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Hire jQuery Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire JQuery Developers

JQuery developers are highly in demand because they can simplify a web development process. JQuery is an open-source JavaScript library designed to simplify JavaScript tasks that are usually more complex and time-consuming. However, simplifying the text comes with some other overheads that you need to take care of. Remember, JQuery is not always a more innovative option than JavaScript. So, ensure to hire a JQuery developer familiar with both the programming languages and has an equal foothold on both languages. This will ensure that you have your web pages up and running in no time.

Understanding Jquery

We understood from the previous section that JQuery is a fast JavaScript library compressed in a .js file. It is a framework that comes as a built-in. It lets you use all the available functions of JavaScript to complete your day-to-day tasks.

It is easy to download the free compressed or uncompressed version of JQuery from the internet. If you are in the production stage, you will find the compressed version more useful. The compressed version is not readable because it removed all the additional extra white spaces, line feeds, etc., while the uncompressed version is readable. If you're in the debugging stage, you will find this more useful.

You can use JQuery in two ways:

You can use it during local installation. But, first, you need to download the JQuery in your local machine along with the HTML code.

You can also use JQuery in the CDN-based version; you need to include the library in the HTML code from the content delivery network.

Using JQuery library

  • You can use JQuery to develop Ajax-based applications.
  • Developers prefer to use JQuery for writing clean, crisp, and concise codes that are reusable. 
  • JQuery is also used for cross-browser support. 
  • JQuery is used for creating Plugins to speed up web applications.
  • If your text increases SEO visibility, developers may want to set up jQuery content.
  • Should be able to understand and simplify the process of traversal of HTML DOM tree.
  • Handling events, performing animation, and adding ajax support in web applications.

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Benefits of using JQuery

There are plenty of benefits of using JQuery. No wonder every developer loves using JQuery. Listed below are some of the benefits of using JQuery.

  1. JQuery is a faster version of the JavaScript library that is compressed into a single.js file. 
  2. It allows all the functions of JavaScript to be carried on for day-to-day tasks.
  3. It is simple to learn. Moreover, it can be used in multiple browsers. 
  4. It is written in JAvascript, so it is easy for a Java developer to learn.
  5. It simplifies the process of written code. 
  6. There are lots of options for developers.
  7. To help a website work faster, developers can use dev tags per requirement and store smaller files. For example, if you want to make the website faster, you may load only the div tags. Also, since these files are stored separately from the web page, you can modify the site from a central repository system. 
  8. The USP of this library is its short and straightforward code. However, if the developer you are hiring is not familiar with JavaScript or JQuery, you may struggle or find it challenging to complete the required code, making the page cumbersome. Thus you must hire a developer who has expertise in both JavaScript and JQuery. 
  9. JQuery is open source apart from having a vast community. So, suppose you are hiring a remote JQuery developer. In that case, he/she can take help from the extensive library with a good number of plugins or debugging tools to carry out any task without any obstacles. 
  10. Additionally, developers can benefit from the numerous tutorials available to work with many tools, plugins, etc., along with the help from the community on sites like Stack Overflow. 
  11. If your developer is working with JQuery, he/she can easily send data to web servers using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML or, in short, AJAX technology. So, when the user has an action, you can log in on the server without actually having to refresh the user page. Additionally, you can also install browser extensions so that users can perform additional actions on different websites. 
  12. JQuery also allows you to write codes and plugins faster. However, you need to hire carefully because a junior JQuery developer without much experience may not be able to solve a problem. And even a single mistake can make the code run slower, especially with so many extensions.

You must make your hiring decision carefully because if the developer is not thorough or experienced with JQuery, CSS, HTML, you won't reap all the benefits that JQuery has to offer.

Requirement Expertise

Requirement - hard skills

A junior developer must have at least two years of work experience as a JavaScript developer is required. Must have done specialization in jQuery. Apart from a thorough knowledge of JQuery, a candidate should also be familiar with all the JS libraries.

