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Hire Google Scripts Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Google Scripts developers

Google has become the most extensively used search engine in the world and also a major player across several areas of technology. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google runs almost 75% of the smartphones on Android, resulting in the mobile search traffic of 95% and worldwide search traffic of 92% only on the search engine.

Android has played a major role in the popularity of Google applications across countries. It became the fifth-largest company in the world (Alphabet- Google’s parent company) with a capital of $1.301 trillion in 2020. Google has developed many impressive apps, including Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Docs, Calendar, Earth, Meet, Drive, Sheets, and Lens, that have made people’s life easier, convenient and comfortable.

The Google Apps Script or Google Script is the cloud-based scripting language used for enhancing the functionality of Google Apps and developing lightweight cloud-based) applications. In simple terms, the Google Script can modify the app to suit your requirements, like emailing replies for people automatically, automating repetitive tasks, and saving attachments from Gmail to Google Drive. So, many companies are looking to hire Google Scripts developers that can help make the Google apps more user-friendly, robust, and accessible.

The Google Script developer can programmatically modify, create or deploy specific actions that otherwise might require the use of an Apps Script editor, and the person should have the knowledge of the Google App Scripts. Although app scripts can resolve your everyday problem, a Google Script developer can only solve professional software development issues.

The Apps script is free to use and by anyone who has a google account. An amateur can start writing a scripting code in modern times with the help of many helpful environments. Suppose you consider hiring a Google Scripts developer. In that case, they might use the Integral Development Environment (IDE) to test all their programming skills and debugging errors to develop the perfect application meeting your needs.

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Tools and Developing Technology of Google Script

Google App Scripts supports over 5 million weekly active scripts incorporated into the Google Suite Apps and more than 1 billion everyday executions by many developers for their clients.

The three new tools for improving the workflow and managing Google App Scripts are:

  • The Apps Script dashboard will help you to debug, monitor, and manage all your projects in one place.
  • The Apps Script API lets you programmatically manage App Script source files, deployments and versions.
  • The Apps Script Command Line Interference grants you access to the Apps Script API functionality from your shell and terminal scripts.

The above tools allow a developer to do the following tasks:

Apps Script dashboard:

  • Search and view all your projects in one place.
  • Monitor the health and usage of your projects.
  • View details about every individual project.
  • View a log of project executions and terminate the long-running project executions.

Apps Script API:

  • Create, read, delete and update source files, script projects, and versions.
  • Manage entry points (web app, add-on, execution) and project deployment.
  • Process data and obtain project execution metrics.
  • Run script functions.

Apps Script Command Line Interface:

  • Permission to access the management functionality of Apps Script API.
  • Create, push and pull App Script projects.
  • Manage version and deployment with terminal commands and shell scripts.
  • Write and maintain your Apps Script projects using any environment you want. 

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Roles and Responsibilities of Google Apps Script developers

Google Apps are the most extensively used applications on most Android devices and many laptops, PCs, and tablets. If you are looking to hire Google Scripts developer, make sure the developer has the following capabilities:

  • Should closely work with clients to understand the technical and business requirements for their business.
  • Should consistently communicate with the client on the project status and functional items of the application to help identify areas of technical risk and offer different solutions to mitigate the threats detected.
  • Should have a robust technical knowledge of Google Apps Script to provide solutions that can modify Google products to meet the client’s business requirements.
  • Have proper time management skills and know-how to prioritize tasks, however large or small.

The role of a Google Apps Script developer cannot be confined to these four points, but a lot is happening in the back-end of the application’s development. Higher the years of experience, the higher the responsibility of the developer.

