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Heroku Developers

Hire Heroku Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Heroku Developer

Heroku is a cloud service that supports many programming languages. Heroku was one of the first few cloud services developed around the year 2007. Earlier it only supported Ruby (Programming language). But now, it supports a lot many languages such as Java, Scala, Clojure, Python, Go, PHP etc. This is one reason why Heroku is considered a polyglot platform. Heroku's dynamic features enable a developer to develop, run and test many programming languages. In the year 2012, Heroku was acquired by salesforce.com for a sum of around $212 million. The applications that run on this cloud developing platform have a unique domain. This domain is used to route the HTTP request to the desired application container, called a dyno. Several dynos are spread across the dyno grid, which hosts several servers. Besides this, Amazon's Cloud Computing Platform (EC2) hosts all Heroku services.

Heroku platform enables its customers to run their applications in virtual containers, namely 'dynos'. These dynos are created in a way that they enable running codes for many programming languages. This cloud database service is based on PostgreSQL. Heroku happens to be the fastest-growing service of Salesforce, generating better business in comparison to any other unit. Working as a developer for Heroku is a promising career option. The developers of this cloud service are located in a large number of countries across the globe and are working remotely in a collaborative environment. Working as a Heroku developer will open doors to countless opportunities for professional and personal growth.

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Heroku Cloud Service enables a developer to write, deploy and manage codes and programs written in Java, Ruby, Python, Scala, PHP, and Go. A lot of developers rely on this platform for creating and developing their applications and services.

  • Dyno on Heroku is a container that is used for running and scaling applications. These virtual containers are spaces for running codes as per the commands given by the users.
  • Based on the user requirements, the applications can be scaled in several dyno servers. The container management of Heroku features aid users in the effortless scaling of their applications.
  • Many users can start for free with Heroku. Of Course, there are some restrictions that a user can get rid of by purchasing total access to the cloud. It is a very sustainable platform to develop many applications.

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Important features of Heroku

Heroku platform is a choice of many developers, especially those who have just started developing applications and writing codes. A few things to note about this service are: -

  • Heroku provides support for many modern world programming languages. It is the most preferred platform for developing several applications.
  • The dynos are elastic containers which are an essential part of this elastic runtime platform. The essential feature of this platform is that it provides orchestration, security, security, load balancing and much more.
  • This enterprise runs the world's most demanding applications with really high traffic. With just a single click, this application scales all the programs with zero downtime.
  • The security of this cloud is very high, with its security team on duty 24/7 all year around. This allows users to freely develop their application on this cloud and creates a compelling user experience.
  • This platform is designed for continuous integration and delivery.
  • Here, developers can compose applications with add-ons, jumpstart projects, and customize language stacks with the help of elements available on the Heroku marketplace.

Roles and responsibilities of Heroku developers

This application-based cloud service is so popular that it requires highly skilled developers and technicians to keep a check on this platform and improvise it to enhance its service quality. They will be expected to develop the cloud services and design them in a user-friendly manner. A few key responsibilities and skills of the developers are: -

  • A developer must have a good understanding of the architecture of the Heroku cloud services.
  • A developer is expected to develop and enhance the features of the Heroku cloud services.
  • Looking after the security and maintaining and monitoring the cloud service are also the responsibility of the developer.
  • The developer must conduct code reviews and test the mapping environment of the system.
  • A developer must know how to fix issues in the system, update them, revise them, and know-how to restore the configuration.

Skills Required

  • The developer is expected to know the database languages such as MongoDB, SQL and MySQL. 
  • Programming skills in languages such as Ruby, Python, Pearl etc., are all important skills required to be a Heroku developer. 
  • Good Linux knowledge is also essential to get recruited in a good company as a Heroku developer.
  • The developer must have good analytical skills and a creative mindset to develop new and unique features to add to the system.
  • Team management and organization skills are of utmost importance.
  • The developer must know how to write good quality codes and functions to develop the application.
  • A solution-oriented mindset is also especially important.
  • Must have good communication skills.

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Skuad can help you hire certified and experienced Heroku Developers from all over the world based on your hiring requirements, be it freelance, full-time, or contract.

Salary Structure of Heroku Developers

Heroku is such a high-demand cloud application that the developers are paid a really good amount all across the globe. The average annual salary of a Heroku developer is around US$30,000 in India, and the salary range is between US$20,000 to US$50,000, which is a very good sum. In the USA, the Heroku developers get paid between US$131,764 to US$154,015 annually. The pay is very high and varies with the position of the developer in the company. The developers at Heroku report that they are paid quite fairly and even receive incentives and bonuses as per the performance.

Freelancing and Contractual Basis Work

Many Heroku developers prefer working on a contract basis. These skilled individuals are given contracts by many emerging businesses that expect good quality work on a decent budget. The freelance developer gets the choice of setting his prices and works at the flexibility of his own time and place. If you have confidence in your Heroku skills, then you can also venture out on your own and enjoy a rewarding career pathway.

Heroku Certification

So many companies these days are turning to these cloud services. Heroku is one famous option for many. Businesses with small budgets are making the best use of this platform. It is an ideal tool, a systematic virtual platform to program many applications. It is an easy-to-use platform and is free for small projects, while more complex projects can purchase service packages from Heroku. Programmers who have good knowledge of cloud computing are best fit to become Heroku developers. These days cloud computing is a very popular choice of career. Many budding programmers and engineers can learn cloud computing and become successful Heroku developers.

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