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Hybrid Apps Developers

Hire Hybrid Apps Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire Hybrid Apps Developers

Introduction: About Hybrid Apps Development

Mobile applications are available in large numbers to different customers. Out of all the available options, hybrid apps are best as they possess some aspects from the native apps and some elements from the web apps. Thus, many businesses and projects look to hire hybrid apps developers to deliver high-performing mobile apps.

The hybrid app development allows different developers to reuse the code and reduces the app’s development time and costs. Most of the hybrid apps have Android and iOS versions. It is based on the best languages that are well-known to different developers. Thus, looking at the benefits of hybrid apps, many It professionals are shifting to hybrid apps development roles.

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Tools and Developing Technology of Hybrid Apps Developers

Hybrid app developers can choose from the different top-ranking tools and technologies for hybrid app development. Some of the best technologies for Hybrid apps development include -

  • Intel HDK: It is a universal engine for hybrid apps development.
  • PhoneGap: It is a free technology best used by the new-bees in Hybrid apps development.
  • Corona SDK: It is ideal for adding engaging and bright graphics to mobile apps.
  • Onsen UI: It is a public domain and easy-to-access technology.
  • Xamarin: It allows developers to create universal apps.
  • Flutter: It helps create native-looking products.
  • jQuery mobile: It is ideal for creating exceptional mobile apps. It is termed as the veteran hybrid apps development technology.
  • Mobile Angular UI: It is ideal for developers using AngularJS or Bootstrap and is a full-fledged development platform.
  • Ionic: It is ideal for working with AngularJS and is based on CSS.
  • React Native: It is one of the best technologies for hybrid apps development that offers numerous instruments to developers.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Hybrid Apps Developers

The roles and responsibilities of a hybrid apps developer include developing hybrid mobile applications with JavaScript Flutter/Ionic, React-Js, HTML 5, CSS, Angular, and other broadly used Web development technologies. A hybrid apps developer delivers hybrid mobile applications that work on different systems like Android and iOS using different technology. A hybrid apps developer also collaborates with the design team to bring creative ideas to the mobile user interface and make it more engaging.

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Required Expertise

Hard Skills

  • Must have production experience with the latest mobile application development platforms like Cordova, ReactNative, NativeScript, PhoneGap, Xamarin, etc.
  • Should be able to get in and look at native code or write new plugins for NativeScript in a native language
  • Should have written coding and language specific to the mobile platform like Java, Swift, etc.
  • Proven experience using native mobile development platforms such as Android (Android Studio), iOS (Xcode), etc.
  • Should have coding experience using TypeScript as it is the main language of NativeScript and the preferred language of Angular
  • May have worked on JavaScript if not worked on NativeScript and, subsequently, should possess qualities to re-skill the coding from JavaScript to TypeScript
  • Must have experience in dealing with the subtleties of mobile devices such as their power-saving features, responsive layout, occasionally connection, etc. It should also cover the common ways of working with specific platforms, i.e., CoreData, SQLite, etc.
  • Should have worked with REST best practices, public RESTful interfaces, can compare REST to SOAP, and the tenets of REST
  • Should know how to protect the app development information in transit to the device and at rest after saving on the device
  • Should have experience in working with PII and PHI information on mobile devices
  • Should have previous experience in achieving basic product development with GIT-based solutions like Github, Gitlab, etc.
  • Working knowledge and deep understanding of the concepts such as tagging, rebasing, cherry-picking, and squashing

Soft Skills

  • Should collaborate with other team members in a humble and open-source manner
  • Should value team contributions over individual contributions in hybrid app development
  • Should have good liaising terms with the product development team to plan and discuss new features
  • Should effectively communicate with other team members on different issues and insights to deliver the best hybrid app to the clients

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Experience Required for Hybrid Apps Developers

A hybrid apps developer interfaces with the clients for mutual benefits. The hybrid apps’ developer can learn new things while the clients can get the best developers for their projects. Thus, the experience of the hybrid apps’ developer is crucial in ensuring the success of your applications. The key responsibilities of hybrid apps developer are not limited to the good understanding of the technology and domain but to the following:

  • Should be an expert in gathering specific requirements and suggesting solutions to different clients
  • Should support the entire hybrid application lifecycle (concept, design, test, release, and support)
  • Should stay up-to-date with new technology trends in the development of hybrid apps
  • Should be comfortable to write unit and UI tests to identify malfunctions
  • Should produce fully functional mobile applications by writing clean codes
  • Should be able to troubleshoot and debug the hybrid apps to optimize performance
  • Should research and suggest new mobile products, applications, and protocols to different clients
  • Should be able to design interfaces to improve user experience in hybrid apps
  • Should ensure that the new and legacy applications based on hybrid development meet quality standards

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Salary Structure of Hybrid Apps Developers

The salary structure for hybrid apps developers depends on the type of project and the project’s location. The difference in the duration, specific skill sets, and client of the project further decides the salary of the hybrid apps’ developers. Additionally, the certification in hybrid apps development can impact the hourly earnings of any developer. The average salary of the hybrid apps’ developer can be considered around 97,566 US dollars. The highest range for the salary of hybrid apps developers is approximately 109,112 US dollars, and the lowest range is about 92,550 US dollars.

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Hybrid Apps Developer Certification

The finest option in selecting the right hybrid app developer for your business is to go for the one with certifications. These certifications ensure that the developer understands the end-to-end uses and best optimization of the codes to deliver the best results for your projects.

How Can Certification in Hybrid Apps Development Help?

Hybrid apps development certification enables the developers to optimize the hybrid coding and maximize the output from different applications. Hybrid apps development overcomes the stagnation challenges in development, and hence different developers can realign their skills and technical expertise. The combination of native app development and high-end coding provides various options for hybrid app developers. Sadly, the choice in options takes a toll on the app’s quality.

Thus, it is ideal for many professionals or companies to select the coders that are experts in hybrid app development and have a certification in the same. The different certification options include hybrid application toolkit certification, mobile app testing using Appium, etc. Thus, according to your requirements, you can select the best-certified hybrid app developers.

Skuad has the best team of hybrid app developers. Thus, Skuad is your first choice when it comes to hiring talented hybrid app developers for your long-term or short-term projects. It is not only about hiring the best talent, as Skuad manages the entire end-to-end HR activities for global remote teams. Thus, you can focus on the real work while Skuad works as a dedicated HR business partner for your project or business requirements.

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Key Takeaways

  • Hybrid app development is achieved by writing the application’s core using high-end web technologies and then encapsulating it within a native application.
  • Hybrid app development allows full device access and different options in plugins.
  • Hybrid app development has medium to full development.
  • The top compatible development languages in hybrid app development are HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.
  • Hybrid app development allows cross-platform support.
  • Hybrid app development offers a great user experience with medium to high ratings.
  • Hybrid app development allows code reuse.
  • Hybrid app development uses an embedded browser in the place of the user’s browser.
  • Hybrid app development ensures that developers can create and publish true native applications. These apps can be easily submitted to different platform stores.

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Industry Expertise

Skuad is a renowned platform that facilitates remote working by offering different services to multiple businesses across the globe. It is easy to hire global talent on a full-time, part-time, and contract basis. Skuad makes it super easy for different businesses to manage the global payroll with single invoicing to facilitate reconciliations. The dedicated team of Skuad takes care of all compliances and taxation on the client’s behalf. Effective and productive hard work ensures that companies can concentrate on profits. So whenever you’re looking to hire hybrid apps developers, all you need to do is reach out to Skuad at the earliest.

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