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Google Tag Manager developers

Hire Google Tag Manager developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Google Tag Manager developer

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that enables users to manage the marketing tags on their business website and any mobile application without modifying the codes. Google Tag Manager allows sharing of data and information between the user website and the analytics tools. It is a portable place in the virtual world that allows its users to manage multiple tags in just one space. The Google Tag Manager only needs the developer for modification and optimization purposes. Otherwise, managing the tags is so easy that the users do not need developers for guidance on management. They can do so on their own. This tool is not like Google Analytics. It is mainly used to store and manage third-party codes. One cannot perform any sort of analysis with these codes. With Google Tag Manager, customization of the data to be sent for the analysis is made very easy. One can set up and track many events with the tag manager.

In this business-driven world, one needs to be very careful. The competition today is immense, and each competitor wants the best for their enterprise. Google and many other companies have developed many online solutions for industries and businesses to manage their name and brand image online. Google Tag Manager is one tool that is very useful to marketers and business owners who want to promote their brand image online. These tags allow the users to track their business online, to analyze and predict the market by collecting the tags and sending them to Google Analytics; they can market their brand and do so much more with it. The developers who are skilled in developing these tags according to their client's requirements have higher chances of having a successful career as Google Tag Manager developers

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The Google Tag Manager is packed with several features that provide solutions to the tagging problems, such as:

  • AMP support: With Google Tag Manager, one can manage their tags on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) site. With this tool, tag deployment becomes extremely easy.
  • Asynchronous tag loading: Tags can be asynchronously fired. This enables independent loading of each tag, and the web pages do not slow down. This allows faster loading of pages and faster collection of data.
  • Define reusable variables: With variables, one can highlight and pick the most important elements from the pages.
  • Mobile App support: The firebase support can update marketing metrics and easily send the collected data to Google and many other partners such as Tune, AppsFlyer, Adjust, and Apsalar.
  • Tag pausing: A tag can be temporarily disabled. One doesn't have to remove it permanently. This feature is perfect for troubleshooting.
  • Tag blacklist: This feature allows the user to maintain the security of their site
  • Tag Sequencing: With this feature, one can sequence the tags according to the site's needs.
  • Usability: This tool is extremely user friendly and ensures high-security standards for the users. Businesses can use it according to their requirements.

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Important features of Google Tag Manager

  • Google Tag Manager is one management solution that is popular amongst all kinds of businesses. The leaders want their brand to be seen by the world, and the Google Tag Manager serves that purpose. It is a single solution to multiple management problems.
  • The Tag Manager gives its users the ability to add and managing tags to their sites and applications.
  • Google Tag Manager also allows an individual to easily track the errors. The tags with this application are easily loaded, and the site does not crash. So, this ensures the smooth running of the sites, and the IT team is under less pressure.
  • Change your tags by adding, disabling, and removing them permanently with the tag manager. Apart from this, all kinds of tags are managed by this management solution.
  • The Google Tag Manager allows easy organization and enables collaborative work across places. Teams can work together collaboratively across multi-environment systems, and with this, the users can make sure that their work is happening properly.
  • Workspace, tag templates are all the features provided by this system. One can use these to ensure the smooth working of their site.

Roles and responsibilities of Google Tag Developers

Like programmers and engineers, there are certain sets of rules and general guidelines depicting the roles and responsibilities of a developer.

  • The developers must have good analytical skills.
  • The responsibilities include researching, managing, designing, implementing, developing the present software systems and creating new ones.
  • The developers must know how to test and evaluate the old and new testing systems.
  • The developer must know how to write excellent codes that are properly functional and develop them accordingly.
  • The developer must know how to deploy processes, software tools and metrics.
  • The developer must also know how to develop quality assurance procedures.
  • The developer must know how to maintain and upgrade existing systems.

Skills Required

  • A Google Tag Manager developer must have an equivalent degree or a diploma in programming.
  • The developer must know how to code and must have excellent communication skills to convey the message to the users, clients and the marketers
  • The developer must also have excellent communication skills and know-how to communicate with users, and train them to use the new updates of the existing system.
  • Team management and teamwork is an essential quality. Every developer must know how to work in a team with other developers, technicians, UX designers, system analysts and businesses.
  • Knowledge of a coding language (Python, Java etc.) and experience in web development is extremely desirable.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Google Tag Manager Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure of Google Tag Manager Developers

The Salaries of the Google tag manager developers vary with the location, experience and expertise of an individual. In the USA, the developers at the beginner stage get paid somewhere between $27,000 to $35,000. The average salary of a developer is around $65,000, and the experts who are skilled and work at the senior level get paid around $114,000 or a little above. Apart from this, many developers get health care benefits and incentives too.

Freelancing and contractual basis work

Many developers work as freelancers with the companies. Developers also work on a contract basis with the customers and train them on using the system properly. There is a big market for people willing to put in their time and efforts in learning and developing these systems. Freelance developers have the flexibility to work on their own time and have the freedom to choose their workspace. The remuneration available is related to the skills and experience of the developers.

Google Tag Manager Certification

Businesses worldwide are shifting to the digital space to continue their journey on the growth trajectory. E-Commerce is taking over the world, and for that purpose, traders and business owners build their websites to promote their products and brands. Small and big businesses these days use Google Tag Manager to promote their work. The working, security and many other features of this application make it the first choice for many users. The developers who can add more to the existing system, develop it according to the customer needs, and portray it properly to the users have great career prospects in this field. By pursuing Google Tag Manager Certification courses, you can acquire all the essential skills that the clients demand. A certification in this specialization will open a plethora of opportunities for you.

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