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Grails Developers

Hire Grails Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


Grails is a very powerful and high productivity framework meant for Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It follows the 'coding by convention' paradigm. This allows Grails-based applications to hide the Grails developer's configuration details and provide a standalone and ready-to-use development environment. Grails do not have an XML configuration. Its functionality can be accessed through mixins. With Grails, developers can use some of the features of Java, such as Spring and Hibernate, under one single interface. Development with Grails is efficient, easy, and quick due to the automatic reload of resources and a web server provided by Grails. Grails was developed to provide an integrated development environment to Java and Groovy developers to build web-based applications.

Learn more about Grails

Grails was initially released in October 2005 and was developed by Graeme Rocher. Grails has been written in Groovy. The latest version of Grails was released on 8th April 2021, version 4.0.10. Grails can be used on cross platforms and have been licensed by Apache. Grails uses the paradigm of MVC. Thus, it has controllers, views, tag libraries and models.

  • Models

The domain model of Grails is connected using Grails Object Relational Mapping (GORM) to the database. You need to create a domain class to persist it with Grails.

  • Views

The views in Grails are saved in the Book Controller. Grails is known to support GSP and JSP. For Grails to recognize the file as view, the developers need to save it in the above location.

  • Controller

The role of the Controller in Grails is like the MVC model. It is used to control and implement the behavior of web pages and web applications. A controller is needed to be created in Grails using the 'grails create-controller Book' command. Only after saving will Grails recognize a Controller.

  • Tag libraries

Grails has numerous tag libraries, all of which are dynamic. Grails also let the developers create their customized tag libraries. Once created, the developer can reuse that library as many times as they desire.

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Important features of Grails

  • Flat learning curve

Grails uses sensible defaults and Groovy language, which makes it very easy to understand. To top that, the convention over the configuration method of Grails is the cherry.

  • On top of spring boot

Grails is developed by adding layers to the Spring Boot. This gives Grails all the amazing features Spring Boot has.

  • Groovy-based

Groovy is a dynamic programming language that allows developers to do static compilation. This feature of Groovy makes Grails very easy to use.

  • Smooth Java integration

Grails can be very smoothly integrated with JVM, Java EE and Java. This makes programming seamless and transparent.

  • REST APIs, React, Angular

Grails allows its user to actively build REST APIs. It also allows the inclusion of Angular and React in the application.

  • Plugins

Grails enables the developers to create plugins that can extend the framework. Grails also has a list of plugins available for the enhancement of applications.

  • Asynchronous capabilities

Grails has asynchronous features called the async features, which simplify the concurrent programming for developers.

Roles and responsibilities a Grails developer

  • To design and develop vital systems for games
  • To regularly explore new ideas and techniques
  • To have experience with other Java frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate
  • To work closely with product owners
  • To meet the requirements of the clients
  • To devise high quality solutions
  • To have strong Groovy and Grails skills
  • To have previous experience of Grails plugins such as Spring Security, Fields, Asset Pipeline, etc
  • To have experience with front-end tools such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • To have agile test-driven development experience
  • To have a good understanding of various features such as dynamic typing and scripting
  • To do object-oriented analysis and design with pattern bias
  • To develop scalable distributed web environments
  • To do logging and monitoring

Skills Required

  • To have excellent web analytics skills
  • To follow the standard and good practices for development
  • To have experience with Ajax-enabled web application concepts
  • To have experience in designing responsive web designs
  • To participate in software development life cycle
  • To neatly document all the work
  • To design enterprise software solutions according to user requirements
  • To program and test the developed software packages and applications
  • To design, build and maintain databases
  • To analyze and solve technical problems
  • To manage risks and dependencies proactively
  • To be able to work independently with minimum direction

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Grails developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure of a Grails developer

Grails has applications in several fields, which translates to a lot of market demand for Grails developers. Depending on the demand and availability of Grails developers in a particular region, their salary structure is determined. The demand in the United States and the United Kingdom is far more than in India. Based on that, a Grails developer in the United Kingdom is offered an average annual salary of US $76,463.69 (£ 55,000). While in the United States, Grails developers earn annually US $117,000 on average. Their salaries usually lie in the range of US $91,250 to US $140,400. As mentioned earlier, since the demand in India is low, the salaries offered are also low. A Grails developer in India is given salary packages between US $20,137.60 to US $33,562.68. Your experience as a Grails developer working on real-world problems accounts as a major factor in determining your salary.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work 

Freelance Grails developers charge their clients by the hour. It has been recorded that in the United States, Grails developers charge the US $60 per hour. Freelance Grails developers get to choose their working hours. They do not have the benefits of being a full-time employee. Freelancers and contractual workers are not employees of their clients. They are not legally obliged to follow any rules of the company besides the ones mentioned in their contracts. Some of the organizations that use Grails are the Airbus group, Amadeus, Best Buy, Hypoport the Finance Integrator, Fannie Mae, Commerz Bank, Credit Suisse, Google, Cisco, Carriots, EADS, JPMorganChase, IBM, Carfax, Energy Transfer, National Cancer Institute, Paterson, Oracle, Nielsen, Netflix, Nestle, Roche, SAS, Sky, Smart Things, Sony, Target, Wells Fargo, Walmart, Voyages-sncf.com, UBS and Thales.

Grails Certification

Live Online and Classroom Enterprise training are available for Grails. The spring people course of Grails certification has lifetime access to the course. It uses cloud labs to deliver lectures to its learners. This course offers 24x7 support. Real-life coding analysis and subsequent feedback is a part of this course. That is why it turns out to be one of the best Grails certification courses in the market. Getting certified is an excellent addition to everyone's career. By getting certified, you establish your credibility as a Grails developer in the market. Grails certification courses are available for anyone having a background in Java programming. With the addition of the knowledge acquired during the Grails certification course, you become market-ready to independently work on creating solutions to real-world problems.

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