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IIS Developers

Hire IIS Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire IIS Developers

Introduction: About IIS Development

Internet Information Services (IIS) is a web server that responds to the requested HTML pages or files on the Windows system. This flexible, general-purpose web server from Microsoft allows the easy transfer and delivery of information across wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN). The remote client computers send a request to the IIS web server and get a response in return. The information transfer can occur in different forms, including static web pages (with HTML coding), text documents, image files, and exchange files as uploads and downloads.

IIS is highly functional and provides many benefits to various businesses and their users. It is a portal that hosts highly interactive, sophisticated, and ASP.NET web-based applications and static websites. Further, it can be used as an FTP server and host web applications developed on different platforms, such as PHP. As is common these days, many top brands such as Spotify and Netflix can deliver real-time streaming media services through web servers. Moreover, the users of Amazon web services use a web-based portal to administer public cloud resources.

Microsoft regularly works on IIS, and each iteration has advanced, new functionalities. For instance, IIS 3.0 offers dynamic scripting, IIS 6.0 has advanced security features with more reliability, and IIS 8.0 has centralized SSL certificate support. Numerous tools are available to develop IIS websites, such as WebDav and Microsoft Visual Studio, an integrated development tool.

Indeed, IIS is a highly configurable and stable web server that can serve multiple purposes. This web server is easy to extend and performs much more than just hosting ASP.NET applications.

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Powerful IIS Development Technologies and Tools

Numerous administration and command-line tools are available in the latest version of IIS for developers and administrators to manage and simplify day-to-day activities.

1. IIS Manager

IIS Manager is a tool that allows managing the IIS server more efficiently. This new, efficient tool streamlines access to IIS and ASP.NET configuration settings. Also, it allows reaching run-time diagnostic information, membership, and user data. The administrative burden and cost of ownership reduce when the host or administrator shares the administrative control with content owners or developers using IIS Manager. 

IIS Manager allows administration remotely over HTTP/SSL. Also, it supports and administers Windows and non-Windows credentials. Using IIS Manager, it is easy to extend the framework by adding new UI features through the .NET framework. The client can download and install new UI modules through it. 

2. .NET Microsoft.Web.Administration

The latest version of IIS includes Microsoft.Web.Administration API to administer the web server programmatically. It is easy to access and store important states, diagnose critical information, and configure the server. 

3. Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell allows automating the whole system and complex administration tasks, including configuration managing, developing websites, and easily accessing run-time data. Various cmdlets in Windows PowerShell help to increase the productivity of the administrators. 

4. Command-line tool

The command-line tool AppCmd.exe, supported by IIS Manager, allows the easy administration of the server. Using this service, it is convenient to access the site, application pool state information, and configuration values (read and write).

5. WMI/Scripting 

Administrators can use WMI/Scripting to manage websites and applications and automate basic configuration tasks. Also, users can access and configure the VBScript and JScript writers’ server state information.

6. Microsoft IIS Administration API

The consumers can set up and configure the IIS web servers through REST API and Microsoft IIS Administration API. It is convenient to configure an IIS instance with any client of HTTP, which also includes the web management tool through the installed API.

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Use of IIS Administration

The IIS, including PowerShell, .NET, and appcmd.exe, can be configured in multiple ways. Each method has its benefits. However, they don’t have a standard and open interface.

IIS Administration API, developed on the principle of REST APIs, provides the interface without considering the platform. Any client can easily start IIS and begin using it. Many frameworks are available, and most of them simplify communication with REST APIs. Python, cURL, PowerShell, and more can be used to make powerful scripts by working on HTTP requests, including JSON payloads.

1. Remote Management 

IIS allows performing remote management efficiently. The API operates on the target machine and serves the remote requests. As a result, one client can easily handle website creation, security configuration, and application pool monitoring for a bunch of machines. To make remote management accessible, it is important to open up the service ports. 

2. Enhancement of IIS 

The key purpose of IIS Administration Service is to enhance IIS. The development team regularly works on adding new and advanced features. Various Administration Service updates are available, which allow the customers to download the right version of the API according to their choice. 

3. Security 

The security of the IIS is always a key concern and priority. Microsoft IIS Administration API is available with a high level of protection, and it uses the same level of authentication and authorization. Microsoft IIS API doesn’t compromise on basic authentication, certificate authentication, and more. The user can install IIS Administration API without endangering any type of security.

REST API allows access from multiple available options, including Java, Python, Javascript, PowerShell, .NET, browser applications, and mobile applications on different platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows.

Deep technical knowledge of IIS is important to become an IIS administrator or join IIS. The demand for IIS developers is high. However, finding the right IIS developer is not easy. An individual should have all the required knowledge to become part of IIS.

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Roles and Responsibilities of IIS Developers

IIS developers have the following responsibilities.

  • Develop the software according to the client’s requirement using IIS tools and technology
  • Manage the project by collaborating with other team members
  • Monitor and work on problem management, incident management, and crisis management daily
  • Participate in weekly and monthly business meetings with stakeholders
  • Work according to customer satisfaction surveys and design strategies accordingly

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Educational Qualifications and Certifications for IIS Developers

The training courses available on Microsoft are led by IIS experts. These experts demonstrate the working of IIS from fundamental to advanced levels. The candidate gets two options in this course: Online and Onsite Live Training.

  • In the online live training, the training is conducted through a remote and interactive desktop. 
  • On the other hand, the onsite training is conducted in the corporate training centers of Microsoft.

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Required Expertise for IIS Developers

Hard Skills

  • Hands-on experience with Internet Information Services-L3, Cloud-Microsoft Azure-L1, and SQL Server Application Admin-L1
  • Understanding of IIS administration API
  • Expertise in working on IIS tools and technology
  • Ability to act as a single point of contact with the customer management
  • Capacity to ensure quick resolution of the issues in the team through proper communication 
  • Understanding of how to perform vendor management and people management
  • Execution of everyday tasks efficiently and planning the work allocation for the future
  • Conducting team meetings for periodic reviews
  • Regularly working on improving the quality standards of the product and performing trend analysis
  • Good experience of working in Windows server environments
  • Capability to provide production application support
  • Capacity to understand the components and applications in the system
  • Good experience of working with various analysis/optimization tools
  • Identifying and resolving issues during developing and testing
  • Capability to resolve the issue before launch of the final product

Soft Skills

  • Good communication and collaboration skills to connect with other team members
  • Ability to work in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment 
  • A positive approach to complete the task on time with team collaboration 
  • Outstanding time management skills and completing tasks without delay
  • Desire to learn and lead the team by taking responsibility
  • Collaboration with the business team to perform advanced tasks, according to the market
  • Self-motivated optimization of the code after detecting bugs regularly 
  • Identification of the areas of improvement continuously to ensure the success of the product
  • Attending meetings with product support staff to work on the software-related issues, and seeking advice from other members to make enhancements
  • Capacity to face challenges in the working environment positively

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Salary Structure for IIS Developers

The salary of an IIS developer depends on many factors, such as location, previous experience of the candidate, position, and education/certification. Recent research shows that the average salary of an IIS developer is between USD 45,000 to USD 80,000, per year.

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Conclusion: Why Skuad?

Skuad can help you to find an IIS developer for your organization. Contact our Skuad experts, find the developer with desired skills, and make them your employee in the most efficient way.

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