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Requirements- Hard Skills

  • Should have a robust technical knowledge of Google APIs such as Apps Script, Proxy configuration, troubleshooting, and Directory SDK.
  • Have hands-on development experience on Google Apps Script.
  • Agile development practices.
  • Strong knowledge of Google G Suite APIs (Drive, Gmail, Docs, Admin, Directory, etc.)
  • Proficient in the advanced use of G Suite applications (Docs, Forms, Slide, and definitely Google Sheets)
  • Have the ability to work independently in a dynamic and high-pressure environment.
  • Should be able to multitask in a fast-paced environment with minimal oversight and direction.
  • Have complete experience with databases, networking, LDAP, and migrating between different messaging versions/platforms.
  • Hold the understanding of the VPN concept, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox.
  • Experience in Security (Kerberos, NTML, SAML), Authentication vs. Authorization, and Web Technology concepts.
  • Strong understanding of EMail Routing, DNS, SMTP / application Mail Relay, and Email Tracking.
  • Include appropriate and solid programming knowledge with Java, Python, or similar language, Linux operating systems, and writing code for web-based applications.
  • Possess a good understanding of App Sheet, SharePoint, Data Studio, BigQuery, JavaScript, HTML, and Typescript.
  • Able to provide instant solutions to resolve various technical issues/errors.

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Requirements- Soft Skills

  • Fluent knowledge of the English language is necessary.
  • Should be willing to learn and accustom to emerging and complex technologies.
  • Project/Team Leadership Experience is desirable, not mandatory.
  • Being a team player, working at high standards, and delivering outstanding quality applications are the most critical skills required.
  • Carry experience in translating business requirements into cost-effective technical solutions.
  • Knowing how to ask for guidance and when to receive assistance.
  • Retain a dedication to customer service and a quality work ethic.
  • Readiness to work in rotational shifts.
  • Capacity to tackle challenging problems and find creative solutions to solve them.
  • Ability to have a positive, passionate, and solution-oriented mindset.
  • Unique qualities like attention to detail, critical thinking, and a quick problem-solving approach are needed.
  • Impressive experience in Google Apps Script and in writing robust code.
  • Improve your overall skills and learn from and mentor proficient engineers and develop other team members.
  • Approaching high-pressure works with serenity and patience is a great skill set for a developer.

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  • Experience in the software field can be the added benefit or even fresher if they are skilled or certified and confident enough to take work.
  • Hands-on experience of a minimum of one year with Google Apps Script.
  • Capability to learn and adapt to new technologies in no time.
  • Solid experience in building Google Suite Adds-on for Docs, Slides, Sheets, Directory, etc.
  • Considerable work on current software tools and technologies.
  • Ability to work in any environment and passionate about working with developer’s tools.
  • Easy understanding of SQL and data queries, in general, is essential.

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Salary Structure

The Salary of Google Apps Script developers varies and depends on various factors like company guidelines and country regulations, affecting the final pay. According to market research, an average salary of a Google Apps Script developer varies between ₹453,000 - ₹600,000 per year. The salary packages will change with time and the introduction of new technologies. Moreover, the factors such as location, individual’s experience, job title, working hours, and many others will heavily determine the final earnings.

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Google Scripts Developers Certification

Obtaining a Google Developers Certification will display your proficiency and skill in Google Apps Script to the approaching clients, companies, or business owners. It will help you boost your professional career significantly and set a foundation for your technical knowledge quotient. By frequently updating yourself with the latest software tools and technology, you will have a solid grip over the recent applications and the ability to gain faster problem-solving techniques. The certification will offer you the confidence to handle many unfavorable situations and complex coding issues with ease and utmost efficiency, resulting in overall career growth. For the industries that are looking to hire google scripts developers these days, certification has become a must-have trend for everyone.

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Key takeaways

  • Google Apps Script is an excellent tool to build customized features on Google suite products for your business requirements.
  • Develop code from a self-contained desktop environment in a web browser.
  • Able to create complex and dynamic code systems that can interact with other existing technologies for a seamless application workflow.
  • Google Apps Script learning can assist you in combining the resources stored in one Google App to every other application of Google product.
  • Obtaining certification makes you more eligible for industries looking to hire Google Scripts Developer and it helps developers to boost their professional career in unexpected ways with multiple projects and customized applications from employers, business owners, and companies.
  • Build automation in any Google product in the JavaScript language.

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Industry Expertise 

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