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Hire Google Cloud Platform Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hiring Google Cloud Platform Developer

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a set of cloud services supplied by Google which operates on the very same architecture of Google's internal final products like Google Search, Gmail, file storage, and YouTube. It offers several flexible cloud computing services like processing, data management, database management, and data science, in addition to a set of managerial tools. Google Cloud Platform is indeed a collection of Google's open cloud services. This platform comprises a variety of Google-hosted resources for computation, storing, and systems integration. Programmers, cloud engineers, and other commercial IT experts can use Google Cloud Platform facilities or a private local network.

Google Cloud Platform provides support for app integration. For instance, Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a controlled, real-time networking program that allows apps to access data. Furthermore, Google Cloud Nodes enable developers to establish. API-based operations that give them access to iOS, Android, and JavaScript users. Unicast DNS servers, direct network hook-ups, load balancing, monitoring, and logging services are among the other services available. Due to such features, many companies use the Google Cloud Platform and, thus hires google cloud platform Developer's.

Google intends to increase its cloud platform with relatively high technologies like data analytics and machine intelligence. Google BigQuery, providing SQL-like searches against multi-terabyte data sets, is a corporation's big data service enabling information processing and statistics. Furthermore, Google Cloud Dataflow is still an information processing central platform for statistics, ETL, and real-time computation operations. Google Cloud Dataproc also provides Apache Spark and Hadoop facilities for massive data analysis.

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The modern Google Cloud Platform enables software and hardware solutions that co-exist independently in information centres. These items operate to provide specialized services. Clients can readily obtain, operate, and use the resources needed through a web-based program, and the same is applicable for cloud operations.

GCP has risen to prominence because it has aided programmers and software developers in creating a cloud-based operating system that aids in the design and research of applications using web servers. Everyone can access the Google cloud platform through the webserver.


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Important Features of Google Cloud Platform

  • Availability of better pricing plans: In terms of cost, Google Cloud Servers are significantly cheaper than some other platform hosting plans, giving Google an edge over its rivals. Users only have to sign up with all the other necessary information for using this facility. All he needs is a credit card or bank account number. All users are not compelled to subscribe because they choose to switch to different plans as needed. At any time, you can cancel your membership.
  • Improved Execution: Google has evaluated the effectiveness of its Cloud-Based Hosting Service for businesses. The information can be processed remotely using a wide range of applications by users. The architecture is adaptable enough to handle a variety of processes. If you decide to shift to GCP, users will notice a significant reduction in the time it takes for your project to proceed.
  • A personal network: The private network boosts productivity, reliability, and management skills. Google contributes to the creation of its networking, allowing users to determine the application's adaptability they are presently operating on. For whichever cloud platform, the GCP network connection is a game-changer. When a system employs transmission lines to carry data, the connection becomes more effective since the connections are strong enough to accommodate any quantity of load.
  • Safety and Management: Google has its own very efficient and robust network architecture. The crew includes a large number of support professionals and researchers for cloud platform's cybersecurity. Google's cloud technology constantly encrypts the data. ISPs play an important role in cybersecurity. Regarding data protection, there is always the notion of method commitment.
  • Consistent Development Commitment: Google Cloud Platform also includes servers. A substantial structure surrounds the public domain. In response to evolving demands, this technology has likewise been constructed at a rapid pace. The Google platform will be expanded to other places in the days ahead. This will aid in the development of a powerful Google network. Google is now present in 17 locations.

Roles and Responsibilities of Google Cloud Platform Developers

Cloud developers with expertise use search processes and the ability to make flexible and easily deployable apps. This person is knowledgeable on cloud services development tools, systems integration, and next-generation analytics. A skilled cloud developer also knows how to analyze and monitor code using at least one special computer language and generate relevant statistics and records.

A GCP developer's responsibilities vary depending on the sort of development he or she works on, though daily, individuals are mostly accountable tasks:

  • They oversee the creation of the GCP design solution.
  • Google Cloud Platform developers are responsible for representing their products in customer meetings.
  • They must work on the GCP architecture per their company's demands and specifications.
  • They must also operate with GCS (Google Cloud SQL) to handle user or customer data.

Skills Required

  • Previous knowledge of platforms as well as Microservices.
  • GCP Designer or GCP Programmer certificate that is widely recognized.
  • Familiarity with Cloud Service, Applications Engine, and Kubernetes Engine. 
  • Developers must be capable of using Database and Data Analytics services.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Google Cloud Platform Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure for Cloud Platform Developers

In the United States, the average annual compensation for a Google Cloud Platform Developer is US $151,720. Salary ranges from US $111,317 to US $202,680 per year for Google Cloud developers. This calculation is based on 33 compensation reports submitted anonymously by Google Cloud developers. Its estimation is based on observable methodologies as reported by glassdoor.com. As reported by talent.com, the typical Google Cloud Platform compensation is US $124,800 annually, or US $64 an hourly. The starting salary for entry-level occupations is US $120,900 annually, with most experienced workers earning up to US $200,000 annually.

Freelancing and Contractual Basis Work

Freelance developers earn approx. $64 per hour. The remuneration is based on the experience and the work done by the developer. On a contractual basis, the developer earns according to the contract signed; it can be according to an hourly or monthly rate. As an increasing number of companies are looking for experienced freelance developers, excellent opportunities can be availed in this domain.

Google Cloud Platform Certification

There is a huge boom in the Google Cloud platform at present and is expected in future too. Obtaining a certification in the Google Cloud platform will be of great help for individuals who are aspiring for a bright and demanding career. Google Cloud generated $4.047 billion in revenue during the first period of 2021, according to Alphabet, Google's parent corporation. This is up 46% again from the previous year's $2.78 billion. Several of the most innovative companies like Planet Labs, Lush Cosmetics, and Evernote have recognized this and chosen Cloud Services. Google Cloud was able to take Spotify and Apple off Amazon's grasp, indicating that it would not be too long until Google Cloud is the world's no.1 cloud platform.

In terms of whether you should study it or not, the expanding popularity of the Google Cloud Platform will entice you to do so. Obtaining a certification in the Google Cloud platform can help you to gain access to large corporations as well as a handsome salary and a promising future.

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