A senior developer should have a minimum of 5 years of JavaScript/Ajax/JQuery experience and experience in developing JSPs. Should also have experience with web model view controller MVC frameworks, i.e., Spring MVC, etc. Experience with developer testing practices, i.e., JUnit, Mockito, etc. Practical experience with Software Configuration Management SCM tools like GIT Ability to complete tasks or project assignments with minimal supervision.

The candidate should have a formal education in computer engineering. A candidate with an MIS or similar is also eligible for this job role.

Other hard skill requirements include:

  • Must be knowledgeable about browser rendering behavior.
  • Should know about front-end build tools. 
  • Must be familiar with tools like Grunt and Gulp.js.
  • A good understanding of web markup tools, including CSS3 and HTML5.
  • Familiarity with cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to collaborate on projects and work with a large team.


Develop JSP, javascript, Ajax, Jquery Create spring MFS framework To work on App modernization project upgrade from struts to spring Upgrade from jquery/Infragistics Move to spring web services backend Upgrade programming language from Java 8 to 11 Address and apparent application security vulnerabilities including addressing third-party library exceptions and removal of unused code Perform unit testing

  • M.Tech/B.Employers often ask for Tech/MCA from a reputed institute with at least two years of experience.
  • Excellent communication skills are always a significant asset for any employer.
  • Experienced developers should be able to adapt quickly to complex software development requirements and new technologies.
  • Ability to effectively manage time, prioritize work
  • Ability to quickly learn new concepts
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science
  • Proficient in PHP, jQuery, CSS, and HTML
  • It is a big plus to have an interest in computer systems. Likewise, interest in exploring new technologies is a huge plus. 
  • The ability to learn new technologies quickly
  • If you have an analytical mind, then it is a huge advantage.
  • The ability to communicate complex procedures to other colleagues
  • Commercial and business awareness
  • Good communication skills – both written and verbal
  • Attention to detail and desire to probe further into data
  • Ideal candidates have significant experience in n-tier development using web application servers and with most of the following technology areas:
  • Java
  • JSP/Servlet/J2EE
  • Oracle, SQL, JDBC
  • JavaScript/HTML/AJAX
  • Restful Web service development
  • XML
  • In addition, relevant experience in any of the following areas is a "plus":
  • Developing applications in a regulated environment
  • Working with large data sets (100's of millions of records)
  • Experience developing on Oracle technologies and middleware
  • Experience in Oracle JET, jQuery, Knockout, RequireJS  
  • Must be able to assess the feasibility of different UX and UI designs, especially client-sourced ones.
  • Candidates who have prior experience working in Agile development are a huge plus. 
  • The job role includes writing highly efficient code and libraries using JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Ability to debug codes.
  • Should be able to maintain written codes.
  • Collaborating with front-end developers on user-facing modules.
  • Writing UI, performance, and integration tests.
  • Optimizing components for speed and scalability.
  • Troubleshooting integration issues.
  • Code new web and hybrid applications.
  • JQuery developers may need to modify and maintain, test, and optimize the performance of our pre-existing web and hybrid applications.
  • Integrate with 3rd party products through their API.
  • Manage web-based products and portals.
  • Must have experience in how to research, design, implement, and manage different software programs
  • Should be familiar with testing processes. Must be able to evaluate new programs independently
  • Ability to identify areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently to develop these modifications.
  • Should know how to write clean, crisp, functional quote; must be able to implement too
  • Determining operational practicality.
  • Developing quality assurance procedures.
  • Deploying software tools, processes, and metrics.
  • Maintaining and upgrading existing systems.
  • Training users

Salary Structure

Although the remote hiring concept has been around for some time, the ongoing pandemic has made remote hiring predominant among companies. However, remote hiring is going to stay even after the pandemic is over, is what the experts believe. So whether you're looking for freelance, full-time, or contract JQuery developers, we at Skuad can help you hire the best talent tailored to your requirements and industry.

Experience Avg Salary
Entry Level $48,985
Mid-Career $96,447
Late Career $131,000

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