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Hive Developers

Hire Hive Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Hive Developers

Hive is an open-source repository program allowing collecting, editing, and maintaining huge amounts of data housed in Apache Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) or any other databases, including Apache HBase. Hive allows SQL users to make Hive Inquiry Language (HQL) phrases with information analytics identical to regular SQL queries. Because users will not have to understand or type actual Java code, Hive is developed to ensure MapReduce tasks are easier. Alternatively, users can submit their inquiries in HQL, and Hive will generate a map and reduce the operations for you.

The megastore is also included in Hive setup and allows users to implement a data table to vast volumes of unstructured information. When you define the cells, lines, types of data, and other attributes of a Hive table, most of this information is recorded in the metastore and thus becomes the core of a Hive infrastructure. Its information within the metastore can now be accessed through other programs like Apache Spark and Apache Pig.

Hive appears to be a data warehouse software using an SQL interface. On the other hand, Hive is built around Apache Hadoop and Hive operational activities, which results in significant variations. Furthermore, Hadoop is intended for heavy progressive searches and inquiries in Hive get extremely limited capability since it is centred upon Hadoop (many minutes). As a result, Hive is much less suited for areas that require extremely rapid reaction times. Moreover, Hive is a read-only database, making it unsuitable for business processes with a significant number of batch processing. It is ideal for information logistics processes like export (ETL), monitoring, and statistical analysis, and it comes with characteristics that make SQL access control simple. Many companies are using Apache Hive, and thus, the need to hire an Apache Hive developer is frequently increasing.

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  • It handles a single information unit. Hadoop configuration in hyper configuration has a limited data quantity and is confined to a specific remote server. It has higher performance.

For the Map-Reduce mode,

  • It is Hive’s default state when there are numerous information modules.
  • The amount of information in every one of those nodes varies.
  • As a result, users are allowed to work with a huge amount of data collection.

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Important Features of Apache Hive

The following are some of Apache Hive’s important features:

  • Open source: Apache Hive has become an open and accessible tool. It is available to us at no cost.
  • Search and maintain huge databases: Hive can search and operate massive data stashed in the Hadoop Filesystem.
  • Multi-users: Hive Data Structure enables the users to review the information at the same time.
  • Backwards compatible: Apache Hive perfectly reflects Apache Hadoop’s slicked back specification.
  • Information Separation and Hyperlinks: Apache Hive supports dynamic fragmentation and hyperlinks at field scale to boost efficiency.

Hive comes with several built-in functions:

  • For assignments like information collection and scanning, it also supports Client Activities. We can create UDFs based on our specifications.
  • The operational system utilizes SQL-like syntax to allow for rapid developments (simple and easy to use).
  • No need to write the map; hence the designers’ acquisition costs should be reduced as much as possible.
  • Because Hive’s runtime is quite long, it is frequently required for data processing and other situations where real-time performance is not critical.
  • Hive excels at big data processing, but somehow it fails miserably at analyzing little volumes of data due to its lengthy processing time.
  • Hive offers client operations and allows them to create their custom operations as per their specific requirements.

Roles and responsibilities of Hive Developers

Development and coding are some of the major tasks handled by a Hive Developer. This position requires similar skills that are required by a web designer. The job roles are nearly identical; however, the latter falls under the data management umbrella. Let us take a glance at a few of the tasks of a hive Developer to get a better idea of what this position entails.

  • Formulation and execution of Hive
  • Collecting information from diverse sources.
  • Creating, constructing, implementing, programming, and managing Hadoop.
  • Convert complex functional and technological specifications into comprehensive designs.
  • Analyze big amounts of information to find fresh perspectives.
  • Ensure data protection.
  • Develop performance monitoring online services that are flexible and high-performing.
  • Querying at a high rate.
  • HBase administration and deployment.
  • To be a member of a proof-of-concept attempt to aid in the development of new Compute nodes.
  • Designs are tested and handed out to executive management.
  • Make recommendations for guidelines and principles.

Skills Required

To be one, you must possess the necessary skills. Companies in many domains may demand the following technical skills, which are listed below.'

  • Hadoop Knowledge – Somewhat necessary.
  • The back end is responsible for promoting, mainly java, JS, Node.js, and OOAD.
  • Know coding that is fast, dependable, and low maintenance.
  • System structure, philosophies, concepts, and practices should be well-understood.
  • Possession of the ability to read Pig Latina characters.
  • HiveQL expertise is needed.
  • Flume and Sqoop are two powerful tools that you should be familiar with.
  • Understanding of workload.
  • Application of quantitative and concern talents to the Big Data domain.
  • Excellent understanding of multi-threading and concurrency techniques.

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Salary Structure for Hive Developers

In the United States, the median pay for a Hive developer is US $120,000 annually, or US $61.54 an hour. Starting salaries for entry-level employment start at US $110,863, with many other experienced individuals earning up to US $165,750 annually.

Freelancing and Contractual Basis Work

Freelance Hive developers earn around $60 to $70 hourly, which can be based on their experience and the job description. At the same time, contractual developers are paid on a monthly basis, according to their signed contract. Hive is a popular database management solution for Apache Hadoop that has been adopted by many companies for a variety of data analytics projects. Hence, developers can expect a steady stream of work to enjoy a rewarding career at their convenience.

Hive Certification

Hive is operated worldwide by major companies, and thus, obtaining a certification in Hive can help job seekers to attain well-paid work and a developing future. Hive has been the finest alternative for executing SQL-based data and analytics on huge datasets.

6,052 organizations use Apache Hive, according to the statistics. The majority of Apache Hive users are in the United States and work mostly in the software development business. Apache Hive is mostly employed by businesses having 50 to 200 people and a turnover of more than $1 billion. Nike, Visa, Walmart are among the few big brands who use Hive. Customers employing Apache Hive are divided into three categories: small ($50 million), medium ($50 million), and large ($1000 million).

Hive talents are in high demand — there is no denying it! As a result, developers must stay updated about Hadoop and Data Management technologies. Apache Hive provides the tools you need to better your life. Career advancement is also very rapid. Hence obtaining a certification in Apache hive will be a turning point for you. As the Hive industry is growing at a very rapid speed, job opportunities for the Hive developers are increasing, giving Hive developers a chance to make up their way to big companies and let their careers fly high.

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