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JUnit Developers

Hire JUnit Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024

Hire JUnit Developers

Modern computer programming is incomplete without Java, which is a high-level programming language. It is a general-purpose, object-oriented, and class-based programming language. Thus, Java is a popular computer platform for application development. JUnit comes as the unit testing framework for this highly popular and creative Java programming language. Many businesses and projects thus look to hire JUnit developers to deliver Java assignments.

Developers looking for a fast, reliable, and secure programming language prefer Java to create crucial projects. Java is a must for creating Android applications. Java is further used in scientific computing applications in big data analytics. It can collaborate with server-side technologies like JBoss, GlassFish, Apache, etc. Java creates Enterprise solutions.

Testing is the concept of checking the functionality of an application and ensuring it runs as per project requirements. Unit testing is about the testing of a single entity that can be a class or method. It plays a critical role in helping a software developer deliver quality products to its clients. Unit testing can be done in two ways, i.e., manual testing and automated testing.

Thus, unit testing is about verifying a small chunk of code by creating a function, method, or path. It is a natural abstraction of an object-oriented system. It is used in the early detection of defects in the software development cycle. Unit testing further compels the developer to read their code rather than writing. The successful code check from unit testing helps build confidence in developers.

Developers working on test-driven methodology should write and execute unit tests first before any codes. Thus, JUnit helps write and run the Java codes. It is an open-source unit testing framework for Java. It has instant xUnit architecture and helps perform repeatable tests.

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Tools & Developing Technology of JUnit Developers

JUnit comes from the family of xUnit that originated with SUnit. It is linked as a Jar compile-time. According to a survey, Java projects on GitHub use JUnit as the commonly included external library. There are multiple modifications to early JUnit versions. Thus, JUnit has added many new features in JUnit4 that are not limited to the following:

  • While using JUnit4, developers are not required to extend JUnit.framework.TestCase. The developer can just create a simple java class.
  • The parameterized test is introduced in JUnit 4, which allows developers to use parameters.
  • JUnit 4 allows an identifying exception. Developers can define expected exceptions as a parameter while using @test annotation.
  • JUnit 4 can be used with java5 or higher versions for best results.
  • JUnit4 can execute JUnit3 tests.
  • Instead of using testxxxx before the method name, the developer can use @test annotation.
  • Instead of using the setup method, a developer can use @before annotation.
  • Instead of using the teardown method, a developer can put @after annotation.

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Roles and Responsibility of JUnit Developer

The roles and responsibilities of a JUnit developer include planning, designing, developing, and testing software systems or applications for software enhancements. It includes the development of new products, including cloud-based or internet-related tools.

A JUnit developer analyzes requirements, tests, and integrates application components. In addition to it, they ensure the system improvements are successfully implemented. The main work includes unit test automation.

Thus, all JUnit developers should be well-versed in the latest development methodologies like test-driven development, Agile, Scrum, DevOps, etc. Not to miss are the other responsibilities that include enabling solutions that consider the security, APIs, scalability, usability, manageability, and other critical factors that contribute to complete solutions.

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Required Expertise

Requirements - Hard skills

  • They should be an expert Java engineer.
  • Should have experience in some common Java development tools, such as :
  • Testing Frameworks (JUnit, TestNG, Mockito)
  • Version Control (GIT, SVN), branching methodologies
  • Build Tools (Maven)
  • RDBS, NoSQL Databases (Postgres, Couchbase )
  • JEE Containers and Frameworks (Spring, Portlets, JPA)
  • Query tuning, application performance tuning.
  • Should have user-level expertise in Unix/Linux Environment.
  • Should have working awareness and exposure to industry best practices, toolkits, and emerging trends.
  • Should have expertise in enterprise-level design and delivery.
  • Should have a track record of working in a team to develop high-quality software within the stipulated time frame.
  • Should be a self-starter with initiative, drive, and energy.
  • Should have a proven aptitude for problem-solving and a drive to realize outstanding software solutions.
  • Should have experience in common Java development tools and frameworks.

