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Hire Groovy Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Groovy developers

Apache Groovy is a dynamic and static programming language used for the Java platform. This object-oriented programming language is remarkably like Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk. Groovy code is better and more compact and does not need all the elements like in Java. The features of Groovy include static and dynamic typing, operator overloading, native syntax, and associative arrays. All these features are not available in Java. Version 2 also includes modularity, static compiling, multi-catch blocks, and many more features. The Groovy programming language also provides support for many other markup languages such as HTML and XML through a Documented Object Model syntax. This feature aids in enabling the definition and manipulation of a variety of heterogeneous data assets with precise and uniform programming methodology.

This programming language is prevalent amongst Java developers and is widely used in many places for adding a variety of additional features to newly emerging applications. Apart from this, the companies use Groovy for its good DSL capabilities. The first very well-known company to refer to Groovy was Mutual of Omaha. Apart from this, Groovy is also used as a Scripting solution for offering extension points in various applications. This programming language also has its application in the healthcare system for creating scientific solutions. Many companies like JP Morgan, Fianne Mae, Mastercard, and more are frequent users of Groovy. Even if the tech companies come with many more programming languages, Groovy will inevitably be holding its importance in the world of coding for a long time to come.

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For Java Virtual Machine, Groovy is an object-oriented dynamic programming language. This Java enhancer issues greater flexibility and introduces new and special features to many applications. Some of the most notable features of Groovy are as follows:

  • Groovy provides support for static and dynamic typing. In statically typed languages, type checking is done during the compiling stage instead of the execution stage. But in dynamic typing, the case is not the same. Java is a statistically typed language, while Groovy is dominantly a dynamic typing syntax language. In Groovy, type-checking is done during execution. Therefore, Groovy is used by the developers to introduce this type of checking in Java.
  • Groovy provides brief, direct, and concise syntax. This helps the developers using Groovy to build projects in a faster, better, and easier manner.
  • Just like Python and Ruby, this language is extremely easy to learn, and thus beginners can use this language as an entry point in the world of coding and programming.
  • Since Groovy is a testing-oriented development language, it provides support for testing languages. It also provides support for running tests in IDEs, Maven, or Ants which are all application programming tools used in Java.
  • Groovy is best used for providing native support for programming languages like HTML and XML.
  • It also provides support for domain-specific languages. These languages are focused on providing solutions for a few specific problems. Groovy does the job of providing a general structure for these domain-specific languages.

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Roles and responsibilities of a Groovy developer

With increasing job opportunities in the world of programming, the demand for skilled individuals is also increasing. Programming and coding generate more than US $300 Billion + every year. There is a good scope of this field today and in the future, and many are turning to take coding and programming as a career. Traditionally many people would start with Groovy because it is faster and easier to learn.

  • Many big gaming studios are looking for skilled Groovy programmers to become a part of their team. The developers need to design a system that will efficiently be able to deliver the game across businesses and markets.
  • The Groovy developers will need to create and modify applications with scalable performance.
  • The developers are expected to design a code that is efficient and testable.
  • Part of the job of a Groovy developer is providing scripting solutions for extension points in an application.
  • The developers should also be able to work very efficiently with other engineers and coders in a team.
  • Good knowledge of Java is a cherry on top for landing a good job in this field.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Apache Groovy from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary of Groovy developers

It is not surprising that just like Java, Groovy is a high-paid and in-demand language because of its widespread use of automating the deployment and management of systems infrastructure. People involved in this business make a good amount of money. In the USA alone, the average annual salary of a Groovy developer is $177,000, which is most definitely better pay compared to many other jobs. In India, the annual average pay of a Groovy developer lies between $13,000 to $56,000, which is excellent pay in India.

There is a high demand for skilled Groovy developers across the world. Many companies, for example, Netflix, build their cloud management platform, which is called Asgard on Groovy and Grails platform. Apart from this, LinkedIn, Sky portals, Walmarts mp3 website, and many more are frequent users of the Groovy platform.

Freelancing and Contractual basis work

With the world shifting towards the industrial and entrepreneurial approach of working, accessing the services of experts has become easier. In growing stages, IT companies sometimes, instead of hiring permanent employees, prefer working with experts and developers on a contractual basis.

Groovy developers can work from home as freelancers create their own name and brand image by working on a contract basis with many of these IT companies. This also enables them to set their own prices and makes the task easier for both the parties involved.

Groovy Certification

Many upcoming developers are using Groovy certification as turning points in their careers. The whole world is turning to virtual platforms for learning and earning. This has created considerable demands for programmers and developers. Various applications need to have a variety of features to attract users. Groovy is the programming language that is playing a crucial role in creating these features.

Individuals seeking certification in Groovy will need to understand a few things:

  • Java and Groovy’s relationship
  • Understand and writing codes for the same
  • Knowledge of Groovy tools
  • Understand how conditionals, loops, and many other control systems differ in Groovy, Java, and many other coding languages.
  • Producing and simplifying JSON and XML data

The career is enriching, and the average Groovy developer is annually paid more than $115,000 in the USA and many other countries. The European Patent Office uses, filters, and enhances all the essential data relating to patents using Groovy. Apart from this, the Internet of Things, Smart Thing, and Carriots all use Groovy to enhance and customize the mesh elements. Google’s new Android build system is also using Groovy language for Gradle, a build automation system. A variety of projects that are built on Groovy work efficiently even after 4 to 5 years from their development.

Big companies, in short, are frequently using Groovy and developing projects on it. So, they need qualified programmers for the same. Suppose one decides to take up Groovy programming as a career. In that case, it will open doors for the person to work in many places and with many projects from the gaming industry to businesses, government, and most definitely the entertainment sector.

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