals use Google Analytics on a day-to-day basis to trace and report on their websites. Google Analytics is not just one of the foremost comprehensive analytics platforms online. Still, it is also completely free, which is vital to a small business eager to maximize its online marketing budget. That is why more and more companies are now looking to hire Google Analytics developers.

Google Website Optimizer has been rebranded as Google Apps Content Experiments.  Cohort analysis in Google Analytics allows you to investigate the behavior of subsets of your user base that are not part of your general user base. It is advantageous to marketers and analysts for the successful implementation of a marketing plan.


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Important features of Google Analytics

  • Traffic statistics from Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a traffic reporter at its most basic level. The service will inform you of the daily number of visitors to your website. You may also look at patterns over time to see how they affect your internet marketing decisions.

  • Conversation tracking

You may measure conversion points on your website using Google Analytics once you have identified them (for example, a contact form submission, an e-commerce sale, or a phone call). You will be able to observe when someone converted, as well as what traffic source referred them.

  • Keyword recommendations

Have you ever wondered what your visitors were looking for when they came to your site? You can see what terms users used to reach you with Google Analytics, which can impact your SEO strategy.

  • Referral from a third party

You will be able to observe which third-party websites drove visitors to your site. This is beneficial since you will be able to discover which sites are worth spending more time on, as well as whether any new sites have begun linked to yours.

  • Dashboards that are unique to you

You can construct semi-custom dashboards for your metrics using Google Analytics. You can add web traffic, conversions, and keyword referrals to your dashboard if they are essential to you. When you log in to your website's profile, the first screen you see is your dashboard, which can be saved to PDF and CSV format for easy sharing of your report's

These five capabilities of Google Analytics are just the tip of the iceberg. It is remarkable the kinds of insights you can get out of the platform if you are well-versed with using it.

Skills required

  • Ability to measure and track data
  • Understand the processing engine and the process of making changes
  • Database exploration and analysis
  • Making custom segments
  • Writing (regex) regular expression
  • Making data-driven decisions
  • Visualizing data
  • Customizing data
  • Making custom reports

Responsibilities and responsibilities

  • To record and evaluate usage patterns, drop-off, and conversion rates, the Google Analytics Specialist will define, create, and execute Google Analytics reports and accompanying tools.
  • To improve the participant experience, such efforts will drive product strategy and feature development.
  • Create reports to keep track of important data sources and integrations to get data into the platform.
  • Execute reports daily.
  • Keep an eye on customer behavior to spot drop-offs, conversion rates, and other useful information.
  • Maintain usage behavior trends throughout time.
  • Correlate product/configuration modifications to increased usage or lower drop-off rates.
  • Inform and educate product, engineering, and analytics teams about usage metrics and platform efficacy and make recommendations for changes.
  • Facilitate the creation of new pages in Google Analytics to track usage behavior.
  • Customer requirements for individual monitoring requests are reviewed and assessed.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Google Analytics Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary of Google Analytics Developers

In today's world, analytics has become a buzzword in every industry. Major choices of business enterprises are based on data analysis, and all businesses love data. Google Analytics has become a must-have tool for digital marketing entities. When we consider how businesses are increasingly turning to digital media for client acquisition, Google Analytics' potential is growing by the day. 

The average salary for a Google Analytics Developer is US $90,640. Google Analytics Developer with Google can range from US $41,000 - $170,000. After factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, Google Analytics Developer can expect to make an average total of US $92,293.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work

Freelancers and contractual developers earn a good sum on an hourly basis or according to their contract. Many new companies and established entities are looking to outsource the work of a Google Analytics developer to a freelancer. This allows them to get more work completed at a fraction of a cost. On the other hand, freelancers and contractors have the opportunity to work with leading companies, work at their own leisure, and earn a handsome amount. A Google Analytics Developer's average remuneration can expect as a freelancer depends on the skills and experience.

Google Analytics Certification

Over 30 million websites use Google Analytics. The demand for Google Analytics Developers continues to rise steadily. Companies want assistance in establishing, monitoring, and comprehending their analytics accounts. It is certainly worth your time to pursue the Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification. Certification will provide you with a wealth of relevant analytic knowledge that will help you better comprehend Google Analytics.

You will learn everything that is there to know about Google Analytics and how to use it to better understand your website's statistics. Additionally, your certification qualifies you to work as a competent web analyst for any organization that needs a skilled Google Analytics Developer.

If you are thinking of starting a career in Google Analytics, just go for it. This is the most in-demand expertise in the digital domain, and more businesses are looking for experts in this field.

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