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Hire Knockout.js Developers

Updated on:
16 Jan, 2024


Almost everyone active in web development is familiar with or has heard about jQuery. Due to its simplicity and conciseness, it significantly simplifies the lives of web developers. Once you decide to construct more web applications, you will run into a dilemma, as there is no straightforward way to connect your user interface and data dynamically. Additionally, you require a framework that enables more advanced communication between your UI and the underlying data model. And this is where Knockout.js can assist.

What is Knockout.js?

Knockout is a JavaScript framework that enables the creation of complex, dynamic displays and the customization of user interfaces with a simple data schema. When sections of the UI update dynamically (e.g., in response to the user's actions or external data source changes), KO can help make the implementation easier and more manageable.

It is constructed on a two-way data coupling between the UI and the data model, meaning any changes to the data model influence the UI. Any modifications to the UI affect the data model.

It provides an intuitive and simple solution to handle any form of a complicated data-driven model by monitoring each UI element in a web page against the impacted data and dynamically updating the DOM elements whenever the data model is modified.


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Features of Knockout.js that Benefit Development Industries

There is no doubt that the features of Knockout.js contribute significantly to its popularity. Most notably, it is critical for various application design and development projects because of these characteristics. Among these incredible attributes are the following:

  • Tracking dependencies: With this one-of-a-kind dependency tracking capability, developers will receive automatic UI updates in response to large changes to data models.
  • Extensible to a point: Another critical feature of this JavaScript library is its ease of usage and reuse of declarative bindings.
  • Bindings declarative: It is critical to understand declarative bindings used extensively while dealing with Knockout.js. Declarative bindings are crucial in the application development process because they are the most effective and simplest method of connecting the User Interface components to the data model.
  • JavaScript library that is simple and authentic: Because Knockout.js is interoperable with any client-side technology or server, it ensures that the application development process is as efficient as possible.
  • There are no significant architectural alterations: You can use Knockout.js in conjunction with your current apps. As a result, there is no need to modify the present architecture.
  • Open-source: Knockout.js, as an open-source JavaScript library, enables the effective construction and development of online applications.

Use of Knockout.js

  • The Knockout.js library makes it simple and tidy to work with sophisticated data-driven interfaces. For Javascript objects, self-updating UIs are possible.
  • It is a JavaScript library that may be used with any web framework. It is not meant to substitute for jQuery, but it may be used as a complement to provide useful functionality.
  • The Knockout.js library is a tiny and lightweight file.
  • It is a framework-agnostic framework. It works with other client-side and server-side technologies.
  • Most importantly, Knockout.js is free to use since it is open source.
  • It comes with extensive documentation. Full documentation, including API documents, live examples, and interactive lessons, is available on the main site.

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Advantages of Knockout.js for Development Technologies

Knockout.js is not a substitute for jQuery. It does not attempt to include motion, generic event management, or AJAX capabilities (Knockout.js parses data from an AJAX call). Knockout.js is entirely dedicated to developing scalable and data-driven user interfaces.

Moreover, Knockout.js is a cross-platform client-side and server-side technology. Additionally, it serves as a complement to other web applications such as jQuery and MooTools. The benefits of accomplishing those objectives are as follows:

  • Tracking dependencies: When your data model changes, the appropriate sections of your UI are updated automatically. It is done through the use of two-way bindings and a specific sort of variable known as observable. You do not need to include event handlers or listeners for dependency monitoring.
  • Declarative constraint: It enables you to easily and conveniently connect the UI elements to the data model. When you use JavaScript to control the DOM, this may result in broken code if the DOM structure or element IDs are changed later. However, with declarative bindings, even if the DOM changes, all bound items remain connected. You can connect data to a DOM element simply by putting the data-bind attribute on it.
  • Templating: It is beneficial as your application grows in complexity and you require a mechanism for displaying a deep structure of view model data while keeping your code simple. Knockout's template binding can be accomplished through the usage of different template engines. It includes a native template engine that may be utilized immediately.

Although you will need to utilize Knockout in conjunction with jQuery in some circumstances, such as animated transitions, Knockout does not require it. Additionally, we should understand that Knockout does not compete with jQuery - both are wonderful in their own right. And if you want to maximize your benefits, you should combine them.

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Required Expertise

Hard Skills

  • Expertise with Web Services / REST APIs
  • Knowledgeable with MySQL Queries Development
  • Hands-on experience with Security and Optimization of WordPress Website
  • The expertise of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (ES6) adhering to industry-defined coding standards
  • Commercial experience of unit testing/integration/end-to-end testing
  • Experience in using CSS pre-processors, CSS-in-JS
  • Analyze the Requirements and create a document outlining the Technical Design Specifications
  • Conduct actions related to the development and unit testing
  • Conduct testing and compare the results to the expected outcomes by the requirements
  • Experience in converting UX wireframes to intuitive UI
  • Expertise in Paperbits, Libraries Bootstrap, Typescript Object-Oriented JavaScript, Material js, Knockout.js
  • Experience in Time boxed project-oriented culture
  • Experience in test-driven UI development
  • Extensive experience in the usage, design, and implementation of Web APIs
  • Experience designing and developing responsive, adaptable user interfaces
  • Working knowledge of agile development frameworks
  • Working knowledge of Node.js and a strong grasp of closures
  • Proven ability to write Object-Oriented Javascript
  • Extensive familiarity with Javascript MVC frameworks on the client-side (Angular Js, Knockout.js)
  • Should possess the necessary skills to offer bug fixes and patches to other nodes/javascript projects

Soft Skills/Others

  • Always be assertive and put forth your point with conviction
  • Develop skills to work under pressure
  • Accord maximum importance for even to the minutest for details
  • Develop the necessary skills to work with teams and collaborate
  • Learn and practice and effective communication
  • Must display hunger to take up new challenges
  • Accountability, humility, being humble
  • Must always display the highest level of self-confidence
  • Master the art of effective people and time management
  • Take full responsibility and control of the entire deployment process
  • Should have developed sufficient talent to able to work as part of a dynamic team, working in high standards, delivering great quality

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Experience Required for Knockout.js Developers

Developing software is an individual and team effort. At junior levels, high performance and strong knowledge of the domain are essential, along with working in a team. At higher levels, many additional skills are vital to being a strong team lead or manager. Some of these are -

  • Voluntarily, take up a leadership role in decision-making & design of APIs, mechanisms, and abstractions.
  • Constantly upgrade and design new features, which will positively impact the current and future products.
  • Constantly strive to upgrade talent and knowledge from a subject matter expert and disseminate the same to others to expand the knowledge base.
  • In regular interval's conduct code reviews, evaluate the implementation, and provide feedback.

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Salary Structure of Knockout.js Developers

Knockout.js developers get a range of salaries depending on their roles. According to market research, it ranges between USD 91,391 and USD 1,07,355 each year. The salary is decided by the job title, location, and experience of an individual.

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Industry Expertise

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