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A JUnit developer interfaces with the clients for quality assurance, issue resolution, and high customer satisfaction. The key responsibilities of JUnit developer are not limited to the good understanding of the technology and domain but to the following:

  • Should demonstrate sound work ethics while working as a team lead and individual.
  • Should be able to maintain organization and flexibility.
  • Should have excellent communication skills, including oral, written, and interpersonal.
  • Should be capable of working efficiently, accurately, and independently.
  • Should have excellent problem-solving, analytical, and debugging skills.
  • Understanding requirements, creating and reviewing designs, validating the architecture, and ensuring high levels of service offerings to clients in the technology domain.
  • Should demonstrate a sound understanding of SOLID design principles, software quality assurance principles, and modeling methods.
  • Participating in project estimation, providing inputs for solution delivery, conducting technical risk planning, performing code reviews and unit test plan reviews.
  • Should possess strong analytical abilities, strong technical skills, etc.
  • Leads and guides the teams towards developing optimized, high-quality code deliverables, continual knowledge management, and adherence to the organizational guidelines and processes.
  • Should know the basics of the business domain to understand the business requirements.
  • A key contributor to building efficient programs/ systems and fitting right in to help clients navigate their next digital transformation journey.
  • Understanding of one or more estimation methodologies with knowledge of quality processes.
  • Understanding of project life cycle activities on development and maintenance.

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Salary Structure of JUnit Developers

The salary structure for JUnit developers depends on the type of project and the project’s location. Further, the certification in JUnit development can impact the hourly earnings of any developer. The average salary of the Junit developer can be considered around 10,202 US dollars.

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JUnit Developer Certification

The finest option in selecting the right JUnit developer for your business is to go for the one with certifications. These certifications ensure the best optimization of JUnit testing frameworks. The certification in JUnit helps developers evaluate their automation testing skills.

How can Certification in JUnit help you?

JUnit certificate helps developers know about the JUnit 4, JUnit 5, etc. It also makes developers learn the assertions and annotations in JUnit. The certification programs in JUnit development make it easy for the developers to implement automation testing. Developers can learn about running the automation tests using the data-driven test mechanisms in JUnit. Thus, certified JUnit developers can perform cross-browser testing in parallel with JUnit and Selenium.

Thus, certification in JUnit development is highly useful in deciding whether it is right to continue your dream in unit testing framework development or not. Thus, the certified JUnit developers come with strong industry knowledge and corporate skills compared to the non-certified ones.

Skuad has the best team of JUnit developers. Thus, Skuad is your first choice when it comes to hiring JUnit developers. Not only this, we help different businesses manage offshore teams, handle payroll, effective invoice creation, and seamless work management. Thus, Skuad can work as your dedicated global HR.

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Key Takeaways

  • JUnit is an open-source framework, which is used for writing and running tests in Java programming.
  • JUnit provides assertions for testing expected results in Java.
  • JUnit provides annotations to identify test methods.
  • JUnit tests allow developers to write codes faster, which increases quality.
  • JUnit also provides test runners for running tests.
  • There's no need to manually comb the report of the test results of JUnit. JUnit tests can run automatically, and they check their results and provide immediate feedback.
  • JUnit is very simple and is less complex than other testing frameworks. It further takes less time.
  • JUnit shows clear indicators for test progress in a green bar if the test runs smoothly and turns red when a test fails.
  • According to requirements, JUnit tests can be organized into test suites containing test cases and even other test suites.

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Industry Expertise

Skuad is a well-known name in Fintech, Edutech, Banking, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Transport, Ecommerce, Travel, Media, etc. We are dedicated global HRs of many organizations that require dedicated offshore teams but have the least knowledge of payroll and salary structures. Thus, Skuad helps different businesses manage their projects effectively while we take care of all HR and operations-related work for your teams. Thus whenever you’re looking to hire JUnit developers, all you need to do is to reach Skuad at the earliest.

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